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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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Alright, alright, I'll try it as well... but I'd like to go last.
[NPC] Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 11
[NPC] Zarath rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 13
[NPC] Drossel rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 11

[NPC] Drossel
Naru and Zarath each take a turn before Drossel at the game. Both of them do around the same, sending the puck flying up about halfway.

Drossel surprisingly doesn't fair much better, doing about as good as Naru but not as good as Zarath.

[NPC] ZarathOkay, this has to be rigged. No way senpai did worse than me.

[NPC] Canopy KnightYou dare sully my good name?! Have at you!

Please don't fight you two! I trust Mr. Canopy Knight!

[NPC] TigerBunnyBearI can determine if the machine is rigged using my hyper-sensitive servos. All I need is one try.

[NPC] NatalieChoppin' firewood all day has given me one heck of a swinging arm. Why not let me give it a try as well?

[NPC] JaneMe too! Me too!

ACTUALLY I'M- I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I could barely lift my ax yesterday when we were fighting Vaporeon and... yeah I might be going out of shape.

[NPC] NaruThat's okay senpai, You're studying in university, after all.

Also, I'm having trouble recalling some of my architect knowledge I learned in university and I don't know why. They wouldn't even let me finish helping with the vaults. :sad:

[NPC] ZarathThat's... really weird.You're not cursed, are you?

I hope not. :depressed:

[NPC] NaruWhen did this started happening?

Some time around yesterday I imagine. I was able to finish my map of the mansion, so it was some time after that.

[NPC] ZarathMaybe try retracing your steps?

Well, after I finished the map I went down to the underground, met the Prime Minister and got to shake his hand, offered to help fix the elevator but he said he had plenty of help. After that I bumped into some of our future selves, hung out with Matty and Zebra-

[NPC] ZarathMatty and Zebra are here?

Yeah, so I hung out with them, then I got the call to meet in the Zoo, then we met Vaporeon outside the zoo and had to fight, and THEN I had trouble lifting my ax.

[NPC] NaruMaybe you'll have better luck in the future?

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Proceeding to generate smiles...
[NPC] TigerBunnyBear rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 16
[NPC] Natalie rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 8
[NPC] Jane rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 12

External Avatar
[NPC] TigerBunnyBear
Natalie, Jane, and TigerBunnyBear each swing the mallet for a chance at ringing the bell. Natalie and Jane both come up short, but TigerBunnyBear barely manages to touch the bell with their swing. Impressive, considering he did so while standing on his hands. If he'd been upright he might have been able to ring the bell.

[NPC] NatalieBooooooo~

[NPC] JaneHey mom, I did better than you so does that mean I can spar with Zarath now?

[NPC] NatalieNot on your life, kiddo.

I require another try.

[NPC] Canopy KnightWell it's 500 zenny for an additional try.

[NPC] ZarathDude, you don't have to. You did better than any of us, AND while doing a handstand.

I require another try.

Another park guest comes to try out the machine.

[NPC] AndromedaGreetings.

[NPC] AmyHey Naru!

[NPC] NaruHey Amy! Hey miss android lady! Sorry I don't know your name.

[NPC] DrosselAndromeda, I believe. I'm Drossel. This is Naru, Zarath, and his family. Nice to see you again.

[NPC] AndromedaI am searching for Miss Tequila. She went missing last night, and as her bodyguard it is my duty to protect her. Have you seen her?

[NPC] NaruSorry, we haven't.

[NPC] PerseusShe was too good for us I suppose.

[NPC] AndromedaWhat is this machine?

[NPC] Canopy KnightTest of strength! The game is simple! You give that base there a good whack with this here hammer. Ring the bell and you win a prize.

[NPC] AndromedaI would like to try.

[NPC] PerseusDo~ it! Do~ it! Do~ it!

[NPC] Canopy KnightSure! Sure! First try is free, after all. Give it your best shot!

Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:22 am


Roll to activate strength modifier, then roll to strike the base with my fist.
[NPC] Andromeda rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 7, 9

One more try. Increase strength modifier. Overclocking disabled.
[NPC] Andromeda rolled 3 20-sided dice. Results: 15, 17, 10

[NPC] Andromeda
Andromeda uses her Overheat ability to boost her strength and punches the machine. Andromeda's strength modifier only increases her number by 7 for a total of 16. The puck almost reaches the bell.

