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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Amy
This is bad.

[NPC] JimYes this is very bad.

This is going to be a disaster.

[NPC] JimHeeeeeyyyy! I just had a brilliant idea! How about Amy and I work alongside the androids? You know, in case anyone else shows up that could cause trouble like last night.

[NPC] AiThank you Mr. Fadbury. We'll need all the help we can get.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritMr. Fadbury, allow me the opportunity to assist you and Miss Amy as well.

Actually! You know what? Risky, you're my servant, right?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritOf course Miss Amy. My life is yours to command.

Great. Perfect. I'm ordering you to guard Ms. Tequila.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritBut she's got a bunch of androids guarding her already! She's perfectly safe!

I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Just do it, okay?! I'm ordering you to guard Ms. Tequila! Don't question me!

[NPC] Yellow Spirit......

Yes ma'am...

Risky leaves to help guard Tequila.

Thank goodness...

[NPC] Yellow SpiritWhile my future self is gone, shall I make everyone brunch?


[NPC] AiYou know? That's not a bad idea. I'll hold a meeting about last night after bunch. Are you helping with the food, Risky?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritNaturally.

I once helped Grim during a cook-off style Reaper Game where I prepared hundreds of dishes from around the world. Your only limitations are your imagination. That said, is there anything specific you'd like to eat, Miss Amy?

I'll eat a gun if the option is on the table.

[NPC] AiI should go grab that new chef I hired and show him around the kitchen first. Mr. Anetic, we can discuss what to do with your androids over brunch if you'd like to join us.

[NPC] PerseusRound 2? Count me in!

At the same time, elsewhere in the park...

Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:04 pm


[NPC] Ai
Sorry! Sorry! I got distracted with a bunch of other stuff, but I'm back finally!


[NPC] Zarath......


*laugh* *giggle* *snort*

[NPC] ZarathWhat's so funny?!

Nothing! It's nothing! You do look nice. Just ask Naru.


Naru, come on. I can see it on your face.
Hey Zarath, you wanna know what I think? I think Naru thinks you look cute.


*laugh* *giggle* *snort*


Sure it's not.


[NPC] NaruAi if that were the case I wouldn't have dated like eight other guys by now.

Then how come you two are avoiding eye contact with Zarath? You think he's hot, don't you?

[NPC] NaruAI SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:05 pm


[NPC] Naru
Oh yeah? Well you know what I think? I think you and Zarath would make a cute couple. How about that?

[NPC] AiErrr.... No that... that's definitely not gonna...

And why not? You get along with him just as well as I do.

[NPC] AiBecause I don't care how he dresses. See this? This is what a platonic relationship looks like.

That could be interpreted as an advanced form of intimacy. For all I know, you two might be really close to each other. That's why you're so comfortable around him while he's half naked.

[NPC] AiQuit pulling stuff out of your ass.

Naru gets close enough to whisper in Ai's ear.

I bet he's really comfy to huddle up next to. Like a big, human-shaped pillow. Don't you just wanna climb into bed, wrap both arms around him, hold him tight, staring into his eye longingly while the smell of his shampoo floods your senses...

[NPC] AiNaru don't, I'm not-

...and then, you take your hand and place it into his palm, weaving your fingers in between his while your lips lock together in unrestrained, overflowing passion... You take him somewhere nice and romantic. You get a bunch of past/future versions of yourself to join in...

Naru continues to teasingly weave an erotic fantasy between her two friends. Ai grows more and more comfortable the more detail Naru goes into.

[NPC] AiUgh...!!! N-Naru... seriously, I don't need you feeding my imagination these ideas right now...! Spirits are more susceptible to Imagine Spots than the living are... and we have a harder time separating them from reali-

...digging your fingernails into the bedsheets as you cry out "harder, daddy!"...


Ai immediately runs for the nearest trash can to puke. Present Naru and Zarath are stunned.

[NPC] Zarath...What the heck have you been reading!?

Why you ask? You curious?

[NPC] Zarath...N-no...


Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:05 pm


[NPC] Ai
Okay fine, you win. No more teasing. Zarath, I'll get you some warmer clothes to...

Wait... What's with these trees? Did the seasons change again? How did I miss this? You two distracted me with debauchery!

[NPC] ZarathI think it's my clothes that are doing it.

Wait, they're enchanted?!

[NPC] NaruYeah, I think it has some radial season change property to it.

REALLY?! THAT'S PERFECT! Zarath, can you do me a favor and change the season for a few people? A bunch of events on the first day could really use the warm weather!

[NPC] ZarathDo I have to?

