10th Aniversary Witching Hour!

In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Snow Golem


[NPC] MichiDang, why'd the seasons have to change on us?


[NPC] MichiOkay okay, I'll see what I can do.
HEY! Can anybody here cast some ice magic to save our big snowy friend?

Post » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:13 am


I can help! I'll cast an ice spell to keep the Snow Golem from melting!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 20

[NPC] Amy
Future!Amy, who is an expert at ice magic, casts a spell SO POWERFUL the ENTIRE PARK goes back to being winter again. The Snow Golems stop melting, saving their lives. One of them looks a little derpy, but that can be easily fixed. Everyone who witnessed Amy's spell has their jaws drop collectively. Ai is a little upset that the nicely timed seasonal change that she totally planned for was vetoed by one very very lucky magician.

[NPC] Ai...really? I schedule the opening ceremony to precede the seasonal change so my guests wouldn't have to spend the first day of the event in the cold winter, and you just make it winter again?! Do you even know when the next seasonal change is going to happen?!

Ah! I'm sorry! I was just trying to save Cilla's Snowmen!

[NPC] PriscillaDon't apologize! You saved their lives, whoever you are!

[NPC] AiShe could have just as easily torched your precious snowman into a puddle, you know? Or do you not know how magic works?

[NPC] PriscillaO-Of course I know! But she didn't do that so she's a hero!

Ai covers her face in misery. The Snow Golems have already made Amy their queen, and have given her a crown made of ice.

[NPC] Ai......

No, it's fine. This is fine. I'll just let the guests know there's been a change of plans...

But Winter isn't going to last forever. The next seasonal change is later tonight. Find somewhere safe to keep your Snow Golems or leave them to their fate, I don't care which. I need to go take Naru back home.

Naru? But she just came here with us.

[NPC] AiUs?

Naru and Cilla invited me to this event after the semester ended.

Post » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:30 am


[NPC] Priscilla
If you're looking for Naru, she left somewhere that-a-way.

[NPC] NaruWait, how did she get down from the lookout so fast?

[NPC] AiShe must mean another you from the future. Did you come here with Naru?

Yeah, she wouldn't stop talking about coming here again when her hands properly healed. I have... conflicted feelings about this place, but I needed to get away from an asshole relative for a bit. I don't got anywhere I need to be so I was gonna follow my Naru around for a bit.

[NPC] NaruCan I come with?

Sure, knock yourself out.

[NPC] AiI should go look for past-future-Naru and take her back home then.

Post » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:53 am


[NPC] Priscilla
Was that...

[NPC] MichiSure looks like it. You curious what you're like in the future?

Oh hell no.

[NPC] MichiYeah that's probably a good idea. I'm gonna stay away from any alts of me as well.

Shit, how many alts of everyone do you think there are?

I guess it depends on how many times they want to revisit the event. That's how Ai said this all works, right?

[NPC] MichiSomething like that.

Oh, don't look now, but our Snow Golems are following that wizard girl.

Huh?! Wait! Wait! Come back!

Priscilla runs after her Snow Golems.

Meanwhile Perseus has returned with Andromeda.

[NPC] PerseusLucky us. We've got double the amount of tiny, green-haired girls than we started with.

[NPC] AndromedaI am unable to comprehend your friend.

Post » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:10 am


[NPC] Michi
Hey Anetic, listen up because I'm only going to say this once.

I'm gonna lay down some ground rules for fraternizing with me and my crew. First of all, that's my apprentice you're talking about.

Rule #1: Don't ask about my apprentice.

Rule #2: Do not ask about my apprentice. Do not ask her about her day. Do not speak with her. Do not look at her. Do not even acknowledge her existence. All you need to know is she's in my care, and it's the best damn care she's ever had and ever will have. We good? Okay.

Rule #3: If you see North without his glasses, don't make eye contact.

[NPC] PerseusCan I ask about that?

Yeah if you make eye contact he steals your soul.

[NPC] PerseusFriggin AWESOME!!!!!

Rule #4: All rare items are mine. If you find a rare item you have to fight me for it.

