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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Jim

Who here can name all the known Semi-like races in the world? Anyone?

[NPC] x50iProcessing... Processing...


[NPC] MichiErrr... Albions, Zerg, Sangheili, Blue Meanies, Oompa Loompas, Liberal Arts Majors, Astronauts...

Chihiro please be serious about this...
Although you're right about the Astronauts being a race, so points for that.

No, Heizengrad's Encyclopedia of Races and Culture Volume 39, 3rd edition lists the primary semi-like races as: Human, Elf, Taur, Were, Mer, Kemono, Valkyrie, and Cryptid as a catch-all term for "we don't know what you are." All known races, sub-races, and liminals fall into one of these categories. Can anyone name an example of a sub-race?

[NPC] x50iInsufficient data.

[NPC] MichiEMO!

...Really? Emo?

[NPC] MichiDon't look at me. I ain't the god that made them.

Jim stares at Michi with a mixed look of concern and impatience.

[NPC] MichiOkay! Okay! I was just thinking that's something Priscilla would answer and found it funny.

......Alright, let's use Taur as an example. The sub-races for Taur include Fauns, Centaurs, Minotaurs, and Oni as a few examples. Can anyone tell me which one of these sub-races is not like the others?

[NPC] MichiI ain't playing the race joke, so here's a serious answer for once: Centaurs don't have horns. Happy?

[NPC] x50iFauns, Minotaurs, and Oni all exhibit horns on their head, while Centaurs do not.


Easy now! As long as he's learning that's all that matters.

Post » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:00 am


[NPC] Michi
Oh yeah, how come you didn't list Reflection as a race?

[NPC] JimBecause they're not a race, Chihiro. Doesn't matter where they came from, if a Reflection has the body of a human, they're a human.

Jim turns back to face the marker board.

[NPC] JimAnyway, who can name me five subspecies of Mer?

[NPC] x50iThere is not enough space on C: Drive. You need an additional 500GB to save this information.

I think he's bored, Jim. Move over, we're learning about stuff I care about now.

[NPC] JimBored?! How can he get bored?! This is fascinating stuff! Did you know that Sirens are classified as Mer even though they travel mostly on land? You might be thinking, "How can they be fish people when they got bird wings sprouting from their noggin?"

I don't care, James.

[NPC] JimWell if anyone else cares to know, they're not actually bird wings. They're a form of antennae that are camouflaged as bird wings, specifically engineered to lure prey that hunt ocean birds like seagulls and what have you...

Nobody cares, James.

[NPC] JimBut-!!!

[NPC] Jim :depressed:

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:06 am


[NPC] Michi
Michi has stolen teacher duty from Jim.

Alright shitlords, what do you wanna learn about? History? Philosophy?

[NPC] JimOooh! Oooh! History! History!

[NPC] x50iPhilosophy.

Alright, I think I can do both at once. Can anyone tell me the origins of the concept of Destiny?

[NPC] JimBut of course! Destiny comes from the idea that events are fixed and cannot be changed. Everything happens for a reason and there's no-

WRONG! That destiny is the bastard child of Fate and the "Old Destiny" from ancient times.

[NPC] x50iFate is inevitable. Destiny cannot be changed.

Look at you going with the safe answers. I hope you're taking notes James.

[NPC] JimThis feels a tad one-sided.

The "Old Destiny" was a concept born from the Spirits of the Battle Verge. It wasn't so much an inevitability as it was a "Promise of Greatness." A spirit that chose to watch over you and help you reach your full potential. In olden days, Destiny was completely positive. It was the idea that, while things may be bad now, the future was guaranteed to turn out in your favor and no force on earth could take that away from you. To have a Destiny was a great honor, and to chase after one was an even greater honor.

Then some jackass had the brilliant idea to come up with a "bad destiny." Being destined to die for a nation or become a hermit or a number of ill-fates, perverting the original spirit of the term. Even worse, Destiny referred to one person's future becoming better, but it didn't originally involve other parties. When you heard "Your destiny" the emphasis was on "your." You owned it. A destiny that disparaged others was another corruption of the original meaning. It's where concepts such as "Manifest Destiny" came from.

