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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Amy
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, one and all! Welcome to the greatest show of your lives!

Today, I come to you as a representative of not just the magical world, but of the wonders and excitement of the unpredictable nature of magic. While my assistant Marvin worked very hard to help prepare a schedule for this show, due to the nature of magic, anything can happen! My anonymous troupe of Magic Tuners here will help skew magic's natural randomness with modifiers, but only as a precaution for the audience's safety.

But just because we have a schedule for today doesn't mean we are obligated to follow them! I wanted to hold this show at night, but due to reasons I have sworn to keep to myself, we had to move this show earlier today. However, one of my assistants is a vampire and can't stand in direct sunlight, sooooo...

Amy draws her wand and casts a spell at the sky. The entire park turns to nightfall as the sky fills with stars and galaxies overhead.

Also, everything you will see here tonight is performed by professional magicians with years of practice. I cannot stress enough that you should absolutely not attempt to imitate any trick you see here! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

We good? Then we'll start with out first event! And instead of following them in order like Marvin wanted, we'll be deciding on our first trick with this spinning wheel!

When I give the signal, my assistant will spin the wheel! Whatever it lands on will be our first trick for the evening.

  • #1 - Rabbit out of a Hat
  • #2 - Levitation!
  • #3 - Hypnotism!
  • #4 - Pick a Card!
  • #5 - Vanish into thin air!
  • #6 - Knife throwing!
  • #7 - Sawing a person in half!
  • #8 - Escape from sheer death!

Some of those may sound super boring, but don't be disappointed! Every one of these is equally amazing! So without further ado, our first trick will be...

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Spin the wheel to reveal our first trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 8-sided dice. Results: 1

Roll to perform the trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 6

[NPC] Amy
And our first trick is, surprisingly, #1! Pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

Now I know what you're thinking. "She's just saving the best for last." Once again, may I remind you, dear audience, that all of my tricks are equally amazing. And to prove it...

Amy reaches into her hat, sticking her entire arm in all the way up to her shoulder.

Hellooooooo? Anyone in there?

Ooooh, I think I felt something soft!

Hey, whoever's down in there come say hi to this lovely crowd of people!

[NPC] Bugsy*ahem* Hello? What's this about?

Oh... uuhhh... you're not who I was expecting... What were you doing in my hat?

[NPC] BugsyWhat was your hat doing in my office? I noticed an arm pop out and a voice beckoning me from inside. Do you have business with me? I'm very busy so you'll have to make it quick, I'm afraid.

Oh uh well... Hi, I'm Amy Blair, and this is a magic show! Anything you'd like to tell the audience?

[NPC] BugsyAh yes, I remember now. You all must be the guests for that "Wayback Con." Well I have good news. I've gotten in touch with the Justice Core and they should be arriving no later than tomorrow. I wasn't able to get in touch with Vinny Vine, unfortunately. However, the others have agreed to come should you need their services. Now if you don't need me any longer I should really get back to work.

Yes yes, of course. Thank you for coming by!

Bugsy goes back inside the hat.

Let me try that again. Anyone else in there? Could you come out for me?

[NPC] BipseyWhat is the meaning of this?!

AAAh! You're not who I was looking for either!

[NPC] BipseyWhere am I?! Who are you?! Is this the queen's tea party?!

Queen? What queen?

[NPC] BipseyElene Rosa! The Red Rose Queen's tea party! I'm terribly late! Is it close by?

I have no idea who this Elene is. Sorry-

[NPC] BipseyOh never mind, I'll find it myself! I'm late! I'm late! So sorry, I have to go! Her executioner will have my head if I'm not there!

Bipsey goes back inside the hat.

One more try? Yeah, let's give it one more try.

......huh? This is-

Amy drops the hat on the ground. A Future Naru tumbles out wearing a bunnygirl outfit.

[NPC] NaruTada!

The audience claps.

WAIT! WAIT! That's not what's amazing about this trick! Hold on! Hold on! I got this!

Amy takes her hat by both hands and swings it around like there's something heavy in it. Stopping abruptly, she splashes an entire can's worth of white paint on the wall behind her. The paint splatter instantly makes a mural of dozens of white rabbits on the back of the stage. One by one, the rabbits start to move and hop out of the wall as three-dimensional bunnies. They all scurry off stage.
Park guests will now have a chance to encounter a white rabbit during the event. Following one will lead to some treasure.

The audience applauds the magic trick. Amy pants in exhaustion.

