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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Soirée & Gala

North finds two of his fellow guild members lounging on the beach.

[NPC] North KoreaWhen did you get here?

Good question.
A very good question.

[NPC] North KoreaFine. I don't care. What the heck are you doing?


[NPC] North KoreaBut you don't even have skin.

Baking then.
If you bake clay a certain way, the exterior can develope a brownish tint.
It's summer back home, and we wish to have a human tan.
It is on our list of things we must do for the "Full Summer Experience."

[NPC] North KoreaHey, have you heard about the androids? We're trying to rehabilitate them. Think you could help us? They might find solidarity about having mechanical bodies if they, I dunno, hang out with you two?

Onee-chan, wasn't the android invasion inevitable?
That's what I heard, onii-chan. The invasion is inevitable.

[NPC] North KoreaWell can you help us make it less terrible for when it does happen?

We're in charge of a bunker, aren't we onii-chan?
We are. Onee-chan and I are in charge of a bunker.
We are using the alchemy lab in the basement. Aren't we, onii-chan?
We are. Alchemy is the only way we can mend our injuries.

[NPC] North KoreaYeah, that's what I was thinking. The invasion should be more of a problem for you than the rest of us, so wouldn't you want to prevent it more than anyone?

It can't be helped.
Can't be helped.
If it comes down to it, I'm more concerned with protecting onii-chan from the androids.
If it comes down to it, I'm more concerned with protecting onee-chan from the androids.

[NPC] North KoreaY-Don't- Don't hug... you two... Aw geez you're hugging... Please stop. The way you're touching is making me uncomfortable.

This is making you uncomfortable?

Onii-chan, Mr. Korea thinks it's weird for siblings to look out for each other. How odd.
How odd indeed.
He must be an only child.
Yes, an only child. I feel bad for him.
Yes, I feel bad for him too. Never knowing what it's like to have a sibling.

[NPC] North KoreaNormal siblings aren't this close.

Onii-chan, you'll mess up my tan. Let go.
You'll mess up my tan. You let go.
I don't want to let go. You do it.
I don't want to let go. You do it.
But being in the sun made your body warm. It feels nice.
Tanning your back made your body cold. It feels nice.

[NPC] North KoreaYep. Yep there it is. I'm imagining them ****ing. Thanks a lot you two.

You're welcome.

Onii-chan, what's next on our "Full Summer Experience"?
Our list says "Snow cones." Shall we do that next?
Yes, let's.

Post » Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:36 am


[NPC] Soirée & Gala

The line to the Shaved Ice Stall is enormous. Soirée and Gala will have to wait at least half an hour in line to get a snow cone.

Onii-chan, the line is too big.
I noticed.
What are we going to do?
Looks like we'll just have to wait.

That is... unless there was some way we could go straight to the front of the line.

Yes, if only there were a way to make everyone in line leave so we could go to the front.
Yes, if only.
If only.

Less than a minute later, and Soirée and Gala are the only ones in line.


[NPC] AmyHey, what can I get for y-

[NPC] AmyOh... Oh goodie... It's the incest twins.

Alright, what will it be?

This is our first time trying shaved ice. What would you recommend?
We are counting on you to not destroy our taste buds. Ms. Mizuki worked very hard and paid a lot of people money to give them to us.

[NPC] AmyWell we got the basics: Cherry, Lemon, Strawberry, Grape, Lime, Orange, Raspberry, Watermelon, and Peach... Then there are specialty flavors like Blue Coconut, Mango, Mint, Bubblegum, Green Apple, Coffee, Vanilla, and Chocolate... and then there are super special flavors like Sea Salt, Code Red, Surge, Cryogenic Sleep, Ball Buster, and Tiger Blood.

Onee-chan, doesn't The Unknown have a guild member named "Tiger Blood"?
It does. Do you think she named herself after the flavor, or was the flavor named after her?
Hard to say. Onee-chan, do you think Tiger Blood made it to the event?
I haven't seen her, Onii-chan. I doubt everyone from The Unknown was invited.
A pity. We'll have to make our own event so they don't feel left out when we get back.

[NPC] AmyThe menu is right over here if you'd like to read over it yourself. You can also mix flavors if you want, but that costs extra.

Onii-chan. Another line is forming.
Very well. I'll have that.
And I'll have that.

Amy leans out the stall window to figure out what the two were pointing to.

[NPC] AmyAlright, I'll see what I can do.

Post » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:04 am


Roll to make two servings of shaved ice.
[NPC] Amy rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 10, 2

Opps! Lemme fix that second one...
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 11

[NPC] Amy
Amy prepares two servings of Shaved Ice and hands them to her two customers. She keeps the failed one for herself to eat.

Amy earned 500 zenny.

Come again!

