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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Ai

Hello and welcome to the first ever time travelers convention: Wayback-con!

Wayback-con will be a week long event beginning today and ending on the 18th. The entire event will be opened to anyone with admission between now and August 9th 2015. Gaining admission is as simple as being transported to the event against your will by the time-space anomaly surrounding the park. You're free to return to your own time period by talking to any version of me or my Waybacker friend, Risky Scythe. All guests will be given a Paradox Bandit during their first visit and can be used anytime outside the park to transport you back to the beginning of the event. Even if you stay during the entirety of the event's duration, you're welcome to use your Paradox Bandit to revisit the event all over again. Just remember that they have an expiration date of August 9th, 2015. After that date, the device will no longer work.

Here's how to use your Paradox Bandit: It works just like a stopwatch. Press down on the switch anywhere outside the park after the event's conclusion, and the clock will stop. This will transport you here where the opening ceremony is being held, or to one of five other locations if there's no room. This also does three important things: First, it creates a timestamp of the moment you leave your time period. Second, it starts an internal clock which will be used to calculate the time you've spent at the park. This can be used to sync up with the timeline you left from, but it's entirely optional. Keep in mind this doesn't record last location, so you'll have to remember that yourselves. Finally, an additional clock face will appear on your Paradox Bandit. This is to indicate how many times you've visited the event, as well as which version of you is older. If another you has more clock faces, they're from the future. If they have fewer, they're past you. It also records inconsistencies within the timeline, and nullifies them by merging the conflicting information within each timeline. If that sounds too complicated, think of it like you're remembering a single event happening in two slightly different ways.

If this is not your first time visiting the event, I'd like to point out that the Paradox Bandits do alter your memories slightly. This is only temporary and only occurs when leaving the park. This is to prevent a time paradox from occurring outside the event. Also, the memory alterations are selective, so you won't forget everything... only the events that would be considered "cheating" if you knew about them in advance. That means you'll still remember coming to the event and having a lot of fun, but future knowledge from your future selves is selectively omitted when you return to your proper timeline.

Flyers, printed maps, and event schedules can be obtained by the robot standing next to me. I'd like to take the time to thank Anetic Labs for letting us use one of their deluxe x54i robots for the event.


[NPC] PerseusHa ha ha Awesome!

...I don't remember leasing any of our robots, but whatever! More robots! Yes!

Now I'd like to present an informational video from our event sponsor, which will cover alternate timeline etiquette and the nature of this event.

The crowd erupts with applause as Ai leaves the stage. A large projector screen descends from behind the stage.

Post » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:26 am


[NPC] Grim
Salutations everyone. My name is Grim, and I am DEATH ITSELF...

...as well as the sponsor of this event. While I may not be acting as staff, please come to me for any and all problems you encounter. With that said, I should explain why this event exists to begin with. If the background behind me appears to change, that's because this video has been filmed non-chronologically and edited together by my assistant Howard. Say hello, Howard!

"No" appears at the bottom of the video in the form of subtitles.

What you are currently experiencing is a time-space anomaly that is "partially" my fault. I was able to repair some of the damage to the timeline, but there are still leaks here and there. So, to prevent innocent people from being flung across the universe, I had the anomaly funnel everyone it grabs to this moment in time. Furthermore, the scope of the anomaly has been greatly reduced. Rather than grabbing anyone, anywhere in all of space and time, I've narrowed it down to a ten year time gap. I'm sure some of you already know this, but it bears repeating for all newcomers.

The video cuts to footage of Grim talking about stuff we've already read.

-anything else we need to know?

Nothing you need to know, but I have to keep the meeting going. With time travel involved I need to relay a few messages for some of the later guests, but you're all free to go.

Howard edit this out.

"make me" appears at the bottom of the video in the form of subtitles.

If you're planning on staying for the entire event, there's a mansion on the eastern edge of the park with ample room. Room keys can be obtained in the foyer, which can be reached through the Bend Gate over there.

Grim points to his left. There is a Bend Gate sitting next to a flight of stone steps. Ai walks out on stage and takes the microphone.


Yes, thank you, Ms. Hanasaku.

Ai does a double-take at the projector. Grim waves back at Ai. She walks off the stage, looking a bit freaked out.

I'd like to end the introductory video here. Ms. Hanasaku will now introduce you to our event staff. If there's any problem or anything you need, please see one of the staff mentioned here. We are all dedicated to your safety during this event... and if anyone happens to say... well, die during the event, as an authority over life and death, well... we'll just look away and pretend like it didn't happen, okay? :ego:

That's all from me! I hope you have a lovely time at Wayback-con!

The video fades to black. Everyone applauds, but the video continues to run for a few seconds before Grim reappears on screen.

