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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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The content of this story is intended for mature audiences. Some themes and elements may not be suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.

The party enters a wooden shack that looks too small to fit much of anything inside it. When they step through the door, they find themselves in a moderately-sized onsen. There's a vending machine with cold drinks in one corner, a steel mesh hamper full of swimsuits and a "50% off" sign that has yet to be removed, and a front desk currently occupied by an obscured, yet familiar face.

[NPC] GrimNaru and friends! Welcome!

[NPC] NaruOh, hey Grim. What have you been up to?

[NPC] GrimPreparing for the worst.

[NPC] NaruWhat?

[NPC] GrimHuh? What?...

[NPC] Grim......

[NPC] GrimAaaaaaanyway, what do you think? Ai refurbished one of my coffins into this Saitonese-style onsen. I bet you're wondering where we obtained the hot springs from? Well, the hot springs are actually the legendary daigotsu-toji spring of furitashima that mysteriously went missing one thousand years ago.

Yep... to this day no one knows what happened to that hot spring. A mystery for the ages.
Some say it was ushered into the spirit world by the heroic spirits of Saitonese mountain monks and great warriors of the past by-

[NPC] NaruWe get it Grim. You stole a national monument from one thousand years ago.

[NPC] GrimI was going to put it back.

[NPC] Future NaruWhy are there swimsuits? Aren't you suppose to take a bath in the nude?

[NPC] AmyWe're suppose to get naked?!

Whoa whoa whoa hold on, I don't know if I'm okay with this!!!

[NPC] Future NaruAmy, I'm not going to care. We're both girls.

[NPC] Future NaruCome on, don't be fickle. You'll love it.

[NPC] AmyWhy do you sound like you have some kind of ulterior motive!?

[NPC] Zarath..."While this is a Saitonese style bath house, please keep in mind that swimsuits are a requirement. Mixed bathing is also prohibited. Don't ask. It's complicated."

[NPC] GrimSorry, Hanasaku had to set up those rules due to several past timelines where things got a little bit out of hand. Please don't take this the wrong way, we just want to avoid as many complaints as possible.

[NPC] Future NaruBut it's not a Saitonese bath house if you can't actually bathe! It's just... just... a swimming pool!

[NPC] GrimWe have a few private rooms where the rules don't apply, but good luck trying to convince any of your friends to come with you. The full list of rules explains everything in details that is too uncomfortable to read aloud.

[NPC] Future NaruTypical western culture's fear of nudity I see. They got no problem watching people's heads get blown off in frighteningly realistic detail at the theaters and in video games, but whenever someone slips a nip it's suddenly the end of the world.

[NPC] NaruWell it's bothering other people regardless. It makes them uncomfortable and we should respect that.

[NPC] GrimRyan never bothers me when she's naked because she's usually a skeleton when she is.

[NPC] Future NaruWhat about all the times when she isn't a skeleton?

[NPC] GrimI try to forget those times.

Oh, and you can ignore the sign. The swimsuits are free for anyone who needs them.

[NPC] MarvinOh thank goodness I didn't bring one with me.

So... do we just get in or...

Post » Thu May 10, 2018 9:28 am


[NPC] Zarath
Follow me man, I know what to do.

And don't worry. It won't be weird if we don't face each other.

[NPC] MarvinWhat won't be weird?

Zarath grabs Marvin by the hand and leads him down the hall.

[NPC] MarvinWait! Wait! What won't be weird?! You didn't tell me!!!

[NPC] GrimI should probably go as well. Lots of work ahead of me. You two take as much time as you need.

Grim vanishes.

[NPC] NaruOh yeah, don't we have to use the washroom first?

[NPC] Future NaruOooooh yeeeeaaaahhh, I completely forgot. We can't get the onsen dirty, so we have to wash all the sweat and dirt off first.

[NPC] AmyWait... we're going to take a bath before we take a bath? That doesn't make any sense.

[NPC] NaruThe onsen is for relaxing. You don't actually use it to get clean. That would be silly!