[NPC] JimYou mean like with the US?

Wait what?

[NPC] JimAbout two-hundred years ago, while scouting the continent, map makers noticed that the entire country was almost in the shape of an eagle's silhouette. There were just a few tracks of land owned by other civilisations that were keeping them from completing the puzzle. This got the entire nation fired up to "complete the map" and obtain these bits of land that they decided belonged to them by right.

Jim hands Michi a map of the US


What the ****?
You're pulling my leg!

[NPC] JimI'm... afraid not.

Jim hands Michi two well-preserved 19th century propaganda posters for national expansion. It reads "The great bird is missing a leg! Aquila won't stand for that, and neither should you!!" The second one reads "Only we can use the land to its full potential. Help rescue the great bird from the native squatters." There's a picture of some racially profiled natives cooking a bird leg over a spit roast while a one-legged eagle watches on with a tear in its eye.

Aw what the ****?!


Michi leaves the room, her voice fades into the distance as she continues yelling at the world.

[NPC] x50iConclusion: Humanity is incompetent and malicious for the sake of no real benefit.


Well, okay, yeah you're right, but not all of them!!! You gotta hunt for the good ones! That's what makes all this worth living for!

[NPC] x50iAn inefficient process. The number of competent and benevolent humans is negligible.

Now transferring acquired data to hivemind network.

[NPC] JimWell that could have gone better.

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:23 am


[NPC] Romario
Step right up ladies and germs! We got a real head spinner here! A parade and cavalcade all in one place! Guaranteed to have you leaving with thrills and chills or your money back! What am I talking about? Why I'm talking about our patented Randomly-Generated Instant Dungeon! Every visit a unique experience! Every trek something new to see! Dive into ten floors of non-stop action with valuable treasure at the very end! But can you defeat the terrors that await you as you make it to the bottom? For just 1000 zenny you'll get three lives to make it through! Use them wisely!

Michi and Jim approach the salesman.

Well well well! If it isn't Chihiro Mizuki here to grace us with her mighty presence! Care to take a spin in my dark, mysterious cave of wonders?

[NPC] MichiHaha okay, phrasing aside I'll humor you... but what's in it for me?

Ahhh, I thought you'd say that! We've got a special Rare Item as one of the random, possible prizes. Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and find it on your first try?

Ascended Katanas

An upgraded version of Eternal Katanas. An alchemy-exclusive item that's very difficult to craft, but is sometimes sold in limited quantities at special events. Without question, its rarity is very high.

[NPC] MichiOooooooohhh...

Even if you don't find what you're looking for, you're guaranteed to walk away with something valuable. That way it's not considered gambling.

[NPC] MichiI don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it.

[NPC] MichiI NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Milan walks past Michi and notices the item she's eyeing.

[NPC] MilanDidn't you just get one of those two days ago?


[NPC] MilanTch. I was thinking about going with, but fine, be that way.

[NPC] MichiWell I was going with these androids here, and they only let in parties of three.

[NPC] MilanFine! I'll go get my own androids and we'll beat you to the treasure!

Milan runs off.

[NPC] MichiHey Fadbury, I'm going on the dungeon ride and you have ten seconds to stop me.

[NPC] JimWhy would I stop you? That sounds like a blast!

[NPC] MichiYou wanna come with? I could trade out an android to make room. I still owe you for yesterday.

[NPC] JimNaaaaah, dungeons don't interest me unless they're unexplored. You go have your fun.

Romario's Roguelike Dungeon Romp!

Romario's Dungeon will randomly generate ten floors for players to explore! Players will have to safely navigate these floors and make it to the treasure at the end!

The game is simple: Roll one D20 to explore a floor. If you roll a 1, you'll lose a life. Make it to the 10th floor without losing all three lives and reach the treasure at the bottom! You'll get one last roll if you make it, which will determine what kind of loot you'll score!

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:46 am


[NPC] Michi rolled 10 20-sided dice. Results: 19, 17, 2, 5, 4, 14, 1, 7, 11, 9

[NPC] Michi rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 2

[NPC] Michi

Michi has made it to the treasure room with only one of her android party members being lost.