I am - a - but - whole.

The video ends. Michi has fallen over laughing.

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[NPC] Ai
I hope you all enjoyed that. I know at least one of you did...

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to our staff members that will be making sure this event runs smoothly. First I'd like you to meet none other than...

[NPC] Orange SpiritMYSELF!

If you ever need to speak with me, you can sometimes find me in my Apparition Form. This is the form a spirit working for Grim will sometimes take. The rest of the staff will also appear in this form. You can tell them apart by their color. There are six of us in total, with the next one being...

[NPC] Yellow SpiritThat would be me!

This is Risky Scythe. He's a Waybacker like me. If you need to return to your timeline, you can speak with him and he can take you back as well.

[NPC] Red SpiritAren't you going to introduce me next?

This is Elene Rosa. Maybe you've heard of her from somewhere?

[NPC] Red SpiritI was the last acting Queen of Pantheria's Rose Kingdom. I've been in service to the Grim Reaper for the last five hundred years. Let me make it clear that I intend to take my position as staff very seriously. No funny business, understand? I expect you all to behave yourselves for Ms. Hanasaku's sake. She has worked ever-so-hard on this event that, need I remind you, is free of charge.

[NPC] Green SpiritOhaiyo, mina-san! Genki desu ka?

And this is Angela Tatel. She will also be helping out with the event. Your Saitonese is really good, by the way.

[NPC] Green SpiritREALLY?!


Well uh, congratulations, I guess! I'm only half Saitonese, but I think you got the accent down too...


Okay that's really great! Thank you soooo much for coming and helping with the event! You can step down now! Please step down so we can introduce our next staff member, please!

Whew, okay, next we have her... brother? cousin? I forget which. Alexander Tatel.
[NPC] Blue SpiritGreetings everyone. I will be acting as staff member, as well as investigator for the temporal anomaly around the park. While I was alive, I was working as a detective at Scotland Yard while also working part-time with the Freedom Fighter's Syndicate. With myself positioned with Interpol, and Angela working undercover for the Organized Crime Division in the Battle Verge, we were able to collaborate and report on shady practices in both the criminal and political world during the 1980's. I don't believe there's any shame in admitting this either, but we were also apprentices to the infamous Amaterasu during her days of vigilantism. I've worked for the Grim Reaper on a number of cases in the past, which range from scythe theft to locating missing persons and even some paranormal activity in the living world.

Sadly, he's not as energetic as ANgela, but don't be afraid to ask him any questions you have about the event.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the very friendly Lily Anne!
[NPC] Purple SpiritHello everyone! It's so nice to meet you!
To be honest, this is only the second time I've been to a big event like this, but I hope we can all be friends! Also, the last time I was at an event I had someone really nice to protect me, but nowadays I don't need any protection... so if you're scared or just overwhelmed by everything going on, I want you to know that no matter what you can count on me to keep you safe and out of harms way!

The crowd erupts into applause. Ai just looks out into the crowd confused.



Lily Anne is also a Reaper in training, so let her know how much of a good job she's doing with the event, okay?

[NPC] Purple SpiritYou don't have to do that! Although, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to hang out while I'm not on duty.

[NPC] Naru...stupid spoiled whore...

We also have other Reapers that are occasionally on-duty that are more than willing to help. First, there's Ryan over here...

[NPC] Ryan'Ey.

as well as Howard over here...

[NPC] HowardHmph...

Both of whom are more than happy to help if any of us spirits aren't available for whatever reason.

[NPC] HowardIf I catch any of you harassing Lily Anne you're dead, understand?

Also, Howard is Lily Anne's older brother, so be careful around either of them lol

Okay! That does it for the Opening Ceremony! Have fun, everybody!

Post » Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:11 am


[NPC] Ai

Glad that's finally over with. Now I can actually get some sleep for a change...

[NPC] NaruWait, sleep? Aren't you technically dead?
Would you even need sleep?

Everyone needs sleep, silly. Dead or not, it's a natural law of the universe. Spirits sleep as a form of mental renewal. It helps us think and gives us better judgement. Of course, we don't have to sleep, but it can have terrifying mental consequences. I've met some Reapers who don't sleep at all, and it shows.

[NPC] NaruI'm guessing Grim doesn't get a lot of shut eye then?

Grim? Oh no he gets plenty of sleep. Grim is just... like that, but he means well. The Reapers that don't get any sleep are irrational, constantly angry, and actually kinda scary to be around.

[NPC] NaruHuh... never would have imagined that was the case.

Yeah, easiest way to bring out the worst in a person is have them go without sleep. Dun worry tho. I'll come back once I get some shut eye and we can spend the rest of the day at Soup Con!