Th-there... That's what I wanted to show you... Marvin or... whoever. Spin the wheel.

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Spin the wheel to reveal our second trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 8-sided dice. Results: 6

And roll to see how well I did the trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 8

[NPC] Amy
Ooooh I've been waiting for this! It's the knife throwing trick! For this trick, I will need a volunteer. Luckily, I know just the person to help!

Ooooh Risky! Could you come up here?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritOf course Miss Amy. I am yours to command.

Good. I have a magic trick that I need your help with! Stand over there and have Marvin strap you to the wheel.

Marvin straps Risky to a spinning wheel.

Now when I throw these knives, they will each cast a random spell upon impact. That means it's very important that I don't miss! So for the first few throws I won't be blindfolded.

Oh, I may have forgotten my contacts for this trick, but I can still see pretty well without them.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritY-you can?

Yeah. I can tell that you're the blob in front of me, and this blob is the knife in my hand.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritMiss Amy... I didn't know your eyes were red...

That's just because I'm part vampire. Marvin, can you give Risky a spin for me?

Marvin spins the wheel Risky is tied to. Amy lobs a knife at Risky. The knife strikes just left of his face. The surface next to him freezes over as an ice spell goes off.
Another knife. This one lands just under his right hand. Roots spawn out from the blade and envelop Risky.
The third knife hits a very thick root that just happened to be over Risky's chest. Lightning shoots out of it and electrocutes the poor boy.
The fourth knife lands just over his head. Flames sprout from the blade. As the wheel spins, so does the direction of the flame, singeing Risky's head once every rotation.
The fifth knife lands directly between his legs. More ice is created from the knife.

And for this last knife I'm gonna do something extra special!

Amy gives the last knife a spin as she throws it. The knife goes straight for Risky's face, but he manages to catch it with his teeth. Amy snaps her fingers and all the knives vanish in a puff of smoke. Marvin stops the wheel.

Now, that would be great for any ordinary magician, but I like to go the extra kilometer. What about you audience? Is that enough for you?

The crowd is clear. More knives! More knives! Amy is more than happy to oblige. With a devilish grin, she brandishes a dozen more knives in each of her hand.



What's the matter, Risky? I thought you wanted to be my servant? Doesn't it make you happy to serve me? Don't worry! You'll be fine! Trust me!

With a quick spin on her heel, Amy lobs one handful after the other at Risky.


Before the blades can reach him, they stop in mid air. Risky stares open-eyed at two-dozen knives floating directly in front of him. The wheel Risky is strapped to starts spinning on its own. Faster and faster the wheel spins until Risky's body becomes an unrecognizable blur. One by one, the knives fire into the wheel at point-blank range. With all of the knives gone the wheel finally slows down. Every last knife has miraculously missed Risky by a couple of centimeters. Risky is unstrapped from the wheel and slumps to the floor. Two of Amy's assistants come to carry him off.


The crowd claps.

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What's our third trick going to be?
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 8-sided dice. Results: 5

And roll to perform the trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 15

[NPC] Amy
Our next trick is #5! Vanish into thin air! This one's a staple for any magician worth their mana. But what exactly is it that's going to vanish, you ask? Well, that's a surprise.

I have with me a map of Little City. And in my hand is a simple playing card. Now, when I place the playing card over the map, what do you think will happen? Let's see...

Ha ha! That's a good one! See that building over there? The reeeeaaaaally tall one? That's the tallest building in Little City. And according to the map it should be ri~ght..... here!

Amy slaps the playing card over where the building is on the map. The entire building vanishes in the distance.

Hold that thought! We're not done yet. I have an entire deck of cards with me. Let's see what else we can do...

Amy places more cards on the map until there's a square of them surrounding Central Park on the map. The entire skyline vanishes.

You know, kinda hard to tell exactly what I did. There's just too many trees in the way. Lemme just...

Amy places more cards on the map within central park, leaving the area where the stadium and the magic show are bare. The entire horizon vanishes, blurring into a sky blue void as far as the eye can see.

Uh oh. I'm all out of cards. Guess that's the end of the trick! I hope you were all impressed!

Amy takes the cards off the map one by one and shuffles them all back into a deck. The buildings, trees, and skyline return to normal. Amy walks away from the map.

...and scatters the deck of cards in front of her. Every card in the deck is attached by a string that folds out into a long rope of cards. With a flick she summons a large, blue cloth from underneath it and throws it over the map.


