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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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Scan my character. HP, MP, Status, Weapons, and Armor. I wanna make extra sure there's no problem bustin' the kneecaps of whoever's broken in here.

[NPC] Lewis rolled 5 20-sided dice. Results: 4, 5, 4, 15, 17

[NPC] Lewis
Lewis' HP is naturally low for a Zombie, but tonight it's far below normal. They were ambushed by bandits a couple of days ago and they've been recovering in the basement of this mansion ever since. For the first day Lewis was bedridden, but after that he recovered enough to move around the rec room. He did accidentally lose a finger during their game of pool earlier because he wasn't careful, so he hasn't fully healed. Getting hit with an exceptionally strong attack would cause his body to fall to pieces.

Lewis has barely any MP to speak of, which is bad since any undead relies solely on their MP for survival as their HP is naturally close to or at zero. If he runs out, he won't be able to recover and will begin to decompose. Hopefully he won't run into any trouble before his MP can return to a safer level.

Lewis's status is, naturally, undead. As a Zombie, he's mostly immortal. The only thing that can kill either him or Diana is prolonged exposure to sunlight and getting their heads blown off. Sunlight will also hamper their ability to naturally regenerate, and they will decompose if out in the sun for too long. Something about the undead being weak to sunlight is kinda a universal thing.
They've had to sew themselves back together countless times during their years as zombies after getting arms and legs blown off in gang wars. Most of the time it's their fingers. It's always their fingers. Lewis hates this because fingers are harder to stitch back together and Diana's the only one who knows how to sew.

Lewis carries one of the deadliest of weapons in Little City: An Actual Gun.
It's a semi-automatic, and Lewis has three extra clips in his jacket. Each clip can hold a total of 11 rounds for a total of 33 extra bullets. Lewis wanted the fancier 15 round magazine but his broker marked that shit up way beyond his budget. For alternative weaponry, he's carrying a Cricket Bat as a melee weapon, and some explosive ordinances in for form of two Hand Grenades.

The inside of Lewis' jacket is lined with Bulletproof Plating. Lewis can also use the Cricket Bat as a shield if he needs to. The Cricket Bat wood is made from a certain type of Willow tree that is very tough and shock-resistant while also being light in weight, according to Wikipedia. His mask is just a plastic Halloween mask.

You Diana. Forgot to mention, we should check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. I'll be counting on you to not let me bite the big one if things go sour.

[NPC] DianaYou misspelled "Yo."


[NPC] DianaYou said "You Diana" instead of "Yo Diana."

Yo know what I mean, babe. Hurry and Check yo're stats.

[NPC] DianaI hate yo.

Post » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:06 pm


Better check my character too. HP, MP, Status, Weapons, Armor.

[NPC] Diana rolled 5 20-sided dice. Results: 14, 5, 9, 14, 17

[NPC] Diana
Diana is much healthier than Lewis right now, as far as a walking corpse can be. She fortunately withstood the ambush a few days ago and escaped with minimal injury. During that time, Diana has naturally recovered to full health using her reserve MP.

However, Diana's MP is just as low as Lewis' right now. She may look fine, but unless she can get her MP to a sustainable level she won't be able to recover from an attack as easily.

Diana is, of course, also undead. She has the advantage of her mostly recovered body to withstand direct sunlight longer than Lewis at the moment. Her complexion is almost healthy, but like any corpse she's cold to the touch. Anyone could mistake her for living in this condition, while Lewis is a very sickly pale.

Diana carries the exact same model of gun as Lewis, and she also has three extra clips on her. However, the clip in her gun is half-depleted. She also carries a Cricket Bat and two Hand Grenades with her.

Wearing the same kind of jacket, Diana's coat is also bulletproof. She is also able to use the Cricket Bat to defend herself from gunfire. Her mask is also just a crappy plastic Halloween mask.

I'm about as good as you are right now. Think we should gamble on this? I checked the clock before we left. It's midnight. It should be safe to leave now.

[NPC] LewisHold on. I wanna see who's down here first. Could be anybody. If it's too dangerous we'll escape out the secret entrance and come back once we're at one-hundred percent.

Hey Sam, I made a map of this place and put it on my PDA. Think you could bring it up for us?

Post » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:40 pm


[NPC] Samantha
Samantha opens a photo of a crudely drawn map on Diana's PDA.

The three of them just came out of the Recreational Room. Right across from them is the Library.