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[NPC] Naru
Soup Con? What about the event?

[NPC] AiEh... I'll let another me handle it. I'd rather spend time with my two best buds!

No, what I mean is... what do you want me to do? Nobody told me about this Wayback-con, and Travis looks like he already knows what he's doing.

[NPC] Bugsy IIActually I'm just a volunteer.

Bugsy II returns to clearing off the stage after interrupting Naru and Ai's conversation.

My point is, How am I suppose to help if nobody tells me anything?

[NPC] AiHelp? What are you helping with?

The event? That why I flew all the way out here with my mom to begin with... to help Uncle Bugsy with the event at Central Park. I can't be a good event manager if I don't know what's going on.

[NPC] AiAbout that... you see, we-

Post » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:59 am


[NPC] Perseus
Hanasaku. Do you have a minute?

[NPC] AiIf it's about the x54i droids, you'll lease them to me in the future.

Yeah yeah yeah, ignore that for a sec. What about that temporal anomaly you mentioned? If my math is right, and it can be because someone owes me 2000 zenny for proving them wrong, then we can expect some serious exploitation in the system if you're having your guests revisit for an indefinite number of times.

[NPC] AiThe Paradox Bandits already alter your memories to compensate for that. Trust me, I got this.

Yeah, okay, maybe you're right? Maybe no one will want to trade information from future park guests? And maybe no one will think to circumvent your underwear thieves or whatever they're called by writing down important notes about the future?... BUT making assumptions would be suicide. We're dealing with a science so complicated most science fiction writers would rather migrate to high fantasy than try to tackle it.

There needs to be procedures for handling guests that want to test the limits of time travel. You can't have people poking this field of study with pins and needles until something cool happens. This is a SCIENCE. And We Must Be SCIENTISTS About It. PROPER. WORKING. ORDER. Otherwise The Universe Will Implode, And We Won't Get To See What The Next Fifteen Live-Action Transformers Movies Are. We Have To Preserve This Pristine Perfect Prime Timeline!

[NPC] AiWell what would you suggest then?

Your guests can't leave the park and affect time outside the barrier's walls, but there's nothing stopping them from altering history inside the park. Luckily for you, I was brought here with a hefty chunk of my lab's experimental androids, and this is the perfect field test for them. What I'm suggesting is I have Andromeda order the rest of the units to be on the lookout for anyone trying to exploit time travel in any way for personal gain.

[NPC] AiSo you're suggesting a security force for the event?

Exactly! A security force that can monitor the park twenty-four seven. They're solar powered, so they can charge themselves during the day if needed, but their batteries can last up to three days without recharge. They're light weight, but extremely agile, and when four or more gather they can subdue almost anybody.

Look, I'm against use of violence just as much as you are, but sometimes we just have to do things we don't want to do for the greater good. The potential for an event like this can be great, so long as nobody gets any funny ideas.

[NPC] AiWell you make a good point.

[NPC] NaruH-Hold on, reinforcing security won't be necessary! For one, she has me watching over the park, as well as any number of future versions of myself to help. If anyone's tries to exploit the timeline, I can be there to stop th-

[NPC] AiThank you for your offer Mr. Anetic. I'll discuss it with my event staff and give you my final answer an hour from now.

[NPC] Naru......WH-

Of course! I understand completely. My androids are still in beta testing, and I wouldn't want another lawsuit scare.

[NPC] AiWe'll meet in the mansion foyer at 11 AM. Sound good?

Hanasaku? I'm already there.

...Not for the meeting. I need to make sure Andromeda isn't malfunctioning. Ciao!

Perseus leaves through the Bend Gate next to him.

Post » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:39 am


[NPC] Grim
Hanasaku-san! There you are! Mr. Jackson set up a cotton candy booth while the opening ceremony was going on, you should buy some!

Actually, there are two Cotton Candy stalls, both run by Mr. Jackson from different time periods. I think both of their businesses are competing with each other. Very funny!

[NPC] NaruAi! What was that just now? We don't need a bunch of robots policing the event!

Oh... um... is this a bad time?

[NPC] AiNo, it's fine. Naru, Grim and I feel kinda bad for dragging you into all of this. We want you to take a break from event managing. Okay, not just event managing, a break from everything.

[NPC] NaruA break? What are you saying? I didn't fly all the way to Little City for nothing! I came here to help with the event Uncle Bugsy and Travis were planning!

[NPC] AiBut you weren't expecting something of this scale! It was unfair of us to just drop something so big on you all of a sudden.

In my defense I was sure having you lend us a hand would cause you no expense... but I have been called a terrible judge of character occasionally. Rest assured Ms. Matsuri, my spirits and I are perfectly capable to handling this event on our own.