Well, no but... I set this event up with the warmer season in mind for the first day, but Amy made it winter, and it would be really awesome if it could be summer right now! Even if it's for a small area I know a few people who would really appreciate it.

[NPC] ZarathI don't know Ai. This outfit is... kinda embarrassing for me!

How is it embarrassing? It's less revealing than a swimsuit!

[NPC] ZarathBut it draws attention to... certain features...!!! A swimsuit isn't designed to frame the body like this!!!

Think of it this way... Would you wear something like this?

Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:05 pm


Roll for modesty. How willing am I to wear Zarath's outfit in his place? High I don't mind, low I do mind.
[NPC] Ai rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 6

[NPC] Ai
Uh... y-yeah! I don't see why not. It's not any more revealing than what I have right now. It'll be fine. Definitely! Even if it's not, it's for the sake of the event. I'll take you somewhere to change and you can give me the outfit.

A future Ai immediately appears in front of them.




Wh-why no-


Okay okay I trust you! Thanks for letting me know about whatever bullet it was I dodged.

[NPC] NaruWait, if you went back to warn your past self and changed history, what's going to happen to your future se-

The future Ai and the present Ai suddenly get yanked into each other as their timelines merge. A single Ai stands disoriented in-between where the previous two Ai's stood. The Paradox Bandit around her neck grows another clock face, not that anyone is able to tell from the dozens of clock faces littering the surface like a blinged-out PDA.

Holy crap I'm never gonna get use to that...

[NPC] NaruAi! Are you okay?! Wh-what the hell just happened?!

Don't worry! Don't worry! I'm fine!
...We just assimilated our timelines together, that's all. It doesn't quantum-lock me, thankfully. Don't ask me how, I can't remember the code off the top of my head. Trust me, I'm OK. This happens to me all the time.

[NPC] ZarathBut... Wait... That's never happened to anyone else who's history gets changes.

To make a long story short... it was one of the first lines of code I programmed for myself while modifying this thing. I haven't been able to patch it because the infrastructure is too delicate to touch. I could risk even worse bugs popping up.

[NPC] NaruOh... Well okay...

Then, do you know what happened that made you go back and alter history?

You... you don't need to know... It was a mistake and I regret ever thinking it was a good idea.

Naru and Zarath's Paradox Bandits both grow another clock face. Whatever future Ai changed is preserved within them and combined with Naru and Zarath's current memories.



What?! What's wro-


[NPC] ZarathAI WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! Were you seriously going to go out in public like that?!

[NPC] NaruYou're lucky the only witnesses were the three of us. What if that happened in front of an entire crowd?

Okay, in hindsight...! that outfit obviously wasn't designed for women!

[NPC] ZarathYou think!?

Okay! Okay! How about this? What if we add something onto it? I've got a shirt on me we can use.

Ai tries to add a buttoned-up shirt to the outfit. The effect immediately turns off. Zarath starts to freeze and takes off the shirt. The effect reactivates.

......REALLY?! You need to have just the outfit equipped for the effect to go off?!

[NPC] ZarathWho would design an enchantment like this?!

Zymalians? ...Present company excluded?

You know what? Forget it. This isn't worth it. You win. We'll go back to the mansion and have you change. I'm just...

I've been all over the place the last few hours. I went to take Future Naru back home, got some sleep, had to speak with Anetic about a security force for the event, then I had to train the new chef I hired and show him around the kitchen, and I still have so much more on my plate right now... but I'm here to let you know we're serving lunch in the dining room. If you two are hungry we can grab something to eat and then go hang out at Soup Con. Sound good?

[NPC] NaruAnything to forget about what happened in the last fifteen minutes.

Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:05 pm


[NPC] Yellow Spirit
Naru! Zarath! It's so good to finally see you again! Are you all here for our late breakfast/lunch menu?

[NPC] NaruHello. Have we met?

Wh- It's me! Risky! You know, from the Black Naru fight? Remember? I got kidnapped and chained to the ceiling?... And you guys rescued me?

[NPC] Naru...Risky?!

[NPC] Naru...Who?

[NPC] ZarathWe rescued him last night from Black Naru. But Risky was-

An idiot six year old that gets kidnapped by strangers? Yeah I... didn't have a lot of parental wisdom imparted onto me. Ai, why couldn't I get cool parents like you?

[NPC] AiCan we, not talk about my parents right now?

Oh. Opps. Sorry.

Yeah, that kid you rescued last night! We're the same guy! It was hours ago for you, but it was over a decade ago for me.

[NPC] NaruWow I didn't even recognize you. You look so different.

Getting turned into a vampire will do that to you.

[NPC] NaruWhen did you get turned into a vampire?!