[NPC] PerseusLook Ma'am, the last thing I am is a fighter, so as long as it's not spare parts you can have it.


Rule #5: Don't interrupt our guild meetings. We can invite you to our guild meetings by popular vote. Then and only then may you interrupt our meeting.

That's all for now. Did you get all that? I better not catch you breaking any of them, especially rules 1 and 2. That goes for that gynoid of yours as well.

[NPC] PerseusYeah yeah, I gotcha. Andromeda, new orders: Don't bother the tiny girl with curly green hair.

[NPC] AndromedaUnderstood.

[NPC] PerseusWe cool?

......Yeah. We cool. Make sure you keep it that way.

Post » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:40 am


[NPC] Naru
So... when do you come from?

[NPC] PriscillaJuly, 2009.

So, that would mean...

[NPC] PriscillaI'm old enough to drink?

N-No, not that! That would mean you're in university, right?

[NPC] PriscillaOh, yeah that's right. That asshole brother of mine had me enrolled in Lundine University.

Lundine U?! But that's one of the best schools in the UK!

[NPC] PriscillaSo?

[NPC] PriscillaWell, I'm not upset about it anymore. I'm studying so I can be the next Guildmaster when Sensei retires, so it works out perfectly for me in the end.

My brother's still an asshole, though.

Oh... okay...


[NPC] PriscillaMy jacket has a pocket enchantment, if you're wondering.

Wh- I wasn't...

Naru catches herself, realizing what she was about to say. "I wasn't what?" she thought to herself. Wasn't thinking about that? That was a lie. How could she not think about that. Wherever Priscilla is it's always been the elephant in the room. Naru can't forget about it no matter how hard she tries, and her friendship with Priscilla has never been the same since.

I'm sorry...

[NPC] PriscillaNo, you're my confidant. It's alright for you to know.
I haven't forgotten what you did for me back in Azora. I didn't think anyone besides sensei would understand.

Geez, I didn't want uncomfortable shit being dug up again. Look, there's future you. Go hang out with her.

Huh? Where?

[NPC] PriscillaOver there. Look.

Priscilla turns Naru's attention to a bench where her future self is sitting.

[NPC] PriscillaGo say hi or something. Looks like past me has caught up with us and is fighting Amy over the Snow Golems. Later.

Post » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:44 am


[NPC] Naru
Future!Naru brought a guitar with her. Her hands must be fully healed by now. Present!Naru is reminded how out of practice she is, and makes a mental note to re-learn a few chords when she returns to Saito.

[NPC] NaruHey.

Oh, I forgot you were here too. How's it going?

[NPC] NaruWell, I just got down from the lookout fifteen minutes ago, so not a whole lot.

Oh, right. Sorry, it's been four months for me.

[NPC] NaruYou wanna borrow my jacket?

Nah, I brought my own. The cold doesn't bother me.

[NPC] NaruAi told me I wasn't helping with the event. I guess that gives me less to worry about, but now I don't know what to do.

How about enjoying the event? I'm rehearsing for a stage performance. A lot of the guests are putting on their own shows for everyone else.

[NPC] NaruWe're allowed to do that?

If you contact Ai in advance, yeah. Which isn't hard because, well, time travel. Amy has a magic show. I've got a concert. Zarath said he was gonna be my manager, but he was probably joking. That or it was an excuse to wear those sunglasses. By the way, Zarath came with us too.

...You know what? The cold does actually bother me. A lot.
Future Naru puts on a jacket and packs up her guitar.

Hey, isn't Soup Con going on right now? Why don't you go to that? You know, considering you can leave the park and all.

Post » Sun May 21, 2017 11:15 pm


[NPC] Naru
Is that going on right now?

[NPC] NaruSure is. Sensei got some fancy sword from there while you were out yesterday.

Wait, how'd she leave the park?... Or is she not a time traveler here?

[NPC] NaruNo she is. She didn't have to leave the park to get what she wanted. It's a long story. Go ask Cilla about it if you really wanna know what happened... or wait four years for it to happen to you directly.