[NPC] Future NaruIn a hierarchical society like Saito, communal bathing is a great equalizing social event, vital in establishing close, healthy relationships with peers and family alike. In the outside world, we're defined by our job, class, age, and social status... but in the onsen we're aaaaaaall nothing but monkeys.

[NPC] AmyO...okay... that- that sounds-

[NPC] Future NaruAnd the process of washing before getting in is most important, because nothing draws friends closer than washing and cleaning each other. Thoroughly.

[NPC] AmyWait- you- You mean-

Wait! Wait! I changed my mind!

[NPC] NaruDon't worry! Don't worry! Me and my future self will just wash each other! You don't have to participate! We won't even look! Besides, you've got those big wings to cover up with, don't you?

Future me! Tell her it'll be okay!

[NPC] Future NaruYou take the left arm. I'll take the right.


[NPC] NaruWait! Wait! Don't go! Future me was just kidding! Come on, it'll be fine! Just try it!

[NPC] Future NaruYeah, I was just kidding. At least come to the washroom and see for yourself. Trust me, there's nothing weird about it once you take a look. You trust me, don't you?

[NPC] AmyNooo! Nooo! Lemme go! Nooooooo!!!

Naru and future Naru grab Amy and drag her off to the girl's washroom.

[NPC] Future Naru...Shower stalls...?

[NPC] Future NaruDamn you Ai. You've taken everything I hold dear away from me!

[NPC] AmyGo to jail.

[NPC] Future NaruMan, it's really cramped with the two of us in here...

Ahahaha oh wow, I completely forgot how tiny I use to be!
Hahaha, so cute! I'm kinda jealous!

[NPC] NaruUh, thanks? Not sure if that's a compliment but...

...Holy cow. Will mine really get like that?

[NPC] Future NaruYou wanna feel them?

[NPC] Naru...I-If it's okay with you...

......whoa, they're so soft.

[NPC] Future NaruKyahahahah~! H-hey! Easy! That tickles! Hahahahaha! St-st-stooooop!!! :heart:
Why you~!

[NPC] NaruKYAAA! W-WAIT! Wait! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't- EEP!

[NPC] Future NaruHehehehehee~ A shame Amy didn't want to join us. She's really missing out.

You hear that Amy? You could have been having fun with us as well! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN YOU~!

Minutes later, Naru and compay finally enter the women's onsen, which is already occupied with other park guests..

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[NPC] Asami
Hiii Naru~! Did you know about this place too?



......What sign?

[NPC] Future NaruWhy don't we make another sign in the onsen to prevent this from happening again? There's plenty of spare wood lying around that we could use.

[NPC] NaruDo we have anything to write with?

Oh! Wait I know!

Asami reaches into her bag and retrieves a black marker.

[NPC] NaruWhy do you have a marker with you?

No reason. I'm not causing mischief with it or anything.

[NPC] Naru...Really? Well can we borrow it for a second?


[NPC] NaruFine. Fine. Can you write "Swimsuits required" in both English and Saitonese?


Asami writes "swimsuits needed" in hiragana... but she gets the stroke order of the characters completely wrong.

How's that? Did I do good?

[NPC] Naru......

...you know what? I don't even care at this point.

Post » Thu May 10, 2018 10:02 am


[NPC] Goldie


[NPC] Future NaruI still think you're making a big fuss over nothing.


Fox lady said we could swim naked tho!


[NPC] AsamiBut we were the only ones here. And neither of us care.

[NPC] AmyWell what about when other people show up?!

[NPC] AsamiMatty-chan came too and she didn't care either.

Post » Thu May 10, 2018 10:22 am


[NPC] Matty the Wild
Chillax, Naru. She's just real innocent. Don't go taking that away from her.

Hey wolf girl! My guild could use more people like you. How about you become a member of Everything Nice?

[NPC] GoldieGoldie gotz college to worry baout. sorry :sad:

No no, its all good! I wouldn't want you to miss out on an education for our sake. We've got a couple guild members who've dropped out because they're addicted to guild activities and raiding. Is sad. :sad:

[NPC] NaruMatty senpai!

Yo Naru-chan! How's it been? I haven't heard from you in ages!