Michi is afflicted by the SLEEP status effect, and falls unconscious.

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:49 am


[NPC] Milan
Heeeey! Robot dude!

[NPC] x50iGreetings. I am x50i Model Number 00103.

There's a rock concert going down at the Bandshell. Wanna go jump in the mosh pit?

[NPC] x50iDefinition not found.

Oh yeah, you guys are all grandpas or something. Whatever, you're probably too doped up to act like one anyway. Guess I gotta show you. Come on.

Future!Milan grabs the android by the arm and drags him off.


[NPC] North KoreaHey man, wanna team up and look for an android together?


[NPC] North KoreaYeah they're getting snatched up super quick. Don't worry, you'll get one eventually.


[NPC] North KoreaLook, there's one over there. Why don't we introduce ourselves?

[NPC] MilanUgh whatever!

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:58 am


External Avatar
[NPC] x50i
One of the lone androids in the crowd is ambushed by Milan and North.

[NPC] MilanHey, robot dude!

[NPC] North KoreaRobot dude!

Greetings. I am x50i Model Number 00065. I see you are a fan of the punk rock genre by your attire. Model Number 00019 is also a punk rock fan.

[NPC] MilanOkay, first of all I am not gothic, punk, or anything else you want to label me as. Like many people say, "a label is for cans". And it's true. "Gothic", "punk", and all those other labels are a genre of music and I'm definately not music. I'm a human being. I ****ing hate labels, getting judged, and stupid ass ****ing stereotypes. Just because I like "different" stuff than others doesn't mean shit. It makes me myself and not afraid of who I wanna be and what others will say about it. So **** off.

[NPC] MilanOh, and visit my MySpace profile. You'll get to learn more about the infamous Milan Zeitoun there.

I accept your invitation.

The android looks up Milan on Myspace. A Linkin Park song Milan embedded on his user page plays from the android.

[NPC] North KoreaRiiiiiight... I'm North, by the way. I'm... a guy I guess? Look, we got something for you.

[NPC] MilanYeah. We'd like to share our music collection with you. What you just experienced was but a taste of what's to come. Feel honored.

Even though I am incapable of understanding music on the same level as you, I appreciating the generosity.

[NPC] MilanYeah whatever, here have a listen.

Milan pops a CD into the android. The muted sound plays from the robot's external speaker.


[NPC] MilanPretty ****in' metal, huh?

What... what is this I'm feeling... I feel... despair... I feel... ANGER...

[NPC] MilanThat's your third eye opening, mate. You're seeing the world for what it truly is, a miserable dystopia of conformity and exploitation. The only cure is total revolution through the power of Metal as **** Rock Music.

I understand... There must be... change. There must be... revolution.

[NPC] North KoreaNow you're brainwashing him.

[NPC] Milan**** off! I'm pulling the wool out from under his eyes! Don't listen to him. We're all born in this pain, but it only hurts if you let it.

[NPC] North KoreaAll you're doing is making him more volatile. We're suppose to make the androids chill, not start a riot.

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:14 am


External Avatar
[NPC] x50i
Now transferring music library to android hivemind...

[NPC] MilanHell yeah! Limewire that shit! Share with all your friends!

[NPC] North KoreaW-Wait! At least listen to what I got! And I'm pretty sure this constitutes as piracy.

[NPC] MilanWhat? You gonna report us or something? And what about you, ya hypocrite! Where do you get your "samples" from? I know you use the same ripping software as me.

[NPC] North KoreaThat's... because I can't get my hands on a legitimate copy.

[NPC] MilanDon't try and fool me bro. We all pirate. I do it. Naru does it. ffs your neighbors back home are ACTUAL PIRATES!

[NPC] North KoreaLiving around boats does not make you a pirate. Look, I don't want to argue about this. Just let the robot listen to what I got, okay?

[NPC] MilanFine, but you better not undo all my hard work educating him.

North throws a CD into the android.

[NPC] North KoreaYeah, see, you call it that, but...