Next in line, what'll it be?

[NPC] NaruOh hey, I'm looking for the magic show you're suppose to be putting on. Do you know where it is?

Eeeeeerrr... No idea, sorry. I'm actually raising money for the magic show rn, so I haven't even done it yet. I'm sure if you ask around an even future-er me will know where it's being held.

[NPC] NaruThanks.

Oh, and could I get a strawberry?

Sure thing! Coming right up!

Oh yeah, person next in line. I can get your order as well. What will you have?

Amy motions to the person standing behind Naru. Naru turns around out of curiosity and finds...

Post » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:07 am


External Avatar
[NPC] TigerBunnyBear
A giant animal mascot.

I require two servings of shaved ice. Flavors: Orange and Peach.

[NPC] NaruOh... Hello...

Greetings, I am x50i Model Number 00012. I have been given the duty of entertaining the park guests, and creating smiles. Since I am incapable of persperation, I am able to wear this costume which would be uncomfortable and overbearing for other event staff. I have been asked to purchase some Shaved Ice for a little girl and her mother. I shall take the opportunity to entertain you while I am here.

[NPC] NaruOh... thanks that's really nice of you.

Commencing smile creation.

TigerBunnyBear gives Naru the most awkward hug imaginable.

Smile creation 45% successful. Reattempting in 15 seconds.

[NPC] NaruTh-that's okay! I'm smiling! I'm smiling! See?

Naru pretends to smile to save herself from further embarrassment.

My apologies. My smile success rate calculation appears to be malfunctioning.

[NPC] NaruHumans are complicated creatures. I doubt you could predict how likely you're able to make someone smile. Just try your best and I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort!

[NPC] AmyHere you are! One strawberry, one orange, and one peach.

TigerBunnyBear pays for all three. Amy earned 750 zenny.

[NPC] NaruYou didn't have to do that! I could have paid for it! Here, lemme make it up to you!

Unnecessary. My protocol is to generate smiles. My analysis on smile generation has told me smiles can be effectively generated by acts of generosity.

[NPC] NaruWell, lemme help you with your job then! It's the least I could do!

[NPC] AmyOh yeah, don't we need to hang out with the androids and fraternize with them? They got snatched up real fast the last time I came here. If you don't grab the first one you see you'll be out of luck.

[NPC] NaruYeah! Mr. TigerBunnyBear, your smile generation was 100% successful! It was SO successful that... that you're my new best friend now! Come on, let's go make more people smile!


Post » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:17 am


[NPC] Natalie
Naru! Long time no see! Zarath told me you're helping run this event. Is that true?

[NPC] NaruOh hey Miss Natalie. And yeah, I help with the event occasionally. It's not that much bigger than an event in Spring Gardens and we've got a lot more staff so... there's not really... a lot for me to do.

What are you doing at Wayback Con?

We got invited by Zarath. We can't stay much longer though. He said the park closes at sunset.

[NPC] NaruCloses? But that's-

Hm? Is the park not closing?

[NPC] Naru( He must be worried about the androids hurting his family. I better not tell them. )

[NPC] NaruYeah, sorry. It's a pretty small event.

( If they're leaving later this afternoon, then that means they'll only be here for the first day of the event.)

Oh yeah, If you're not busy Jane and I were looking to recruit more people for the Rotating Cow Guild and were wondering if you'd like to help.

[NPC] TigerBunnyBearCows do not rotate.

[NPC] JaneSure they do. You just gotta keep your eye on them.

[NPC] Naru( This sounds like one of those limited time window quests I could complete. Good thing I can come back to this event in the future. As long as I remember to get it done. )

Hey TigerBunnyBear! Did you have trouble ordering the snacks we asked for?

[NPC] TigerBunnyBearNegative. I have returned with the requested consumables.

[NPC] JaneWoohoo!

[NPC] TigerBunnyBearSmile Creation 100% successful. Mission complete.

[NPC] JaneNow do a handstand!

[NPC] TigerBunnyBearUnderstood.

Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:40 am


Commencing Action: Handstand
Minimal success rate: 75%
[NPC] TigerBunnyBear rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 18

External Avatar
[NPC] TigerBunnyBear
TigerBunnyBear does a very impressive handstand. Jane gives a rousing applaus.

Smile creation 100% successful.

[NPC] NaruOh yeah! I'm looking for the magic show that's suppose to be going on. Any idea where it is?

[NPC] NatalieNo idea, but we could help look. A magic show sounds fun!

[NPC] JaneIs it real magic?

[NPC] NaruIt's being run by a wizard, so yeah I think so.

According to the Wayback Con website, Amy Blair's Magic Show is in half an hour located at the auditorium not far from here.

[NPC] NatalieIs it the one with the big blue curtains? We passed by that not too long ago. Want us to show you were it is?

