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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.

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Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:20 am

Amy and Jim's party has just discovered a dead body in the basement of the mansion.

Okay, I need everybody to stay calm.


[NPC] Robin wrote:No wonder he didn't answer his phone.

[NPC] Marvin wrote:Jim?! Is everything alright out there?!

Everything's fine! You lot stay in the coat!

Alex examines the body. The arteries around the neck are severed and the chest has been completely torn open. Risky might have had less than a minute before collapsing from blood loss, and in that time could have fended off his attacker. That would explain the condition of the room, but it doesn't explain the locked door. If Risky came in from that door to investigate, why would he lock himself inside?

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:He's dead, Jim.

[NPC] Amy wrote:omg... He is, isn't he?

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:I'm afraid so, and based on the state of this room... whatever did this made sure of that. We're fortunate it was Risky and not some other poor soul.

[NPC] Amy wrote:H-How come?

It's because he's a Psychopomp like the both of you, isn't he? He's part of the undead, and you can't kill someone who's already died.

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:Precisely...

...but uh... Risky and I aren't Reapers. We're hired hands. Robin's the only Psychopomp here.

Aw, semantics. But that means no one bit the big one. That's a relief.

[NPC] Amy wrote:That doesn't change how gruesome this is.

No... no it doesn't. We can't let whoever did this get away with it either.

Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:36 pm

Before we do anything we should investigate the crime scene. Robin?

[NPC] Robin wrote:Some of this blood is still wet. The estimated time of death couldn't have been more than a few minutes ago. His body hasn't broken down either, so his spirit is probably still close by.

Like the rest of Grim's spirits, Risky can function without a body in the physical world. If we can find his spirit, Robin can create a new body for him with her scythe.

[NPC] Robin wrote:Oh, I didn't bring my scythe with me.

...Why didn't you bring your scythe with you?

[NPC] Robin wrote:I don't like her. She's a pry and won't stop asking about our relationship like "what kind of kinks is he into?" and "how often do you have sex?"

I want a new scythe.

And after all that trouble we went through to get her back...

Oh well, we'll think of something... but without a body Risky won't be able to time travel. That could be a problem.

[NPC] Robin wrote:Wouldn't Risky be incorporeal though? He could report back to Ai or Grim and let them know something dangerous is down here.

That's a very good point. He's probably on his way right now if he hasn't left his body yet. I suppose this was a blessing in disguise then?...

Um... Jim?... What on earth is your acquaintance doing?

Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:11 am


[NPC] Jim wrote:Amy!!!

It's not what it looks like!!!

I-I thought it might not be too late, so I tried to... you know... bring him back.

[NPC] Jim wrote:That's even worse!

How is it worse?!

[NPC] Jim wrote:Trust me, I have enough experience to know that's not a line you ever want to cross.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:Uuuuughhh....

Risky's body shuffles slightly. He props himself up only to immediately feel dizzy and fall over again.

[NPC] Amy wrote:Easy! You've lost a lot of blood, so don't try to stand up too quickly!

Risky has been brought back to life. Risky is now a Dhampir.

Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:18 am

Wh-who is this?...

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:This is Amy Blair. She and Marvin came with Mr. Fadbury to the park earlier. We all met them when we arrived at the mansion a couple of hours ago.

She sort of brought you back to life, I suppose.

I died?... Yes, of course. There was a... was a...

...ugh my head...

...and this feeling... Why does my chest feel so tight?

[NPC] Amy wrote:You lost a lot of blood. Your body can generate more, but it's at a slower pace than a human's. I had to turn you into a half-vampire to revive you. You're alive, but there are some drawbacks now.

[NPC] Jim wrote:And now I have to figure out how to reverse the effects for the both of you.

[NPC] Amy wrote:It's better than leaving him to die, Jim!

[NPC] Jim wrote:He was already dead, Amy. Weren't you listening to what we were talking about?

[NPC] Amy wrote:Y-Yeah! So what?! Even if it doesn't matter in the end, it doesn't feel right to just let him die!

UGH! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who cares around here!...

[NPC] Jim wrote:...

Are you sure you're not using that as an excuse to justify drinking his blood?

[NPC] Amy wrote:SH-SHUT UP!

I didn't JUST drink his blood! I gave him some of mine so he'd come back to life! His blood tasted bad anyway! It doesn't even smell good anymore either! The scent was thick with iron a moment ago, but now it just smells like gasoline!

No, Amy's right. She didn't need to bring me back to life, but did anyway because she saw value in an expendable life such as mine, and for that I am eternally grateful. If there is anything I can do to repay your for your kindness...