The rest of the Underground has enough facilities to live in. The Rec Room has a kitchen attached to it, and across the hall are the Laundry Room and the Computer Lab. There's a pathway through the Recreational Room that leads to the Medical Room, which is right next to the Alchemy Lab. There's a small Pantry and Tool Shed next to an absolutely massive Botanical Garden farther back. Every other room is its own hotel room that can fit at most two people, and they all have their own bathrooms! No wonder Lewis decides to freeload here.

I got the map out. What are these huge stairways here?

[NPC] LewisNever mind that, just tell us the room number they were in.

Th-The room number?!? I-I-I-I don't- remember.

[NPC] LewisOf all the- Are you seriously going to be this useless?!


[NPC] DianaIt's fine. Just retrace your steps and you should find them again. Use that dressing mirror next to us. Go hop through there to your mirror world and look for the room the intruders are in. Just be quick about it or they'll find us.

O-Okay! And y-you'll help me get home after this, right?

[NPC] DianaYeah, we'll help, but that's all we'll be able to do. We might not be able to get you back home, but we'll try. Are you okay with that?


[NPC] DianaYou're the best, Sam. And don't worry, big sis Diana will protect that smile of yours.

Post » Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:30 am


Lewis told me to look for the people that broke in, so I wanna look around the rooms using my mirror.

[NPC] Samantha rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 10

[NPC] Samantha

Sam uses the dressing mirror in the Recreation Room to enter her Mirror World.

She leaves from the opposite side of the Rec Room to enter the hallway parallel to the one Lewis and Diana are in. Right next to her is the kitchen and the Secret Elevator Shaft that Diana says is how they get in and out of the building. Since none of the rooms closest to her are guest rooms, Sam begins her search with rooms 61-70... and then she has to check the other 60 rooms...


Thank goodness she has her mirror to make the job a little easier.

Samantha's Mirror

A silver, handheld mirror used by Samantha. She can use it to spy on the natural world from within the mirror world without being detected.

By sheer luck she finds the intruders almost immediately. They're in Room 66, all huddled around the bathroom for some reason.

Some of them don't have reflections. They must be undead.

After finding the room number, Sam immediately returns to the Rec Room and reports back to Lewis and Diana.

[NPC] LewisDid you find them?

I did what you said and found the room. It's Room 66!

[NPC] LewisHey, that's not that far from here. How many of them are we talking?

Uhhh.. Oh! There were four- No, five! There were five! I think some of them might be undead. I couldn't see their reflections in my mirror.

[NPC] LewisWell shit.

[NPC] DianaDescribe them for us, Sam. What did they look like?

One had this really fancy coat, and another was dressed in nothing but blue, and another was dressed in a school uniform. They were all dead so I couldn't see their faces. The tall one and the one dressed like a wizard were both alive.

[NPC] DianaTall one?

Yeah! He was super tall! Taller than everyone in the room! He had spiky, blonde hair and this big, black trench coat that the other intruders came out of, l-like what I do but with his coat!

[NPC] DianaJim.

[NPC] LewisYour Ex? The hell is he doing here?

[NPC] DianaProbably trying to win me over as usual.

Lewis, this changes everything. We need to think of a way to get them out of here. I am not sharing this place with Jim if he's planning on staying here.

[NPC] LewisThen let's jump 'em! If I hug my little friend here reeeeeaaaal tight, I can make bad people go away.

[NPC] DianaNo. Do not confront Jim. He won't fight back, but he's super clever and I do not want to deal with him right now.

[NPC] LewisOkay then, since you know him so well what should we do?

Post » Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:36 am


[NPC] Diana
Shit I... I dunno. Him just being here is stressing me out!...
We need to hide and monitor them until the right moment... Y-yeah, let's do that...

[NPC] SamanthaYou're welcome in my mirror world if you want to hide there.

Sam that's perfect! We can hide there and spy on Jim from the inside!

And while we're in there, maybe we can find out how to get you back home? It's the least we can do for how big a help you've been. What d'ya think, Lewis?

[NPC] LewisYou're not planning on trapping us in there, are you?


Relax. Sam wouldn't do that.

[NPC] LewisHow can you be so sure?

Because she likes me. And she'll listen to me if I don't want her trapping you in there either. You won't trap Lewis in your mirror world, will you? He's kinda my friend, believe it or not.

[NPC] SamanthaN-no, I'd never! I wouldn't be able to hide in there if I did that!... A-and I don't want to make people angry because I'm afraid they'll hurt me.