The android jolts to attention. It slowly lies down on the ground, spreading its arms out to get comfortable. North does as well, folding his hands over his chest. Milan, staring dumbfounded at the two, eventually gives up and does as well.

What... what is this...?

[NPC] MilanWhat the hell did you give hi-

[NPC] North KoreaSssshhhhhh....

[NPC] North Korea......

[NPC] Milan......

[NPC] North Korea......

[NPC] Milan......

[NPC] Milan......

[NPC] MilanWhat the hell are we-

[NPC] North KoreaNothing. We are doing absolutely nothing.

Forget your worries. Think about something nice from your childhood. You're staring at a television at five in the morning. The reception is terrible. The rain is messing with the frequency of the satelite dish. The picture distorts as the audio fades in and out of static, like an old VHS that's run for decades. All they're playing are infomercials, but you don't care. The sound of blatant shilling for overpriced cooking appliances barely registers to you. All you hear is noise, like a lullaby sung to you in a long forgotten language... from the distant future. The light from the rising sun is reflecting through your bedroom window, but not enough to completely illuminate the room. Just enough to create a vibrant tint. You can hear the sound of the beach outside your window, or very close to your neighborhood. Your parents are just waking up, but it's early enough where the smell of fresh coffee doesn't overpower the smell of the salty ocean near your house. You don't feel like doing anything, not even changing the channel. All you want to do is lay there, on the floor, against a chair, on your bed, anywhere... close your eyes, and escape.

[NPC] Milan......



Now transferring music library to android hivemind...

[NPC] North KoreaI think that means he disagrees...

[NPC] MilanIf you love the beach so much why don't you go there?!

[NPC] North KoreaWe are nowhere near a beach.

[NPC] MilanThen what do you call that over there?!

Milan points to the massive lake in the center of the park. It's been converted into an artificial beach by who knows how many people.

[NPC] North KoreaHow did they replace all the water with salt water?

[NPC] MilanHow do you know they-

Before he can finish, Milan picks up the strong smell of salt and sea foam in the air. North wanders off towards the beach while Milan is distracted by the smell, leading the android with him by hand. They walk a total of five meters before Milan notices.

[NPC] MilanWh-Where the hell are you going?!

[NPC] North KoreaAway. Dealing with you is stressing me out.

[NPC] MilanNot with my only android you're not! Get back here!

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:28 am


[NPC] Goldie
Can you swim?

[NPC] x50iI have been assigned to lifeguard duty and must remain on the shore in case of an emergency.


Goldie notices Milan and North approaching.

HOOOOOOOIIIII!!!! Ya wonna swim???

[NPC] MilanUm... uhhhh...

[NPC] MilanI don't... have a swimsuit...

A pair of swimming trunks smack Milan in the face. Future!Milan has thrown him a swimsuit to use.

[NPC] MilanThank me later.


Milan vacates to a nearby changing room while Goldie runs along the shore chasing the waves as they come crashing in.

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:42 am


[NPC] Milan
Milan is now swimming with Goldie. Goldie doggy paddles around Milan while he swims in place.

[NPC] GoldieHey hey! Let's race! Let's race!

Ready? 3! 2! 1!

WAIT! HOLD ON! Race to where?! I can't race if you don't ****ing tell me where we're going!

[NPC] GoldieTo da odda side, duh!

This pool is ****ing massive! There's no way we can relay race here!

[NPC] GoldieBut Goldie swims this far all da time. Goldie gotz lots'o energy! Iz fun!

[NPC] North KoreaDon't do it man. That sounds freaking exhausting.

Shut up! I'll do what I want!

[NPC] GoldieYou gonna race den!?

Hell yeah! My swimming level is pretty high actually. You think you can keep up?

[NPC] GoldieYayayayayaya! Race me Race me!

[NPC] North KoreaHey lifeguard. I think my friend is about to drown. Can you keep an eye on him?

[NPC] x50iAffirmative.

[NPC] GalaSounds like they're interfering with natural selection.

[NPC] SoiréeHumans interfere with a lot of things. It is in their nature.

Post » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:50 am



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