[NPC] Amy wrote:All I did was share some of my Dhampir blood with you.

No, you don't understand. I've never truly been apart of the living world. This body of mine can only imitate life. I may walk and breath like the living do, but in truth I've only ever been a phantom. And because I'm still considered dead, I could die over and over without consequence. Even my own parents considered my life expendable.
No one has ever shown me such kindness before, even when there was no conceivable reason to. But now... this pounding in my chest. This is a heartbeat. It's faint, but it's an actual heartbeat. There's no mistaking it. Your empathy... your love has given me life. Because of you Amy, I feel like I'm truly part of your world now. Because of you, for the very first time in my existence, I know what it's like to be alive.

and for that, this body...

No, this life...

I pledge this life of mine to you, Amy Blair.

I am forever in your dept. Will you accept me as your faithful servant?

[NPC] Amy wrote:O-Oh... th-thanks, that's so... so nice of you...

...but I'm not really the "loyal minion" type of person...

[NPC] Amy wrote:So you really don't have to do me... any...

[NPC] Amy wrote:Aaaaaaand you're not listening.

[NPC] Jim wrote:I tried to warn you.

Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:46 am

Back to the matter at hand. Risky, do you know what attacked you?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:Hardly...

I went to investigate this room, and there was someone in here. After that, my memory is all foggy. Next thing I knew I couldn't see a thing, and something attacked me. I couldn't even use my wayback machine.

Do you still have it with you?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:Yes, thankfully. They probably thought it was an ordinary portable game system. They couldn't have known what it really was, so they'd have no reason to take it.

You're assuming whatever attacked you was a person then?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:I mean, there was someone in this room when I came in, so it's possible...

Do you recall what they looked like?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:They uh... They had... pale skin... and red eyes...

Do you know if it was a man or a woman?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:I-It was a girl...

[NPC] Robin wrote:And now we know why your guard was down.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:Shut up!

What about hair colour?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:I don't know... Her head was covered...

Do you know what she was wearing?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:That- That won't be of much help...

It won't? How come?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:She uh... She was getting out of the shower, so she only had a towel on.

[NPC] Robin wrote:Oooh, do tell.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:A-Anyway! Her head was wrapped in the towel, so that's why I don't know what color her hair was!

And you don't remember anything else... Hmmm....

...Risky, do you know why the door is locked?

Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:07 am

I don't know. I tried to get through the door as soon as I was being attacked, but it was locked behind me. It was too dark to unlock it as well. I have no idea why it was locked to begin with...

[NPC] Robin wrote:I can think of one good reason.

Robin I SERIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHY THE DOOR WAS LOCKED. I don't remember anything that happened between coming in here and being attacked.

[NPC] Robin wrote:You remember the person that was in here coming out of the shower, don't you? How else would you know what she looked like?

Did they see you? Did they say anything?

I uh... I don't wanna talk about it.

[NPC] Robin wrote:Aw come on. You can tell me.

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:Risky, did you find the door already open?

Actually, yeah I did. In fact, the bathroom door was open too. Whoever it was they weren't too concerned about their privacy.

Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:43 am

Alex is taking photos of the room.

You were able to fight back against your attacker, weren't you?

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:Barely, but if you're trying to separate what I broke and what my attacker broke, the Sword of Ages can't actually break anything. All it can do is make whatever it strikes older.

I'm aware. That means these marks on the bed are from your attacker.

[NPC] Robin wrote:Some of the wood on this dresser is rotting away. That must be from Risky's sword. There's also mold growing under the carpet here. This entire room will need to be cleaned. Alex, you think your cousin can take care of this? She is a maid, isn't she?

She does like the sight of blood...

[NPC] Amy wrote:Are we any closer to figuring out who Risky's attacker is?

I'm afraid not. There may be strands of hair in the shower, but that can only tell us so much. Right now what we need to concern ourselves with is where the culprit escaped to. They could have immediately escaped or...

...I just thought of something... but I need everyone to stay calm.

[NPC] Amy wrote:Wh-what is it?

Whatever you do, don't panic. I have very good reason to believe the culprit is still in this room.

Think about it. Would the culprit have known we were coming? Would they anticipate anyone else besides Risky would be down here? And most importantly, would they expect a large group like ours to all come through the air vent? Based on the crime scene, the culprit must have been covered in blood after their attack. If that's true, wouldn't they feel the need to take another shower? They also locked the door, so they probably felt they could take their time. They would have nowhere to escape. Which means their only option is to hide in this room.

[NPC] Robin wrote:You sure? There's one other room they could be hiding in... One we haven't checked yet.

Robin nods towards the bathroom door.

[NPC] Robin wrote:Anyone feel like doing the honors?