Literally last night. But never mind that! Just as Medusa found the love of her life in a blind man, so too has my own heart been awakened due to this alleged curse. Please, allow me to repay you for your help all those years ago.

[NPC] NaruWe're good, but thank you for offering.

Please, I insist! Name anything your heart desires and it shall be so!

[NPC] NaruWell, could you show us to the dining room?

But of course. If you will follow me I can show you to your table.

Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:05 pm


[NPC] Zarath
Sorry I'm late. I need to go up to my room and get a change of clothes-

Risky bursts into flames.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritAnother guest? Welcome, friend! You're just in time for lunch! We'll be serving only the finest that history can offer here at Wayback Con. Today, our specialty is a rare delicacy: medium-well Hippogriff meat from ancient Zymalia.

[NPC] Naru!!!

[NPC] Naru!!!

[NPC] Zarath!!!


[NPC] Yellow SpiritI appreciate the compliments, but I can't possibly take all the credit. Please send my regards to Miss Amy. Had she not inspired me our accommodations would merely be second-best. Please, help yourselves. I can already smell our main dish being cooked right this second.


[NPC] Yellow SpiritWait a minute... we weren't able to get Hippogriff meat. Then what's that I smell?...

...is it the gyuki meat?

No... No we couldn't get any gyuki meat either. But we're definitely cooking something. What is that?


[NPC] Yellow Spirit.........Hmm...

[NPC] Yellow Spirit.........

[NPC] Yellow Spirit......!!!



Future Zarath removes his earring. The ability of his outfit is negated.

omg I'm so sorry this outfit emits solar energy to change the seasons. You caught on fire because you were close to me while I was wearing it.


[NPC] AiZymailans? ...Present company excluded?

Lemme try something! North taught me a healing spell!

Zarath casts cure on Risky. Risky's body slowly begins to turn to dust.




[NPC] Yellow SpiritSTOP HELPING!


[NPC] AiVampires heal naturally! Just leave him alone and he'll be fine!

Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:05 pm


[NPC] Yellow Spirit
Moments later, in the mansion dining room...

Thank you all for waiting. Brunch is served.

[NPC] ZarathYou think he's mad at us?

[NPC] NaruI really hope not. He seems happy right now.

For Mademoiselle Guisachan...

Early Bird Special

Sirloin Steak with a Scone and Glass of Water.

For Monsieur Omann...

Classic Breakfast

Bacon and Eggs with a glass of Orange Juice.

For Mister Fadbury...

Traveling Cabin Cuisine

French Toast with Waffles and a Cup of Hot Chocolate.

And last but most certainly not least, for Miss Amy...

Dessert Kingdom Buffet

Frosted Pancake Mountain, covered in whip cream, cheesecake filling, sprinkles, and a cherry on top with a side of Ice Cream and a Rootbeer Float.

[NPC] AmyRisky I can't eat all of this.

Miss Amy, brunch is no obligation. What you have is an all-you-can-eat buffet! Please, eat as much as you want. I can finish any leftovers. And if you're hungry for more, by your command I can prepare whatever your heart desires, morning, noon, and night.

[NPC] AmyNo, Risky, I can't eat this. I'm diabetic.

[NPC] JimYou are?!

[NPC] AmyYes Jim! I am!

[NPC] JimI thought becoming a vampire got rid of that!

[NPC] AmyJim shut UP.

Not to worry. A future version of myself has already prepared a blood sugar-conscious meal.

Risky replaces Amy's plate with an admittedly smaller but much more extravagant one.

[NPC] AmyOh great spirit of magic help me.

Uhhh... Here. You two can share Amy's leftovers.

[NPC] NaruReally?!

[NPC] ZarathSCORE!

[NPC] ZarathI call dibs on the-

[NPC] Naru...something wrong?

[NPC] ZarathI thought we were friends!

[NPC] Naru...???

[NPC] NaruAH! Zarath, I-

I'm sorry!!! It was the first thing I saw and I got a little too excited!
I-If I knew you wanted it... I-I would have let you have it!

Hey, if it means that much to you I can go fetch another one from the kitchen.

[NPC] NaruI can get it!

You don't even know where we keep them.

[NPC] NaruI'll find them!

Naru is already out of her seat.

[NPC] ZarathNaru waaaaiiit! Risky said he'd do it!

Zarath follows Naru into the kitchen.

Wait! Wait! Only staff are allowed in the kitchen!

Post » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:05 pm


[NPC] Naru
Following a food cart through a pair of double doors, Naru finds the mansion's kitchen, as well as Ai talking with one of the chefs.