Oh! I haven't told you yet! We had this amazing raid last month! We were down to our tank and lone healer, and they both got us the kill! It was though tho! Our tank got down to as low as 1 HP! But our healer, the absolute madman, kept casting Regen and siphoning mana from his hit points, all while our tank was whittling down the bosses health in just increments of 50! When the boss got below 1000 HP, everyone was cheering them on!

Hold on, I need to send you the video. Me just describing it doesn't NEARLY do them justice!


[NPC] NaruWell I don't blame you. Even I find it hard to believe.

Hey, you sure I can't convince you to join Everything Nice? You can join more than one guild you know.

[NPC] NaruI don't think I can commit to being very active there, sorry.

[NPC] Future NaruSame. I had highschool and now university to worry about.

Well there's nothing stopping you from popping in once in a while on our message boards. Just so you know, there's a paywall that pops up when you visit but dun worry, IT'S NOT REAL! If you use the right web browser, the paywall won't even show up. It's just a deterrent to keep all the trolls out.
I'm sure everyone would love to chat with the girl who helped defeat Shiranui and Overlord Garamond. Tell Zarath too! I don't think he gets as much credit as you do for practically saving the Battle Verge from a resurrected evil overlord.

[NPC] NaruThanks, I'll think about it.

How's Stripes-san doing?

Great! We've all been! Zebra's actually here with me. He's in the boys bath rn. We're actually responsible for getting everyone ready for the event later today.

[NPC] NaruEvent? Which one?

Post » Thu May 10, 2018 10:23 am


[NPC] Zebra Stripes
The android invasion, of course!

[NPC] ZarathAndroid invasion?!

You didn't seriously think it could be prevented, did you? Nah man, this is bigger than you think it is.

[NPC] ZarathWhat do you mean?

Let me put it this way: Do you think it's likely for the androids to malfunction all at the same time on the second day of the event? No way. This was planned.

[NPC] ZarathPlanned?! By who?!

That's all I can say, I'm afraid. But there's definitely a mastermind behind this robot uprising. As for why they're doing this, who knows? Doesn't really matter in the end. All Matty and I care about right now is kicking robot butt!

It might've come to a surprise to us at first, but thanks to time travel, we'll be ready on this second go-around!
You wanna join us?

[NPC] ZarathDo I have to?

Nah! Nah! You can opt out! I understand! This sort of thing ain't for everybody. In fact, hey you! Yeah you! With the wings! You're staff, aint'cha? Is that time room ready yet?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritHuh?

Oooh! The Time room! Yeah, that's done by now. We've had a few people come to get sent forward a day already.

[NPC] ZarathWhat's this Time Room?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritIt was Grim's idea. We've got so much space in the mansion that we dedicated an entire room to moving a mass amount of people a whole day into the future. Anyone who wants to can completely skip the android uprising if they don't want to fight.

A whole day is kinda inconvenient though, but it would be a nightmare to keep track of every single person and their preferred amount of time they want to skip.

That's what the bunkers are for! Anyone who doesn't want to skip a whole day can lay low in the vaults across the park.

[NPC] ZarathWell at least those of us who can't fight have a way out. Still kinda bummed that we couldn't prevent the android attack.

Water under the bridge man. Don't worry about it. If there's one thing my guild does best, it's spin a negative into a positive. If something at this event isn't fun, we'll make it fun! Isn't that right Mr. Wyatt?

Post » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:39 pm


[NPC] Prime Minister
Hey! Lookit me! I'm Elton John!

"Everything government touches turns to crap."
Pretty good impression, huh?


Easy there, mate! I'm just having fun! Just a little fun! Don't need to go biting people's heads off, yeah?


Alright! Alright! Here, take 'em back!

North feels around the space in front of him for his shades. Mr. Wyatt wonders why the boy doesn't just open his eyes to know where the glasses were. He gives up and just grabs North's hand and places the glasses in them. North puts them back on.

[NPC] North KoreaDon't ever do that again! I freaking NEED these things!

Okay! Okay! Whatever you say.

...What were we talking about again?

[NPC] Zebra StripesYou wanna bust up some robots with us?