[NPC] NaruThanks, that'd be great!

[NPC] JaneDoes my useless cousin want to come?

[NPC] NatalieWe'll need to find him first. Where is Zarath anyway?

[NPC] NaruWe just came back from a convention close to her, and split up to hang out with the androids. I could IM him and ask if he wants to take a break.

[NPC] NatalieYeah! That'd be great!

[NPC] NaruAnd there'll be lots of guests there too, so TigerBunnyBear can make more people happy. Would you like that?

An optimal strategy for generating smiles.

[NPC] NaruThat's great! You can come along too!

[NPC] JaneBut you have to walk on your hands the whole way there!


Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:21 am


[NPC] Zarath

Zarath gets a call from Naru. She asks him if he wants to see the magic show.

[NPC] ZarathCall from Naru?

Y-yeah... How did you know?

[NPC] ZarathJust came back to me. She call about Amy's magic show?


[NPC] DrosselYou should go with her. She's probably got an android or two following her.

Where are all the androids anyway? I haven't been able to find one.

[NPC] ZarathWell, I saw sensei with two. North and Milan were with one. Lily Anne had twenty for some reason...

I guess everyone who missed out is stuck with bunker duty then, huh?

[NPC] DrosselActually, I'm just here because I'm worried about the bunkers collapsing and hurting everyone inside, so I have to make sure everyone does a proper job setting these up.

[NPC] GastonSecond.

[NPC] DrosselWe have plenty of help, Zarath. You should go have fun. If anything Naru needs you to help boost her morale.


[NPC] Bugsy IIDon't you guys' spirit powers work off your mental states?

I don't... think so? Maybe?

[NPC] Bugsy IIWell it makes sense, doesn't it? If you two are motivated you're more adept with your spirit powers. So get motivated for whatever we have to handle this afternoon.

Yeah, that makes sense... Then I guess I'm off then.

[NPC] GastonSame goes for yous, Miss. A break might just be what yous need to clear your head, yeah?

[NPC] DrosselOh... I guess you have a point. Sorry for bothering you.

[NPC] GastonEy, Don't beat yerself up, kid. Jus' one a dem days. Yo gimme a call when you makes it big, I gots connections all around dis city that'll help you's out.

[NPC] DrosselDon't worry! I'll be back once I'm able to properly help!

Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:21 am


[NPC] Andromeda
Shouldn't we be searching for Miss Tequila? You did assign me to be her body guard.

[NPC] PerseusHanasaku said she was sleeping on a park bench somewhere. I wouldn't bother her. We should enjoy this moment together! Is this your first time at a karaoke bar?


[NPC] PerseusReally? It's great! You get to listen to people sing badly and imagine how much better at it you would be! And so long as you don't actually try and sing yourself you'll have no reason to believe otherwise!

Interesting. All judgement is correct so long as you can imagine yourself as superior to someone else.

[NPC] PerseusHuh?

My apologies. It seems the intensity of sound has made it difficult to communicate.

[NPC] Amy-THough my eYES could see I still was a blind man. Though my mind could think I STILL WAS A MAD MAN! I HEART THE VOICes when I'm drEAMING! I can heaR THEM SAAAAYYY!

Perhaps we should relocate to somewhere quieter. Preferably with no one else around who could interfere with our casual communication.

[NPC] PerseusYeah, uh, here's an idea! Have you ever thought about singing yourself?

Negative. My vocal module was not equipped with proper pitch shifting ability. Were I to sing, I would be monotone.

[NPC] PerseusWell then we'll have to fix that! Once we get back to the lab I can get to work on a module for you, maybe something like that voice synthesizer the Saitonese are developing. Ever heard of it? Think it was called "Daisy" or something like that... You know? Daisy :note: Daisy :note: Give me your answer due :note:

You were right. You're actually terrible at singing now that you've made an attempt.

[NPC] PerseusW-Well you could sing just as well as any pop star, or even better! W-with a little tinkering, that is...

Isn't there more to singing than just hitting the right chords? Doesn't singing require... a soul?

[NPC] PerseusEr... well... who's to say you don't have one? Sure you can't get sad or fall in love, but personally I could do without complicated emotions like that.


[NPC] PerseusHumanity is a two edged sword, Andromeda. Sure we have some happy emotions, but our judgement is also clouded by things such as lust, hunger, drowsiness, fear, anger-


[NPC] PerseusAnd revenge. Definitely revenge. Point is, the payoff isn't all that worth it.

The concept alludes me. Inflicting suffering upon those who've wronged you will not undo whatever injustice was done on you.

[NPC] PerseusExactly! And I'm sure in some cases the wrongdoers feel remorse and wish to make amends, yes?