Everything vanishes! Little City. Central Park. The stage. The seating. The trees. The ground. The sky. Everything!Amy and the audience are left floating in the void of space! Shooting stars fly between the crowd. Cosmic gas lazily drifts below their feet. The constellations light up as Amy swings her wand overhead, animating them and making them dance for the audience. Music accompanies the spectacle and builds before dropping as the sun eclipses the sky and explodes, blinding everything in white. When the audience opens their eyes the stage, the city, and everything else is back in place.

All things must come to an end, but the memories we make and the memories we share can last forever, if we put forth the effort to never forget.

The crowd goes crazy! Everyone claps!

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What shall our next trick be?
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 8-sided dice. Results: 8

And roll to perform the trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 8

[NPC] Amy

Amy is hand-cuffed, bound, and chained within a tank of water. The tank has iron bars on top that are secured with locks, and those locks are held in place by more locks, and those locks are held in by even more locks. The tank is submerged within another larger tank with a live shark inside it, all while a timed explosive beneath the tank is set to go off in three minutes. Both tanks are suspended above the stage.

[NPC] MarvinFor this trick, Amy will have three minute to remove the straight jacket, free herself from the cage, defuse the bomb at the bottom of the tank while not being eaten by the live shark, and escape unharmed! This is a very dangerous trick, but Amy is a professional, and she can use magic if anything goes wrong. Absolutely none of you should try this at home! And that's not reverse psychology. Seriously! Do not do this!

Amy is desperately trying to free herself from her restraints. The shark right outside her cage is anxiously swimming around her.

[NPC] SharkHey.

Watcha doin? Tryin' to get out? That's greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat. Hope it goes well.

I'll just be out here... Waiting for you to get done... Good luuuuuuuck~

The crowd watches in anticipation. It's been a minute and Amy is no closer to freeing herself from her straight jacket. Some of the more attentive observers notice in horror when the tank fills with bubbles, fearing that Amy has failed to hold her breath and is now drowning.

The bubbles escape out the bars above the tank, but Amy is nowhere to be found inside. Al that remains is an empty straight jacket and loose, but still locked, pair of handcuffs. The bubbles outside the tank converge and form into the shape of the magician. Amy has escaped!

[NPC] SharkHey.

I see you got out. Congratulations.

Sooooo... I haven't been fed in a while, so... hope you don't miiiiiind~

The shark lunges for Amy, but a split second later Amy and the caged tank she was in earlier have switched places. The shark is now scrunched up inside the tank, thrashing around trying to break free.

[NPC] SharkHey. Clever trick you did there. This cage is cramped. But I'm not mad.
Oh. Looks like you're having trouble with that explosive. Good thing shark are explosion-proof. Bet you didn't know that.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. You'll never make it in time.
Hope you don't mind if I help myself to whatever scraps remaiiiiiin.

[NPC] MarvinTwo minutes have now passed! After two and a half minutes without oxygen the human brain will begin to shut down. Amy will have to defuse the bomb and unlock the bars above the cage before she looses consciousness and the bomb explodes!

...but in the off chance she doesn't defuse the bomb in time, for your consideration everything beyond the red line is the splash zone.

Amy ignores Marvin, the crowd, and the shark. She has to focus on the bomb. Nothing else matters right now.

Defuse the bomb... Nothing else matters... Defuse the bomb... Nothing else matters... Defuse the bomb... Nothing else matters...

De... duse the bob... Nothin else......

...thirty seconds later, Amy loses consciousness. The shark also breaks out of the glass tank above her and swallows her whole. The timer on the bomb reaches zero, and the entire tank explodes. A torrent of water engulfs the stage, the audience, and everything beyond them.

[NPC] Zarath...Uh... Naru? Open your eyes...

[NPC] Naru???

A few of the audience members open their eyes. The entire stadium is submerged underwater, but the guests are all somehow able to breathe. Dozens of colorful fish zip around above the audience's heads. In place of the tank that exploded is a giant clam...

...which opens to reveal Amy, who has somehow survived and is now a mermaid. Wielding a trident, she strikes the ground, and the water around her turns to ice.

All the water in the stadium evaporates into snow. The clam Amy was on becomes a throne of ice. Amy has turned back into a stage magician, who now sits triumphantly. The crowd cheers.


[NPC] ZarathYeah, but- Is no one gonna ask what happened to the shark?!