But yeah, go to Soup Con while you got the chance. Buy some souvenirs. Get someone's autograph. Bask in the atmosphere.

I still feel bad about abandoning this event to just go on vacation.

[NPC] NaruYou're not abandoning the event. I'm here.

Also, if I were you I'd take advantage of every opportunity to treat yourself. There aren't a lot where I come from.
Go on. Get lost. Grab Zarath and Ai, and go have fun at the convention.

Where is Zarath anyway?

[NPC] NaruIunno. The Zarath I came here with got sent somewhere else. As far as I know, unless you haven't been to the park before you'll get sent to one of five random spawn points on the map, which includes Paisley Terrace.

I'm looking for my Zarath though. We got separated when everyone showed up for the opening ceremony.

Wait, I can just message him. If he knows where I am he can spirit himself over here.

Naru sends a text message to Zarath telling him where she is.

There. He should be here any second now.

Post » Sun May 21, 2017 11:15 pm


Spirit over to where Naru is.
[NPC] Zarath rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 1

[NPC] Zarath

Zarath tries to spirit over to where Naru is, unaware that when Naru sent the message it was received by every single Zarath in the park. They all teleport at the same time and every single one of them appears in the exact same spot. The clump of Zarath's are thrown everywhere by the failed teleportation, and they all take collision damage.




[NPC] ZarathDid we all just try to spirit ourselves to the exact same place... all at the same time?!

[NPC] ZarathWhy didn't I remember thi-hi-hiiiis?!

[NPC] ZarathNaru what gives!?

[NPC] NaruI'm sorry! I didn't know this would happen! Why did you all try and spirit away at the same time?

[NPC] ZarathI got your message that you were here.

[NPC] Zarath...Me too!

[NPC] ZarathI got one too.

[NPC] NaruYou all got the same message?

[NPC] NaruThey all own the same PDA, so I'm not surprised.

[NPC] NaruWell at least now we know better.
Are you all okay?

[NPC] ZarathMore or less...

[NPC] ZarathI don't think I'll be walking too well after this...

[NPC] NaruHow about you? Are you oka-


There's a Zarath that's covered himself in the surrounding snow huddled up next to the Bandshell.

[NPC] ZarathNo... I'm not!

He's completely naked.


[NPC] ZarathN-NOT SO LOUD! There're people nearby!

I spirited out of my own clothes. H-H-H-H-Hurry up and do s-s-s-s-something! I'm fr-freezing here!

[NPC] NaruCome out of the snow and you won't freeze as much!

[NPC] ZarathNo Naru, I'm not coming out of the snow! Not until I have my clothes back!

Post » Mon May 22, 2017 12:38 am


[NPC] Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 20

[NPC] Naru
Okay, calm down! You'll only draw attention to yourself!

Uh... here! Take my coat! I'll be fine! Anyone else have some clothes we could borrow?!

[NPC] ZarathHey, I know this isn't the best time, but what did we do with that loot chest we got from beating Black Naru?

It's in my inventory, but I haven't opened it yet!

[NPC] ZarathOpen it! It might have an outfit inside!

[NPC] ZarathIt could be nothing but rat pelts for all I care! Open it already! If it doesn't have any clothes I'll just hide in the empty chest! It's big enough!

Okayokayokay! I'm opening it!!!

Naru opens the Loot Chest.

Zarath is given a new outfit!

Silk of Sunny Skies

Zymalian garments inspired by the Sky Pharaoh. Wearing this will emit perpetual sunlight radiating from the wearer, keeping them at a comfortable temperature all year round. An area of 20 meters around the wearer will also be changed to summer regardless of the current season.

That's... that's... um...

[NPC] ZarathIsn't this a bit uh... revealing?

[NPC] NaruIt's clothing, isn't it? Besides, you're a boy. You can get away with being topless.

Y-Yeah! You look great! And you're not naked! That's the important part!

[NPC] ZarathUh...... Naru?


[NPC] Zarath......


S-Stop looking at me like that!


Post » Mon May 22, 2017 12:39 am



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