[NPC] Canopy KnightHey that was a good try, but you're suppose to use a hammer.

Andromeda throws a 5000 zenny bill at the owner and tries again. Her fist transforms into the head of a hammer with jet engines coming out of an opening in her shoulder and back. Andromeda only has to hold the hammer over the base while the piston in her arm is given time to charge up and rapidly slam down on the machine. The puck smacks into the bell with such force that it breaks off and is sent flying.

Andromeda's arm splits open. Steam erupts from protruding vents that appear along her body.

I am victorious.


[NPC] ZarathBut you cheated! You're suppose to use the hammer!

[NPC] PerseusQuiet you!

[NPC] Canopy KnightWell that was technically a hammer she used... Also, I am too terrified to argue semantics.

Congratulations! Pick whichever prize you want young lady, just please don't hurt me.

World III Doll

A stuffed toy from the Reflection Kingdom. Popular as a body for deceased Reflections.

Panda Pal

A stuffed panda toy that's either adored or hated, never anything in-between.

Big Teddy Bear

Also known as the "My Size Teddybear" because it's as large as a small child. Even to an adult it's above average size.

Giant Teddy Bear

A ridicuously large Teddy Bear. The kind you wish you had as a kid. Big enough to fill the corner of a room and fall on anyone less fortunate.

Andromeda picks one of the prizes from the vendor. She calls for another nearby android to repair the Strength Tester for her.

Imagine that. Fear leads to respect.

[NPC] Naru...huh?

Pardon me, I have no idea where that came from. Must be radio interference.

Good day.

Andromeda walks away with her prize.

[NPC] ZarathHey wait! You wanna come see a magic show with us?!

Andromeda walks away with her prize.

[NPC] PerseusUhh... Well! Back to looking for Ms. Tequila! Later!!!

Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:22 am


[NPC] Zarath
Andromeda's suppose to be a Reflection too, right? I wonder how bad she had it before becoming an android?

[NPC] NaruWell she secretly hates Mr. Anetic. He said so himself last night. If she wasn't messed up during the war I'm sure getting turned into a robot did something to her.

[NPC] AmyJim and I met her during the android invasion, but that was two years ago for us. Even then, my knowledge of her only extends to when she tried to set me on fire that one time. I tried getting through to her, but she either ignored me or pretended to not know what I was talking about.

Is there anything we can do?

[NPC] NaruShould we follow her? I don't know if she'll listen to us or not...

[NPC] AmyLet me worry about that. I told Jim I'd keep an eye on her anyway.

Oof... Looks like her ex-boyfriend finally caught up with us.


[NPC] AmyIt's a long story. This could be bad if Andromeda starts to recognize him... or who knows? Maybe she'll calm down if she does? Could go either way.

Don't tell me how the magic show goes! I want it to be a surprise!

Amy leaves.

[NPC] NaruI still feel like there's something more we could do.

Yeah... but what could we say to cheer her up? Neither of us know what it's like to be a clone, or a robot for that matter... I can't imagine what it's like waking up in a body that's not your own.

[NPC] NaruShe use to be human, didn't she?... Before she died. Do you think it had anything to do with the war the other Reflections were in?

[NPC] DrosselMaybe she thought she had been captured and experimented on by the enemy? That would explain why she went crazy after being activated.

She must have had no idea what was going on. And that misunderstanding was what convinced Perseus to suppress her emotions. If that's the case I'd be mad too if I was Andromeda. If they had just listened to each other all of this could have been avoided...

Damn it, why are adults so stubborn?

Natalie sneaks up to Zarath and "tackleglomps" him from behind.

[NPC] NatalieAwww Zarath! Look at you wearing your heart on your sleeve! Your mom was just like that when she was your age!

Don't worry, I'm sure if there's anyone who can help your robot friend feel better it's you! Heck, if we weren't legally related and our ages were closer together, I'd be tempted to marry you!


[NPC] NatalieHey Naru! What time did you say the magic show was again?

[NPC] NaruAh that's right! We got completely distracted! If we don't hurry we might miss it!

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[NPC] Ai
Hey Mr. Wyatt, you in here? It's been an entire day since you started fixing the elevator. Just checking to see how it's been going.