Shark Ring

A ring with the power to summon any creature contained within the gem embedded on it.


Cool trick you did there. Let me know when you need me again, kaaaaaaaay?"

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What's our next trick?
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 8-sided dice. Results: 4

Roll to perform the trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 17

[NPC] Amy
This one's a good one! It's #4, Pick a card!

You all remember this deck from earlier right? As you can see on the projector behind me, it's an ordinary deck of playing cards. I'll need a volunteer from the audience to pick any suit and any rank. Who would like to be my volunteer?

Yes! You!


A joker huh? Well alright, let's see...

Amy shuffles the deck, intentionally showing off her card shuffling skills to build up hype before drawing a card.

Is this... your card?

Perseus' Business Card

Perseus printed too many of these and he's been giving them away like candy. Nobody wants them.

[NPC] PerseusWell... yeah that's my card, but not the Joker card I asked for!

Really? Maybe take a closer look?

The projector zooms in on the business card. Perseus' name, occupation, and the name of his company have all been changed to "Joker." His phone number has been changed to "056-5370."

[NPC] PerseusI call shenaniganz! You just used time travel to predict what card I was going to pick and had that card printed in advance!

Are you sure? Why don't you check your wallet?

As Perseus is reaching for his wallet, Amy rips the card in half. Perseus not only finds a Joker card in his wallet where his business card normally is, but it too has been ripped in half.

And if any of you have with you one of the business cards Mr. Anetic has been handing out like Halloween candy yesterday, why don't you try digging that out of your inventory?

Everyone draws a torn Joker card from their inventories.

Make sure you all hold onto that Joker card! It'll be important later on in the show! And never doubt the power of magic!

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Spin the wheel to find out out next trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 8-sided dice. Results: 2

Roll to perform the trick!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 15

[NPC] Amy
We're winding down, but our next trick is really great! It's #2, Levitation!

I want everyone to keep a close eye on this next trick! If anyone needs to use the bathroom right about now, HOLD IT IN! None of you are gonna want to miss this!

Amy reaches into her hat and withdraws a scepter shaped like her want and twirls it around in front of her audience. Catching it mid-spin, it glows a bright pink and yellow color, that only glows brighter as the audience's suspense continues to build.

Meanwhile backstage, Risky and Marvin are preparing for the next trick.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritLooks like we aren't needed for this trick, but Miss Amy could call on us at a moments notice hereafter. We must be prepared to do her bidding when the time comes.

[NPC] MarvinYeah, hey listen, about that... I know you two talked this out earlier during breakfast, which we're lucky even happened because Amy doesn't want to step on any toes, but don't you think you're taking this "loyal servant business" a little too far?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritPerish the thought! The emotional connections vampire kind shares between one another is vast and complex beyond mortal comprehension. Ne'er worry Sir Marvin, I can assure you this is more than just mere attraction. I must confess that I myself know not what has come over me. All I know is I'm happy giving myself wholly and completely over to Miss Amy, down to the last bit.
I am like the sugar in her coffee, meant to be absorbed and consumed though it only bring her momentary satisfaction. She is my world. My universe. My life both began and will end with her as it lies cradled in the palms of her hands. Can you imagine what it feels like to be at the mercy of someone so awe-inspiring? It's as if both fear and comfort are mixed together in an unrecognizable swirl. She embodies all the joys of living, as well as all the fears of man. The mystery, the terror, the grotesque, and the beauty.

[NPC] MarvinYeah, well, can you not? You're kind of worrying both of us. Why don't you... I dunno, take a break from the whole life debt thing? Obsessing over someone you just met doesn't exactly sound healthy.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit......

[NPC] Yellow Spirit...AAAH!

[NPC] MarvinYeah, you get it now?


[NPC] MarvinAbout time. Wow. Took you long enough.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritMy apologies. I should have recognized it sooner. How could I have been so blind?

[NPC] MarvinWell, we're both young. We make mistakes. What's important is we recognize it before-

[NPC] Yellow SpiritI understand now how difficult it was for the both of you to confide in me. I am so, so sorry.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritYou need not worry, Mr. Marvin. I give you my blessing. You'll make a fine king and husband for Miss Amy one day. And should that day come, my life will belong to you as well.

[NPC] MarvinYeah that's more like i-

[NPC] MarvinWait what?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritHow long have you two been together? You must still be very bashful about your own feelings. Do not be afraid, Marvin! Honesty is the most important ingredient in a working relationship! Ryan told me so!