Haha! You bet I did!

[NPC] ZarathWell okay, if you're all fine with it...

[NPC] Zebra StripesWouldn't still be here if we weren't. Besides, Matty and I suspected something fishy was up considering this event is being funded by a guy claiming to be the Grim Reaper of all people. For all we know, this android uprising is just him doing his job? Well, not like we're gonna make it easy for him! Hahahahaha!

Post » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:40 pm


[NPC] Zarath
( Grim?! He knows Grim?!...)

( Wait... earlier yesterday... Grim was at the opening ceremony. He was part of that video! Then that means everyone must have seen him! Even Aunt Natalie! )

( That sly dog! He planned for this, didn't he?! He made everyone weary about this place so they'd be more alert to danger! )


What!? What's wrong?!

[NPC] Zebra Stripes ......

...Is that a tattoo?


[NPC] Zebra StripesRight there! You got a tattoo, didn't you?! You know those are permanent, right? Well, not completely, but they cost an arm and a leg to remove. Plus they're super painful to burn off.

Well I hope you're at least happy with it.

Zarath find the "tattoo" Zebra was walking about. It's actually Blackest Naru who hitched a ride on his body.

NONONOnononono! This isn't a tattoo! It's some kind of sentient, animated grafiti enchantment that's been following me for the last two days. Watch, she can move by herself!

Zarath tries to get Blackest Naru to move, but she stays perfectly still just to troll him.

[NPC] Zebra StripesLook man, I'm not gonna tell you what you should and shouldn't do with your body. I'm just concerned since you're too young to be making these kinds of decisions for yourself... but I mean, as long as you're not hurting anybody...

No I'm not lying just- GIMME A SEC! Come on, move!


Post » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:00 pm


[NPC] Amy
Hey Naru, I've been meaning to ask, but what the heck happened to your mom?!

[NPC] Future Naru What do you mean?


[NPC] Future NaruOh... oh yeah... that. Well...

[NPC] Matty the WildI can answer that for you.

[NPC] Future NaruM-Matty-san, wait! What about-!!!

[NPC] Matty the WildI know! I know! Dun worry.

Asami wasn't always a mom who's got it going on. She use to live in the Battle Verge like me. She and Chihiro were rivals who studied under Bugsy, training mind and spirit to become hardened adventurers like the rest of us.

[NPC] Matty the Wild...But she decided she liked the quiet, passive world better and left before she could become a famous guildmaster like Michi did.

[NPC] Future Naru Oh... Y-Yeah that's... that's the whole story right there...

Yeah but what about the... the... THAT!

[NPC] Matty the WildOh yeah, it's not uncommon for an adventurer to have some wear and tear under their clothes. That's just how it is when you live by the sword.

[NPC] Matty the WildHey, you wanna see MY scars?! I got this really gross looking one going right down my-


Naru sighs in relief.

Post » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:09 pm


[NPC] Naru

Naru has a call on her PDA. Naru wouldn't normally bring her PDA with her inside the hot spring, but with everything going on recently and potential emergencies springing up out of nowhere, she's made an exception. She did have the foresight to keep it in a waterproof plastic bag.

[NPC] AiHey Naru! Just letting you know that event I told you about is starting in 30 minutes, so if you're doing anything right now hurry and finish! The fun is about to start!

Ai, we've got a problem. A friend of mine just told me the androids will all go crazy and attack the park very soon. If we don't do something they could ruin the event you're planning!

[NPC] AiWhat are you talking about?

That IS the event.


[NPC] AiYeah! Didn't anyone tell you? The androids attacking? That's the event! We can't stop them, so we're just gonna let the androids do what they're gonna do, and everyone else will get to fight them off! Surprise!!!

Wh- We are!?... But...! Aren't they super dangerous!?

[NPC] AiOf course they are! From what Mr. Fadbury told me they were super deadly killing machines! You'll have to be on your toes or else you're gonna get butchered!


[NPC] AiBut no biggie! We'll worry about that when it happens! Besides, we've got Ms. Michi here to revive everyone! Not to mention I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve in case anyone dies to one of the robots. But don't tell nobody, okay? If they don't think they're in danger their survival instincts won't kick in and they won't get that rush of adrenaline!