[NPC] Prime MinisterEy, Hanasaku! You just caught me finishing up with the repairs on the elevator. Took no time at all! Well, a day, it took a day of on and off work to, well, reattach the cables and clean the shaft.

Have you tested it yet?

[NPC] Prime MinisterHave I tested it? You're asking if I've tested it? Hahaha, She's asking if I've tested it yet! Oooooh, have I tested it?

[NPC] AsamiHave you tested it?

[NPC] Prime MinisterI have not tested it yet.

You mind if I test it then? I just want to be sure it's safe.

[NPC] Prime MinisterSure! Sure! Knock yourself out!

I mean, it'll be completely fine! Absolutely no reason why it would fail and send you screaming to your death. In fact, not really even a need to test it to begin with, since it's so sure not to fail. Honestly it's a waste of time to test it since you'd just be confirming how safe we already know it to be. New cables held up when I pulled on them, and I pulled on them really hard! Also also, I got a guy to come in and change the elevator music. Now that, that I did test. Works absolutely brilliantly it does. Had to spend an hour listening to it to make sure you didn't get bored of hearing it. And you know what? Five hours later, still wasn't bored! Has a sort of ethereal quality to it. You know, the kind that makes you have one of those lucid dreams yeah?

Ai had already gone inside the elevator while Wyatt was rambling on.

Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:22 am


Okay, moment of truth. Does the elevator work, or does it break and I fall to my death?
[NPC] Ai rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 11

[NPC] Ai

The first thing Ai notices is the elevator buttons. For some reason the panel is really low to the floor. The frame is also upside down with all the buttons turned to be facing the correct orientation. Above it, where the panel ought to be, is the emergency stop switch, which is of course locked behind a glass door. Above that, at about eye level, is the same kind of monitor found next to the vault on the bottom floor.

Ai gets down on her knees and tries to move the elevator to the top floor.

The elevator ascends. Music starts to play from the speakers. The music puts her at ease.

Once she beings to ascend, the monitor on the wall turns on.

[NPC] Prime MinisterOh hello! Forgot to mention, I modified the cable car to have one of those screens that can intercept PDA calls. So, in case someone gets trapped in here they have a friendly face to talk to! Yeah, I know. Genius init? Also! Swapped out the button panel for a more modern model. Couldn't actually leave the park to fetch one, but dun worry! Built one from scratch! Completely from memory! And of course the emergency shutoff switch is there too. Thought that was super important so I put that dead centre. Just in case you had trouble finding it. As you do.

Also also, cleaned out the elevator shaft too. Had to get rid of all the critters that had flown in from the subway and made it their home yeah? It's completely clean, I guarantee it!

The elevator violently shakes as if it hit a bump along the walls.

[NPC] Prime MinisterThat was a bat. Probably a bat. I stand corrected, now it's completely clean!

The elevator shakes again.

[NPC] Prime Minister'Nother bat. I assure you, I can't have missed more than two.

The elevator hits another bump.

[NPC] Prime MinisterOkay THAT, that had to have been a loose screw. I wouldn't worry. Probably wasn't holding anything important in place. Yeah you can just ignore it. Best if you do.

Now if you're going to the top floor, you might want to take note that the redesigned elevator doesn't quite line up with the door frame, so it's going to feel like you're going down a step when you get off, but everything should still hold fine. Nothing's going to snap and decapitate you when you try and climb out... or bisected you at the waist... or bisected you down the middle... Am I making you less worried? Not entirely sure if my calming assurance of how much gruesome death you won't be facing is worrying you less.

Ai arrives at the uppermost floor. She's back at the mansion's secret room hidden behind a revolving bookcase. Ai has already been here, and decides to ride the elevator down to the lowest floor, plus a few more rides just to be safe. She definitely isn't doing it because she likes the elevator music.

After her thorough, definitely-not-a-joyride safety testing, Ai returns to Mr. Wyatt on the first floor of the basement.

You know, I was a little worried about putting you in charge of the elevator Mr. Wyatt, but I'm actually impressed here. I'd probably change a few things, but you actually managed to pull off fixing this thing. Sorry for doubting you.

[NPC] Prime MinisterAw, no hard feelings love. You wouldn't be the first.

[NPC] AsamiMr. Wyatt is amazing! He rebuilt the pulley system and the car all on his own! And he didn't even need to take any measurements either!