[NPC] MarvinRisky, we're not dating.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit...eh? But... You two are always together. You grouped up in the basement, and you put on this show together.

[NPC] MarvinNo, I grouped up with Jim. Amy just happened to have already been with him. And I helped with this show because we're on break and I'm a friend and her classmate. Not every boy/girl pair out there needs to be romantic, Risky. This isn't Hollywood.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritThen...

[NPC] Yellow SpiritPerhaps you should reconsider?

[NPC] MarvinNo no no no no don't you even go there!

[NPC] Yellow SpiritOh Marvin, I was like you once. Caught up in my own afterlife's turmoil, not knowing who to turn to or what to believe in.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritBut Miss Amy, she changed me. She did something to me. Something so wonderful I can't even describe it! No, this feeling must be felt for yourself! Yes, only those who are willing to surrender to her through faith alone are worthy to be her servants. Trust me when I say this, you haven't known true happiness until you've given your very soul to her.

[NPC] Marvin...Alright! That does it! I'm doing a scan on you! This has to be some kind of status ailment or... or SOMETHING!

Marvin performs a scan on Risky.

The scan says Risky is perfectly normal. His devotion to Miss Amy is respectable and should be the standard of anyone who claims to be her friend. Anyone who thinks otherwise just hasn't known how fulfilling and wonderful it is to be devoted to someone so worthy of fielty. Marvin should really consider joining Miss Amy in eternal servitude as well. He'll never know true happiness unless he surrenders his very being into her gracious and all-caring hands, and neither will anyone else.

Give yourself to her. She will make you the happiest you've ever been.


...Amy catches the scepter as it lands back into her hand. The crowd goes absolutely crazy! The trick Amy just pulled was easily the most spectacular so far! The entire audience is in unanimous agreement that it would be nearly impossible to recreate a trick that amazing a second time, and they feel sorry for anyone who was unfortunate enough to miss it.

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Spin spin spin! What will our next trick be?!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 8-sided dice. Results: 7

And roll for performance!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 1

[NPC] Amy
I was hoping on saving this one for last, but the Great Spirit of Magic has demanded we get on with the show! Our next trick is #7, Sawing a Person in Half!

Of course, I'll need a volunteer for this one as well...

Ooooh Risky! Could you come up here?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritUh... Y-Y-Yes ma'am. Right away.

A large turning table is brought on stage with an adult-sized box in the center. Risky nervously steps inside and closes the top door.

Now that Risky's inside, we can start spinning the table. As the table spins, this guillotine over head will come swinging down! There is some wiggle room for Risky to move out of the way inside the box, but even he can't predict which way the box will be cut while inside! It could be horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally!

Never fear, dear audience. I've done this trick hundreds of times in preparation! There's no way for it to-

Just as Amy is saying this, the hinge on the guillotine snaps. The blade crashes right on top of the box, slicing it in half length-ways, making a very loud "thud" as it breaks the turn-table underneath as well as some boards on the stage.

......Um... That's not-

Amy nervously approaches the box.

Risky? You're okay, aren't you? Tell me you're okay-

The side flaps on the box open. Two Riskys come out, one on either side and bow to the audience.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritThank you! Thank you!


[NPC] Yellow SpiritOkay? Of course I'm okay! You had this whole thing under control, after all. Why I ever doubted you I'll never know.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritMiss Amy, you're such an amazing magician. I am without words. Truly.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritLet's give her a round of applause, everybody!

Now if you'd be so kind as to put us back together, we'd really appreciate it.

Uh... Oh, r-right! I can do that off-stage. I'll be taking a short 10 minute break everybody! In the meantime, we'll have an puppet show interlude brought to you by Johnny and Karin Wisp! Hope you enjoy it!

The curtains fall. Stage hands gather around the guillotine to try and carry it off stage.

That was way too scary.

[NPC] MarvinDid something go wrong?

I thought so... but I guess not? The guillotine dropped earlier than it was suppose to. I think the swivel on it broke. I just wanted to intimidate Risky so he'd leave me alone. I didn't mean for it to-

[NPC] MarvinWell as long as the trick went off it's not a big deal then.

Yeah... thank goodness. Marvin, can you take care of the stage props? I need to go lie down. Holy crap...

[NPC] MarvinSure thing.

Marvin wheels the box Risky was in off stage. As he's moving it, he notices streaks of red along the floor where he was pushing the box. Curiously, and nervously, he opens the box.