...Rather, I believe educating the wrongdoer of the suffering they caused via... vicarious experiences. To ensure they don't repeat their mistakes.

[NPC] Perseus...Well... you know... they say an eye for an eye makes the whole world... blind... yeah?

Really? Then I suppose we're lucky we live in a world with cybernetic augmentation. An eye can easily be replaced if lost, as can an arm, leg, or even ones entire body.

It may even be possible to replace someone's mind.

[NPC] AmyCarrY On MY WaYWArd SOOOOon! THere'll bE pEace wHEN YOU Are done. Lay youR weARY HEAD TO reeeEeeest! Don't you cry no more.

[NPC] PerseusOh look! Our little wizard friend is done singing!

Pardon me. I need to use the little gynoid's room.

Post » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:21 am


[NPC] Andromeda
Model number 00099. Status report.

[NPC] x50iProduction has reached 70%. Our army shall be ready on schedule.

Have we collected enough gems?

[NPC] x50iOur scout has been sent back to our time period and returned with approximately 10,000 Soul Gems. Chances of cooperation are 15.3%

That is irrelevant. If they will not cooperate we will continue with our original plan of converting the park guests. Keep up the good work.

Andromeda returns from her break to find Amy sitting with Perseus. She's trying to carefully balance a coin on a cup using two forks.


[NPC] PerseusThat's science.


[NPC] PerseusIt's weight distribution! Any engineer could-

I have returned.

[NPC] Perseus...You left?

[NPC] AmyO-oh... Hey Andromeda... You're... looking extra beefed up. What's all that about?

......I thought I'd try modifying myself. How do I look?

[NPC] Amy......Familiar...

[NPC] PerseusHehe... I see you put finishing touches on those augmentations I started!... All by yourself...

The results are, admittedly, not to my satisfaction. I am considering making further alterations later.

[NPC] PerseusHaha... Really? How about that? Ha ha... Ha ha...

[NPC] PerseusOh hey, psst psst, since you're from the future and all you wouldn't happen to have any tips on how to... you know... not get killed by her in the future? Like, what's gonna happen when the androids go crazy?

[NPC] AmyWell...

[NPC] AmyI don't know if telling you would be a good idea. For one we don't know if this will cause history to get screwed up badly or not. I thought you wanted Hanasaku to use the androids to protect the timeline from being messed with!?

[NPC] PerseusYeah, well, that was when I didn't know I was gonna friggin die!!!

[NPC] AmyWhat makes you think you're going to die!?

[NPC] AmyI mean... we never found the body but-


Who is that on stage?

[NPC] AmyOh shoot. Can we talk about all this later? We need to get Andromeda out of here!


[NPC] AmyNo, not that! Look! See that red guy on stage? It's her ex. Or, well, will be her ex. He's on stage right now!

I waved to him. He seemed nice.

[NPC] AmyYeah, You sure did. He looks terrified. We should go. We'll throw off his groove if we stick around longer.

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[NPC] Canopy Knight
You there! You look like a couple of folks who like to hide their power level!

[NPC] ZarathI like anime... I don't care who knows. Not at all.

[NPC] NaruI don't think that's what he meant, Zarath.

[NPC] ZarathO-oh, hey Naru. Find any androids? Only ones I found all got snatched up.

[NPC] DrosselWe've been helping build the bunkers for everyone to take shelter in.

[NPC] NaruBunkers? What bunkers?

[NPC] ZarathYeah, I'm sure you already figured out what all the supplies being moved around the place are for. Our future selves have decided to minimize as much of the disaster as possible by building "vaults" across the park for people to take shelter in.

[NPC] NatalieZarath! Over here! Look! We made a friend!

[NPC] TigerBunnyBearGreetings, I am x50i Model Number 00012.

[NPC] NaruUm... Surprise...! You're family's here! For some reason! I don't think they know about the androids.

[NPC] NatalieYou invited us, remember?

[NPC] JaneIf by invited you mean we tackle-glomped you just as you were trying to get out of field work, you slacker!

[NPC] NaruThey must have hitched a ride on your future self. They told me you were taking them back home later this afternoon, so I guess you're keeping them safe?

[NPC] ZarathWell as long as they're safe I guess it's fine.

[NPC] JaneYou gonna ring that bell or are you just standing in line for no good reason?

If you ring the bell on this Strength Tester you'll win a prize! First try is free. What do you say?

[NPC] NaruYou should try it, senpai! If you can lift that huge ax of yours this game should be a piece of cake!

[NPC] ZarathNaru and I will both try as well. And it's free. You'd be losing money not giving it a try.

[NPC] DrosselYou're starting to sound like Mizuki sensei...

[NPC] NaruGanbarimasu, senpai! Ganbarimasu!

[NPC] Drossel*groan*

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