[NPC] Prime MinisterPantherian instincts! We're deeply in tune with the metric system! That we are!

Well okay. Thanks for all your hard work.

Ai's Wayback Machine makes a beeping noise. She has a notification. A very familiar notification with coordinates pointing to somewhere within the park. Ai has a melancholy look on her face after reading it.

H-Hey... I got something special prepared for you as thanks. It's not open yet, but if you go to the plaza where we have all those bend gates, there's one that'll take you to a Saitonese onsen.



Yeah, tell your friends. Anyway, I gotta get going. Thanks again!

Ai has reached her destination. An ominous structure looms over her.

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[NPC] Naru
What the heck is this?

[NPC] DrosselNobody knows. It showed up next to the lake last night. Even the earth beneath it was brought here.

I thought the park brought people, not entire buildings!

[NPC] ZarathNot... exactly... A whole subway train got sucked into the park yesterday and brought the Prime Minister of Pantheria on board. You think the park brought whoever lives here with them as well?

It's... possible, if anyone was still inside when it got brought here. It's kinda creepy looking though.

[NPC] DrosselThis is Gothic Architecture, a late middle-ages style of building. And look at the detail on this fence here. Each section has its own unique design added to it. Not only that, but just from looking at it I can tell it's very sturdy. Whoever owns this building not only has a taste for the extravagant but also has money to burn. Either that or lots of favors.

The three of them are too fixated on the building to notice Ai running up to them.

[NPC] Ai......Ho-ly crap...

Did this land here?

[NPC] DrosselWe think so. We also think someone might have been inside when it was sent here.

[NPC] AiThis is just like the subway train... I don't like the look of this.

Do you think it just got sent here like the event guests did?

[NPC] AiI can't think of any other explanation. No way someone did this.

[NPC] Ai......

Don't tell me this is where I...

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Do I recognise this building from anywhere?
[NPC] Jim rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 2

[NPC] Jim
Jim does not recognize the building at all. He doesn't even have the feeling that he may have seen it before. It is completely new to him. At least... as far as his memories tell him.

However, he is compelled to investigate because that's literally who he is.

Would you like if I take a gander inside?

[NPC] AiI'm not going in there, but you're more than happy to. I should quarantine this building just in case it's dangerous. You know how the guests can be. They see something new and flashy and they're all "OOooh I wanna go there!" without even considering the consequences. I'll stay outside and guard the entrance. Future me can come in with you. Heck, she might already be in there.

[NPC] DrosselI'd like to investigate this building as well, for more... personal reasons.

Drossel is stroking one of the protrusions on the metal fence and accidentally breaks one off. Her heart sinks.

Frantically going through her inventory, she extracts a blowtorch and tries to solder the ornament back in place.

Fantastic! I'd call and let Amy know but I don't have a phone on me.

[NPC] NaruI can let her know next time I see her. I was about to go see the magic show she's about to put on.

We're going to be late though. We should get going.

[NPC] DrosselOkay, have fun you two.

Naru takes Zarath and leaves. Drossel is still trying to fix the iron fence.

[NPC] Drossel......

You comin'?

[NPC] DrosselYeah, in a bit!

Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:16 am


Let's see what's inside this ominous abode.

[NPC] Jim rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 18

[NPC] Jim

Jim enters the gothic home. The interior is just as elaborate as the exterior, and looks meticulously maintained. In front of him is a staircase branching off to the left and right balcony sections on the second floor of the foyer.

Drossel comes running in moments later, only to immediately stop and soak in the atmosphere surrounding her.

[NPC] DrosselNever mind luxurious, this place is downright royalty! Now I wish I brought my camera.

Hello? Anyone in here? Are you safe? There's been trouble and I need to know if you're alright! Can you hear me!

Ai appears from thin air, time travelling back to help Jim.

[NPC] AiYo Fadbury! Need help exploring? Can't say I'll be much help since I'm just as new to this place as you are.

Not a problem. Everything is new to Amy and me and we somehow manage.

[NPC] AiOh yeah, and since we're suppose to be helping them, I brought an android with me!

[NPC] x50iGreetings, I am x50i Model Number 00081. I have been assigned to assist with exploring the unfamiliar architecture in the park.