[NPC] AiWe shouldn't have tried to ask you for help. We knew everything you've been through and we roped you in anyway. We thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but we didn't take into account Black Naru getting loose. If I knew about everything that was going to happen back at the warehouse, I would have never asked you for help.

[NPC] NaruWell there's no use worrying about that now! When you're an event manager sometimes there are complications! If you let me help your event maybe fewer things will go wrong with it?!

[NPC] AiNaru, you don't understand. This event is suppose to give people the chance to take a break from whatever is going on in their lives. I can guarantee almost everyone here is going through something as well, otherwise they wouldn't be here. But I didn't make this event for them. I made it for you, Naru. I wanted you to take a break, guilt free, for once in your life. No responsibilities, no obligations, no looming threat breathing down your neck... Just one week without a care in the world. That's all.

It's fine if I can do that for other people, but if this event can't help you, the one person I wanted to make it for, then it might as well be a failure.

[NPC] Naru......

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[NPC] Naru
Hey, you busy?

[NPC] AiOh, I'll be with you in a sec.

So... you made this event for me huh?

[NPC] AiHuh?

Oh, y-yeah... I thought you might like somewhere where you could get away from it all.

[NPC] GrimMs. Hanasaku has worked very hard on this event. She spent a lot of time, effort, and love putting it all together. I must say, as far as events go, for her very first event it's quite impressive... if a little bit ambitious.

[NPC] NaruIt is kinda crazy to think about... an event for time travelers.

[NPC] AiI was just taking advantage of a good opportunity is all.

Still, I think what you've put together is pretty amazing... It was nice that I got to see my uncle again.

[NPC] AiYou ready to head back to your own time now?

I guess I should... although, I really don't want to now...

But if the school nurse says my hands are fine, then I can come back with this, right?

Future!Naru holds out her Paradox Bandit.

[NPC] AiYou sure can! Just press the switch on top and it'll take you back to the beginning of the event!... which was about an hour ago. Don't worry, you don't have to sit through the opening ceremony if you've already heard it once.

I'm guessing that's what all those hundred-or-something guests did when they first got here, huh?

[NPC] AiOh, before we go, I wanna show past-you something.

Naru, you see that thing up there?

[NPC] NaruWhat thing?

[NPC] AiThat thing, over there! Here, use these.

Ai hands Naru a pair of binoculars.

Through the binoculars, Naru can see what looks like a stone balcony floating in the sky above the park.

[NPC] AiIt's being suspended by the barrier around the park. I thought someone with astral powers might like some hard to reach places to explore... but more importantly, it's almost time for something exciting to happen!

Mind if I tag along?

[NPC] AiHey, I'm not gonna stop you.

[NPC] NaruAlright, lemme see what I can do.

Post » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:01 pm


Spirit me, my future self, and Ai up to that floating lookout thing above the park.
[NPC] Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 3

[NPC] Naru

Naru attempts to spirit the three of them up there, but she's a few feet short. All three of them teleport directly beneath the lookout and start to plummet to the ground.




[NPC] Ailol i dunno! Things are more fun when they don't always go according to plan!

Post » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:45 pm


Gimme a break. Spirit the three of us up to the lookout.
[NPC] Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 12

[NPC] Naru

This time, Naru is successful, and they all land on the lookout safely.

[NPC] Ailol that was fun!

[NPC] NaruSpeak for yourself.

[NPC] AiHey lookit lookit! It's starting!

Both Naru's look out over the edge. The entire garden is slowly changing seasons again. Snow slowly starts to melt as all the trees in the park bloom with life. Spring has come to Central Park. Both Naru and Future!Naru take off their jackets as the summer weather outside the park beat down on them.

[NPC] Naru......w-whoa...

[NPC] NaruIf I didn't think this event was impressive before, I sure do now! The park looks amazing from up here! Are you sure this is your first event?

[NPC] AiLike I said, I just took advantage of circumstances. You can thank future me for tipping us off to the next seasonal change.

Oh look, you can see some of our friends from here.

Ai hands Naru the binoculars. Sure enough, the park already has hundreds and hundreds of guests. Far more than the turnout Ai had previously predicted. All of them some past or future version of her friends, as well as people she had never met before.

[NPC] AiAnyway, this is all I wanted to show you. We can go back down now.
Oh, and I can take you back to your time period once we get down. Just let me know when and where.

In a little bit. I wanna enjoy the view for a while. Besides, my future isn't going anywhere. It can suffer to wait for me just a little longer.

[NPC] AiIf you say so. Just come find me when you're done.

Naru spirits herself and Ai back down to the park grounds.


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