You don't have to worry. I'll make sure no one tries to hurt you. Lewis, promise you won't try to hurt Sam anymore, okay? It was an accident. I'll get you a new PDA once all this is over.

[NPC] LewisFine, you got me. The sooner it's just the two of us the better.

Sam gives Diana a big hug before Lewis has to remind them he can hear Jim's group from down the hall. Sam leads the three of them through the dressing mirror in the Rec Room.

Post » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:03 am


[NPC] Blue Spirit
Mere seconds after jumping into the dressing mirror, the door opens and Alex's team cautiously slips inside.

See anybody?

[NPC] RyanNot a soul. Could have sworn I heard someone talking though. Should we check another room?

Not yet. They could be hiding in here.

[NPC] RyanEven if they're not, they were at some point. Lookit.

Ryan points to some bold graffiti on the wall. "Hell's Circle" is written in a stylish urban font.

There's definitely someone else down here, and I don't think they're the friendly kind.

[NPC] MarvinSmells like someone's been smoking in here, too.

[NPC] RyanWhoever was down here, they've been here a while. They must know the floor layout better than we do.

Hold that thought. Do you see that? Over there, by the billiard table.

Broken PDA

The sad, pitiful remains of someone's PDA. It won't turn on, and even if it could the LCD screen is busted beyond repair.

[NPC] RyanSomeone lost their PDA.

We better hold onto it. We might be able to extract the contact information.

Post » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:05 am


With Alex's consent, I'd like to roll for how tech-savvy we are, and if we can salvage the remains of this PDA. First roll is for myself, second is for Alex.

[NPC] Ryan rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 19, 10

[NPC] Ryan
Alex has some fair knowledge on modern technology, but Ryan is a modest expert thanks to her profession as a Reaper, who is required to be good at everything thanks to how the Reaper Games work.

In a Reaper Game, challenging participants must compete with a Reaper at any game of their choosing to win their life back. Because any challenger can propose any conceivable game they can come up with, a Reaper must always be prepared for the unexpected. Chess is usually a popular choice, but the dead can get creative with their suggested competitions. To keep death from being even more cheap than it already is, a Reaper has to be challenging no matter what game the deceased can imagine. As a result, Ryan has been taught a myriad of random skills on the off chance they would be useful in a Reaper Game.

Lemme see that for a second. I might be able to salvage the important bits and frankenstein them together with a junker PDA... if anyone has one they don't mind me butchering for parts.

[NPC] MarvinI've got one. It broke on me fairly recently for... reasons...

Slightly Broken PDA

Marvin's PDA. Most likely a hand-me-down. It was damaged during one of Jim's misadventures. It's covered in a gaudy, glittery pink color.

Nice, this one still has some good parts left in it. What happened to the LCD?

[NPC] MarvinIt fell.

This kind of damage doesn't happen by just dropping it, though.

[NPC] MarvinIt was a long fall.

How long?

[NPC] MarvinVery.

Post » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:11 am


Am I able to salvage the working parts between these two PDAs?

[NPC] Ryan rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 13

[NPC] Ryan
Ryan goes back and forth between the two PDAs, checking if one has a part the other one lacks. Fortunately both phones have enough parts between them to build one working phone.

Well at least the screen is still usable. Can't say the same for this other one. Gimme maybe 20 minutes and I'll have a working model ready.

Ryan removes one of the piercings on her left ear, which turns into a very tiny scythe in her hand. She lays the two PDAs on the billiard table and immediately gets to work disassembling them, using the tiny scythe as a makeshift screwdriver.

[NPC] MarvinShould we uh... maybe find somewhere to lay low for a while? What if whoever is down here decides to come back?

And what are they gonna do? Kill me? lol

[NPC] MarvinWell they could kill me for sure.

Don't worry, you've got death on your side. Nobody wants to pick a fight with a Reaper.

[NPC] Blue SpiritWhat about Naru?

Naru isn't "Nobody", Alex.

Can you defend yourself? You've got to have some competence if you're out on adventures with that Fadbury guy all the time.

[NPC] MarvinTechnically, I can... I guess? Would it be bad if the two of you caught fire suddenly or blew up for whatever reason?

Why do you ask?

[NPC] MarvinI've got... sort of a bad luck streak. Bad luck and magic tend to not go well together.

Ouch. Sorry to hear that. At least you're not dead like us.