[NPC] AiOne last thing. Can you make cinnamon rolls? One of the event staff really likes cinnamon rolls, and I'd like for them to be in as much of a good mood as possible. Be careful though. She's very picky, so they have to be perfect. You can make cinnamon rolls fit for a queen, can't you?

[NPC] AlWouldn't be the first time I put a bun in somebody's oven. Dun worry, I got this.

[NPC] AiOh. Hah. Very funny Mr. Albaran. If you need me for anything, just message me and I'll be here in less than a second.

Sorry to bother you! I accidentally took Zarath's cherry and need to get him a new one!


[NPC] AiOh. OOOH! Right. You mean a cherry. Got it. They're in the fridge. Hold on, lemme get them. Holy shit...

[NPC] AlHeeeey! Little Matsuri! How's it hanging?

Mr. Albaran?

[NPC] ZarathNaru I was trying to t-

Dad why are you here?!

[NPC] AlLittle buddy! Having fun with your friends?

[NPC] AiOh yeah, I hired your dad to help cook for the park. I told him we could grab ingredients from all across time to make the perfect meal.

Mr. Albaran can now make tailor-made Custom Meals for all the guests. When consumed, Custom Meals will fully heal a character and grant a variety of status boosts depending on the character they're meant for. When a character consumes a Custom Meal meant for them, high rolls will count as a critical success for the remainder of combat.

[NPC] AlHey if you stop by for dinner later today we'll be having... let's see, what's on the menu for dinner...?



[NPC] AlJust kidding! Just kidding! Just kidding! Just kidding! Just kidding! Ahahahaha!

...I'm afraid to ask.

[NPC] ZarathDon't. Just be glad the cultural barrier is there to begin with.

[NPC] AlAlright alright, I should get back to work. Lot's of people to serve, and the number keeps growing!

[NPC] ZarathCan Naru get that single cherry she's so desperate to have?

Give it to Zarath! It's meant for him!

[NPC] AiFine. Whatever. Here, take it.

Ai takes a cherry out of a jar and throws it to Zarath.

[NPC] AlHey can you like grab a handful and toss 'em at my mouth? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~

Ai throws a handful of cherries at Mr. Albaran. He catches every single one of them in his mouth.


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[NPC] Yellow Spirit
Anything else I can get you, Miss Amy?

[NPC] AmyJim, bother Risky for me so I don't have to talk to him.

[NPC] JimHey, Risky! Did you ever find that you-know-what last night?

I haven't searched the basement yet. That was future me.

[NPC] AmyWhy don't you get to that then?

One of the many benefits of being a time traveler is I'm never in a rush. I have all the time in the world to do what I want whenever I want. Even the end of the world can wait should I be called on to fulfil your every whim and desire. And as long as I have time travel, waiting won't be a problem.

[NPC] AiExcept when it does become a problem. Don't forget the culprit could just as easily be missing because you never looked for them. That's why I need you to go back and make sure just to be safe. Time travel is not a valid excuse to procrastinate, Risky.

Gee, if that's the case would you like to maybe lend a helping hand?

[NPC] AiHave you even seen my to-do list? I can't be bothered with some potential serial killer in the basement when I have an event to run!

[NPC] NaruThere's a serial killer in the basement?!

Ai turns around. Naru had just walked behind her and overheard what she said.


[NPC] PerseusYeah, apparently there's a serial killer loose in the park. Hanasaku and I were just talking about enlisting my androids as the event's security force.

[NPC] AiPERSEUS SHUT UP! And they're not a serial killer yet! They only killed one person so far! Stop spreading misinformation!

[NPC] AmyBoth of you stop talking about the you-know-what! We need to keep this from the other guests so we don't entice panic!

[NPC] JimIncite panic.


[NPC] NaruAi why didn't you tell me?!

[NPC] AiI didn't want you flipping out over it like you're doing right now! I have Amy and Jim as staff to help me with the situation, so don't worry about it! Once I'm done with the meeting about what happened in the basement I'll take you to Soup Con.

[NPC] NaruI can't go to Soup Con with some killer loose in the park! If anyone gets hurt it would be my fault for ignoring them!

[NPC] AiNo it woul-

[NPC] NaruAnd don't even think about wiping my memories to make me forget! I know you're thinking about it!

Ai lays her head on the dining table defeated.

[NPC] AiFine. You want proof that I have this under control? I'll give it to you. After lunch follow Risky down to the basement. We'll hold the meeting down there, and I'll take care of the killer by myself in front of everyone.

[NPC] PerseusBut what about my androids?

[NPC] AiCalm down, we've had two murderous lunatics show up so far and we'll definitely have more. You'll get to watch your androids blow up stuff eventually, I assure you.

[NPC] PerseusHaha awesome.

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