Risky's body lays inside, completely bisected from head to toe, his scream of terror frozen in place. He is super dead...

...for now, at least.


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Since spinning the wheel again is redundant, let's move on to the last trick and roll to perform it!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 12

[NPC] Amy
We've only got one trick left: #3, Hypnotism! I'll be hypnotizing an audience member and doing amazing things through them!

[NPC] MarvinCan't vampires naturally hypnotize people?

W-Well yeah! But I'll be using magic this time!

[NPC] MarvinHow are we suppose to know if you're using magic though?

Marvin, shush, you'll know. Now would anyone like to volunteer?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritWould you like for me to volunteer again?

No I'm not picking you, Risky. You're already hypnotized.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritI am?!

Well I hope you are. Any volunteers?


Okay okay, come on up Ms. Event Manager.

Ai takes a seat in the chair on stage, tapping her feet and shifting in place, unable to contain her excitement.

[NPC] AiSooooooo... How does this work? Got some kind of spinning wheel for me to stare into?

Normally, yes. But since I'm part vampire I'm able to hypnotize anyone by having them stare into my eyes. Once you're hypnotized I can command you to do stuff for me, influence your emotions, and even communicate with you telepathically...

...but I wouldn't use anything like that for evil intent!

[NPC] Yellow SpiritSo... where exactly does the magic happen? Isn't this just an ability?

Risky shush, I'm getting to that. Ai, are you absolutely sure you're okay with me hypnotizing you? I wanna be absolutely sure you're 100% on board with this.
...Oh, and you're over eighteen, right? I don't feel comfortable hypnotizing a minor, so...

[NPC] AiYes yes yes already! I am 100% on board with this! I'm eighteen and Risky can carbon date me to prove it!

Wait... you say "Carbon Date", but if you're a spirit wouldn't you-

Ai grabs Amy by the face and pulls her in close. She is staring directly into Amy's eyes. Amy's eyes flash bright red. Ai let's go of Amy and her arms drop to her sides.

[NPC] Ai......

Um... Ai? Are you there?

[NPC] AiUh huh...

Raise your left hand.... Now your right... Now both... Now... tell me your middle name.

[NPC] AiDon't have one. Saitonese names only contain a name and family name.

Then... tell me what your name means.

[NPC] AiHanasaku means "blooming flower" in Saitonese, and is written as (花咲く). Ai is written as (藍), which means indigo.

Uh, okay. Ai, when I snap my fingers, you will become... The first video game character that you think of!

Amy snaps her fingers. Ai's clothes, hair, and skin all explode off of her like a popped balloon. Underneath, Ai has transformed into a character from a video game.

[NPC] Ai......





Wh-Wait! Ai, is that still you?! You're suppose to be hypnotized!

[NPC] AiWhat are you taking about? I am hypnotized.

No~! If you were hypnotized you'd actually believe you were... whoever this is!

[NPC] AiHow do you know this isn't how the character acts in-game?


[NPC] AiHey, can you make my hair green? I like Terra's in-game sprite colors better.

[NPC] MarvinWhy wasn't she hypnotized?

[NPC] AiSorry. I was trying to be a good sport about it, but this is so cool! Can I go to Soup Con like this?!?!

Amy snaps her fingers again. Ai turns back to normal.

[NPC] AiAwww...

Marvin, Ai ruined the trick so you're my backup. We can still save this.

[NPC] Marvin*gulp*

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Last magic trick for the show! Let's make it count!
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 16

[NPC] Amy
Alright everyone, I'm sure you've all had a blast, but to be honest I've got one last magic trick up my sleeve, and I've saved it for the very end. And that's because, personally, it's my best trick! Ladies and gentlemen, before you very eyes I'm going to summon The Great Spirit of Magic itself to the stage!

Now, in order to do this, I need as many people in the audience to believe in magic with all your hearts! But I mean, after what you've witnessed today that shouldn't be very hard! I am, however, in need of a sacrifice to summon the Great Spirit of Magic. And for that, I offer my most prized possession:

Acceptance Letter

Amy's acceptance letter to Noctua Academy for the Magically Gifted, the very same one she got many years ago.

Amy casts a magical aura around the letter, causing it to levitate into the air and burst into blue flames. The sky goes dark once again as essence of magical energy from across the concert area gathers together on-stage.

Make sure you're all on your best behavior now! The Great Spirit of Magic demands reverence!

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