[NPC] MarvinHey, I don't mean to sound rude, but do dead folks talk about how they died or is that sort of a taboo subject?

It can be. I don't like talking about it.

[NPC] Blue SpiritI'm not particularly uncomfortable with how I died, but I don't consider the details important enough to worry over. My death was, simply put, an unfortunate accident.

[NPC] MarvinSorry to hear that, mate.

[NPC] Blue SpiritWell, one benefit of my death is my very advantageous position as The Grim Reaper's assistant.

Post » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:30 am


[NPC] Lewis
What the hell are they doing to my PDA?!

[NPC] DianaWho cares, it's busted anyway. Let them have it, bunch of pack rats.

Hey, Sam. Gimme that mirror of yours. I can't hear them from over here.

Samantha hands Lewis her mirror. Lewis can now move closer to where Ryan is and eavesdrop on the conversation.


[NPC] DianaWow they're smarter than we gave them credit for.

This is bullshit! This wouldn't have happened if you didn't break my PDA in the first place!

[NPC] SamanthaI'M SORRY~

[NPC] DianaLewis, be nice. You promised.

You know they're going to find all my sexting messages, don't you?

[NPC] DianaYour fault, not mine.

Sam, you better find a way to fry that PDA before they can fix it or I'm throwing you outside to serve as a distraction!

[NPC] DianaThat would enable Sam to trap us in here, smartypants.

[NPC] SamanthaOh! The screen! It's a reflective surface! I could interact with the PDA through the screen and break it that way!

Like you did the first time?

[NPC] SamanthaI said I was sorry! I didn't know it was your PDA!

Post » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:05 am


I gotta hurry and break that PDA so the intruders can't use it!

[NPC] Samantha rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 20

[NPC] Samantha

Ryan has just finished installing the new screen onto Lewis's PDA when Samantha sticks one hand through the reflective screen and out into the other world. She feels around for the edges of the PDA, grabs on and pulls. The entire PDA is sucked into itself, completely obliterating it from existence.

[NPC] Blue Spirit...

[NPC] Marvin......

[NPC] Blue SpiritWell...

[NPC] RyanHoooo...

[NPC] MarvinJ-JIIIIM!?!?!?!

Marvin runs out of the room.

Alex checks under the billiard table. Nothing hiding under it. He looks at the empty space where the PDA use to sit. Taking out his own PDA, he places it on the table and waits.

Minutes go by and nothing happens. Alex tries messing with it, taking off the case, pretending to fiddle with it. Nothing.

[NPC] Blue SpiritWhat is it?

[NPC] RyanYou mean the hand?

[NPC] Blue SpiritThe hand and where it came from. I was hoping I could re-create what happened.

[NPC] RyanMaybe the PDA had some kind of pocket enchantment on it, like that Fadbury guy's coat?

[NPC] Blue SpiritIf that were true then whatever was inside just obliterated itself. I think it's more likely the PDA was acting like a gate to another world. That would explain how elusive they've been. They're using some kind of inter-dimensional travel, using devices like this PDA as a gateway, and they destroyed it for whatever reason...

...but why a PDA? You saw how that hand came out of there. If the PDA was being used as a gate, how did they fit inside it? Unless there's some kind of nexus and the PDA was only one of many portals they could use... but again, why a PDA?

It could have been an emergency gateway... but there had to have been better options... Are they limited in what they can use?

[NPC] Blue SpiritWait.

Ryan. What was in the bedroom we were in earlier?

[NPC] RyanA bed. A dresser. A broken light. You know, bunch of stuff.

Oh yeah, and a bathroom.

[NPC] Blue SpiritIs there something in that room that has anything in common with a PDA?

[NPC] RyanUuuuuhh... The lights? idk, there wasn't a TV or anything else electronic. Couldn't find an electrical socket.

[NPC] Blue SpiritWhat about the screen? It's reflective. What was in that room that was also reflective?

[NPC] RyanOh right. The big-ass mirror.

[NPC] Blue SpiritThat's how they escaped. They can travel through mirror-like surfaces. Look in the corner over there. A dressing mirror. And if this is a Freedom Fighter headquarters then those bedrooms are identical. That means they can appear anywhere they want to, and flee just as easily.

Of course, this is only speculation. They could pop out of the walls for all we know, but even if they could that would only make catching them even harder. If only there was some way to lure them out or know where they would hide...

[NPC] RyanHey Alex.

Why don't we just use time travel to find them?

Post » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:09 am



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