[NPC] AiYou can call him Magnemite if it makes things easier.

Er... right then, first things first. Hanasaku, would you care to do the honours of picking where we should look?

[NPC] AiGee, I dunno where to begin. You're the expert, Mr. Fadbury.

Not a problem! Just give me one second while I get the proper tools for the job...

[NPC] AiCrypto-tech! This I gotta see!

Dowsing Rods

A pair of metal sticks used for detecting sources of water, but also useful for tracking paranormal activity and general decision making.

[NPC] AiOh.

Oi, don't mock them! They're very useful!

[NPC] AiIf you say so.

The dowsing rods start to turn. They stop, pointing at the stairs in front of them.

Upstairs? Is there something upstairs?

[NPC] AiUmm... shouldn't we check the lower floors first? You know, since we're already down here and everything. We should learn as much about this place as we can... in case of emergency, yeah?

[NPC] DrosselI agree! We'll work our way up from the bottom!

I guess you have a point there. Shall we start over here then?

[NPC] AiYes! Let's!

( If we had more people we could split up. That's a shame. I wonder if Chihiro ever finished that dungeon game? )

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[NPC] Michi

Michi awakens from being knocked unconscious after reaching the final door of the dungeon. Standing in front of the final door are the two people she wished not to meet at this event.

It all makes sense now. This park, the time travel, everything that's happened... This is my hell, isn't it? I'm in hell and it only took me until now to realize it.

[NPC] Zebra StripesWhat ever makes you say that? I thought hell was reserved for evil people, and you're not an evil person, are you?

What do you want from me?

[NPC] Matty the WildChill Mi-chan! We're playing Romario's dungeon game just like you! But since you're here and everything we thought we'd see how you were doing.

Don't pretend like you didn't follow me in here. How many more of your guild members are with you?

[NPC] Matty the WildJust us. But here's the thing. We'd love to invite more of our guild members to this event, but then we heard you were here.

[NPC] Zebra StripesWhich is why we need to test and see if you won't cause any trouble for them.

We'll I've done a damn good job of avoiding you two so far. We're only talking because you came to me. Also, I'm pretty freaking sure our guilds have had a ceasefire for almost three years now!

[NPC] Matty the WildMi-chan, Mi-chan, we wouldn't be called "Everything Nice" if we only cared about ourselves. We're here to look out for all of the guests, not just our own, and so far you've been the center of nearly every commotion here. Fights in the break room, shouting in the halls, and let's not even talk about whatever the heck happened yesterday at the zoo. You even abandoned one of your party members a few floors back.

Matty is carrying the broken remains of one of the androids Michi sacrificed when she rolled a 1 exploring the dungeon.

[NPC] Matty the WildYou claim to have turned over a new leaf last we met, but from what we've observed you're still the same old volatile guild leader that my guild's been built off of. You should try being a little nicer to people, like us. Our guild's a much more welcoming, less toxic place because of that.

Yeah, and there's not even a backbone among you to share.

[NPC] Matty the WildOoooooh, I think someone's in need of emergency cuddles! :heart:


[NPC] Matty the WildWell if you're going to be that way I guess we'll take the treasure down here and leave.

What the hell?! I thought we were cool!

[NPC] Zebra StripesWe are, but that doesn't mean we're gonna make this easy for you.

[NPC] Matty the WildYeah, we need to know if you're serious or not. Only through sweat, blood, and tears can you atone for your crimes. Don't worry, I was kidding earlier. The treasure is yours for the taking, but on one condition.

......okay, what is it?

[NPC] Matty the WildHoho! I'm glad you asked! The prize you seek is beyond this corridor. BUT only if you can make it through without harming a single one of my Snoogs!


Matty summons an army of snoogs. The corridor is waist deep in tiny, adorable fuzzball creatures. They all climb over Michi, affectionately rubbing against her.

AW WHAT THE ****?!?!?

[NPC] Matty the WildUh uh! No swearing! This is a wholesome dungeon.

[NPC] Zebra StripesWe'll leave you to your prize. Enjoy the Snoogs. And good loving luck! You're gonna need it.

[NPC] Matty the WildAnd remember! Don't harm a single Snoog or you can kiss your prize goodbye!

Matty and Zebra high five before leaving the dungeon with an escape rope.

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