If it means protecting Amy and her friends, I'll investigate the bathroom.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 15

Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:17 pm

I'll do it, but I can't guarantee we won't be attacked. Even if the room seems empty, don't let your guard down.

[NPC] Amy wrote:You sure you'll be okay?

I know I will. I can feel an other-worldly strength building within this body. With this, even if the culprit is behind this door, they no longer stand a chance.

[NPC] Amy wrote:Do you mean the vampiric powers from when I revived you?

Vampiric powers? No, this is far greater than mere vampiric powers. This is the power one can only obtain from swearing fidelity to another. Even though this body of mine is weak, my will has never been stronger! In this state, even though I may die...


Besides some animal that's going through the waste bin, the room is completely empty. Risky's face turns the brightest color of red possible for someone of his undead nature. Robin responds with a golf clap while everyone else is just silent. Amy is facepalming in embarrassment.

The uh... the room's clear.

Alex takes a clump of hair from the shower drain and places it in a plastic bag.

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:Job well done Risky, but that means the culprit is still in this room somewhere.

[NPC] Robin wrote:She's not under the bed. Could she be hiding in some of the furniture?

Maybe she just left the room? I mean, would she have even heard us coming if she had the water running? And wouldn't the water still be running when we came in?

[NPC] Robin wrote:Risky has a point, Alex. She wasn't in the bathroom, but logically that's where she should have been.

She could have used one of the showers in another room. No idea why, but it's not impossible.

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:Perhaps she thought there were potentially more people guarding the basement, and killed Risky to buy herself time. But if she had the intention of fleeing, she wouldn't have had time to wash the blood off of her. She'd be skimping around the halls covered in blood. There may be a trail we can follow beyond this room.

Should I open the bedroom door as well?

I think I'll have the honors of opening this door. It should be safe.

[NPC] Blue Spirit rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 18

Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:36 pm

That will be all right, Risky. We probably won't be attacked immediately after leaving this room. This door locks from the inside, correct?

Alex casually unlocks the door and opens it.

The door leads to a hallway of similar-looking doors. The hallway has no bloodstains whatsoever. To their left is a dead end. To their right is an intersection, followed by another dead end

This is... terribly confusing. If they left there should be a trail of blood.

[NPC] Robin wrote:That must have been a quick shower.

They could still be hiding somewhere in this area. We should all be extra careful.
Risky, can I count on you to help me look for the culprit? I don't want to endanger the lives of Jim and his friends.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:H-Hold on! Let's think about this before we split up the party! If all us undead group together, there won't be anyone to take the hits for the living party members!

[NPC] Robin wrote:I thought you contested being expendable.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:This is for a greater cause, Robin! The safety of Amy and her friends is my top priority.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:Right!?!?! :D

[NPC] Amy wrote:I think you should go with Alex.

Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:16 pm

Marvin? Goldie? How you two holding up in there?

[NPC] Marvin wrote:We're fine Jim. Should we come out?

Only if you dare to. We found a dead body down here. Amy's already revived the lad despite my protest. It looks safe now, but be on your toes. We may be in for another dangerous adventure down here.

[NPC] Goldie wrote:Goldie gonna stay insidez! Goldie wanna be Grampa's TRUMP CARD! >:3

Atta girl, Goldie! They won't know what hit em!

Marvin leaves Jim's coat and joins the party.

Amy's illumination spell finally wears off. The party moves to the hallway as the room goes dark again.

[NPC] Amy wrote:So how are we going to split up?

[NPC] Robin wrote:Our two smartest members should go into separate teams to give each team an edge. Same goes for fighters. You all can figure out the rest.

[NPC] Amy wrote:Jim and Alex are both pretty smart, so they should be on different teams.

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:Robin has also fought restless spirits as part of her job.

And Amy's magic is the most dangerous thing I've ever encountered.

[NPC] Amy wrote:HEY!

That was a compliment!

[NPC] Robin wrote:I'm going with Alex. You can stay with Jim. Fight me.

That leaves Marvin and Risky.

[NPC] Marvin wrote:I'm going with Alex.


[NPC] Marvin wrote:Don't worry, I won't accidentally blow anybody up if I'm with the undead party.

I'm getting the feeling that he might still be mad.

[NPC] Blue Spirit wrote:No, that makes sense. If we divide the teams up this way it satisfies all our requirements, and there will be at least one undead party member on each team.

[NPC] Yellow Spirit wrote:And us undead can take more life threatening risks for the team.

Oh, but don't worry about me. Just being of use to you is all I could ever ask for.

[NPC]"Amy wrote:uuuuuugggghhh
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