Ai, I don't think this is a good idea!

[NPC] AiWhy not? We've got Active World adventurers attending this event that loooove fighting! If we can't keep the androids from going crazy, then we should make an event out of it and let them beat their aggression out on everyone!

[NPC] AiMeanwhile the rest of us get to have a good ole' fashion brawl and punch some robots! Even Mr. Anetic can't complain after getting to watch his precious androids in action. And not only that, but a bunch of guest got together and built bunkers for everyone else if they just wanna hide like the cowards they are. Grim also told me about a room that can move everyone inside a whole day into the event's future. They can completely skip the android uprising event if they want to!

Come on, Naru! This is going to be a hundred times more awesome than the fire show!!! You should at least try it. You might even like it! I mean, it's not like we could have stopped them anyway, so no use crying over spilled milk.

But this isn't why you made this event, Ai! This goes against everything you wanted this event to be!

[NPC] AiWhat do you mean?

You said so yourself. You wanted this event to be somewhere people could escape to when things were rough. You said you made this event so everyone could relax and take a break from what was going on in their lives. No responsibilities. No obligations. No looming threat breathing down their neck. Just one week where I- they wouldn't have a care in the world! People shouldn't have to worry for their lives while they're on vacation, Ai! If we let the androids go crazy and attack everyone, then we'd just turn this event into the very thing it was made to escape from!

[NPC] AiNaru, listen... I know what I said earlier. Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to make this a completely carefree event. But some things just can't be avoided. I though that, since I have time travel, I had no excuse not to make this event as perfect as possible. I was jumping around this event's timeline fixing every little thing that went wrong. But with the way things have been going... Black Naru, and the murder in the basement... I couldn't do anything to stop them. I even let two of my staff members get trapped in another dimension. Do you have any idea what its like knowing when something bad is about to happen, but no matter what you do you can't stop it? I tried preparing for it ahead of time, setting up precaution after precaution. I even got desperate and tried to pretend nothing bad was going to happen. I was so obsessed with making every little thing perfect I ended up causing even more problems and giving myself a lot of unnecessary grief.

[NPC] AiBut Once I stopped trying to make this event perfect, all my problems went away! And in the end, nobody cares! I was worrying for nothing! So let the androids pick a fight with us! It'll be healthy for them to get all their anger against the world out of their systems. Just watch, this killer robot event isn't so bad once you understand it better! You gotta learn to stop worrying and love the bomb!

Trust me! If you fret the little things you'll never have any fun!

This isn't some little thing though! It's an all-out invasion! I don't know what it was your new staff member said to convince you this was a fun idea, but it's not fun at all! This is just as bad as Black Naru! No, not even that! This is even worse!

[NPC] AiHyehehehahahahahaha haha haha haha haha

[NPC] AiOh well. Guess words alone aren't going to convince you. Don't worry though! If you want I can order a handful of androids to go after you personally. Do you want the ones with flamethrowers, the ones with machine guns, or the ones with Macross Missile Spam?


[NPC] AiActually, you have tons of experience dodging ballistics, don't you? Flamethrowers it is then!

Oh! Oh no wait! I have an even better idea!
Tell you what! I'll show you how much fun this can be!

[NPC] AiNaru... I'm coming for you.

[NPC] AiAnd when I find you... :note:

[NPC] AiHaha...

[NPC] AiHahahahahahaha...!

[NPC] Ai :laugh1: :laugh2: :laugh3: :laugh4: :laugh2: :laugh4: :laugh3: :laugh4: :laugh3: :laugh2: :laugh3: :laugh4: :laugh3: :laugh2: :laugh4: :laugh3: :laugh4:
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:laugh1: :laugh2: :laugh3: :laugh1: :laugh2: :laugh3: :laugh1: :laugh2: :laugh3: :laugh4: :laugh3: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh3: :laugh4: :laugh3: :laugh2: :laugh4: :laugh3: :laugh2:

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......"We are sorry, but your call has been disconnected. Please try again later."

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