10th Aniversary Witching Hour!

In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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...you're gonna carry that weight... hmm hmm hmm hmm... a long time...
hmmmmm... hmm hmm-hmm hmm-hmm hm hm... hmm-hmm hm hm...

[NPC] MichiSorry, did I wake you?

[NPC] PriscillaMmmm? No i's fine. Wha- *yawn* time is it?

[NPC] MichiIt's almost noon. You slept all morning. Everyone else has gone out on Christmas break. I thought about waking you up, but...

I dunno... You look really cute when you sleep.

[NPC] Priscillawh...

[NPC] MichiH-Hey, we better hurry and get ready if we want to meet up with the others!!! Hurry up and get dressed and we can go.

...or we could, I dunno, have the guild hall all to ourselves. Sound good?

[NPC] PriscillaY-Yes!

Priscilla gets dressed and meets Michi in the guild dining hall.

[NPC] MichiHey Cilla, you know what today is?

[NPC] Priscilla...No. Is it important?

[NPC] MichiWell, The Grim Reaper dropped us off a little after Christmas, but the others went to celebrate anyway. I'd rather not have to wait another year myself. So what if Christmas isn't actually on Christmas, right? Do you want to have good old time or not? That's what I always say.

So, you figure out what today is?

[NPC] Priscilla...Wait, it's not...

[NPC] MichiIt is! It's New Years Eve!

Happy Birthday, Cilla!

Michi blows on a party horn she pulled from her pocket.

[NPC] MichiOkay I gotta come clean. I might have shooed everyone out of the guild to set up the perfect party for you. No big surprise, no unwanted attention, and nobody else around. Just the way you like it.

Michi pulls on a party popper, blowing confetti across the dining hall table.

[NPC] Priscilla....It's just us here?

[NPC] MichiJust us. No one else. Anything you wanna do?

[NPC] PriscillaJust us?... I don't know what to say... Wh-where do I begin?

[NPC] MichiHey, we got all evening, remember? Let's start off slow, okay? How about...... I got it!

[NPC] MichiKnow how to dance?

[NPC] Priscilla......

[NPC] PriscillaHmph. I'm a quick learner.

Cilla takes Michi by the hand and they-

...they uh...



[NPC] MichiYou're actually pretty good at this.

[NPC] PriscillaTold you.

[NPC] MichiI almost forgot how light you are. You're so easy to pick up.

[NPC] PriscillaI guess hollow bones have their benefits.

[NPC] MichiMakes you one hell of a dance partner, that's for sure.

[NPC] PriscillaS-Stop! You're making me blush! This is all just... too much!


[NPC] MichiWell? Anything else I can do for you?

[NPC] PriscillaYou've already done so much for me... I couldn't possibly ask for more...

[NPC] MichiShhh~ Don't worry about it. You've earned it. Besides, you don't have to ask. I know exactly what you want.

[NPC] PriscillaSensei......

[NPC] PriscillaSensei...!

[NPC] PriscillaSensei!!!!!! :heart:




[NPC] MichiYo wolf girl, hurry and wake Cilla up. But be gentle about it, she's still probably sick!

Cilla if you're awake and not sick anymore, get your lazy ass out of bed! Grim made us all breakfast!



Well that just happened.

Post » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:05 am


I'm not rolling for this, I just want to know... was that all a dream?

I do want to roll for how well I'm feeling.
[NPC] Priscilla rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 8

[NPC] Priscilla
To answer Priscilla's question, yes that was all a dream. And that's all it will ever be... a dream.

Priscilla feels much better, but not well enough to say she doesn't feel sick anymore. For one, her sinuses feel congested. She notices some asshole left the window to her room open during the night. What the hell? Didn't they know someone was recovering in here? She's probably got a cold now thanks to them. They even let some of the snow from last night get inside. And they tracked muddy footprints... Oh well, Drossel will clean it up later.

Priscilla, thinking some food would help her recover, quickly finishes her morning routine and joins the others downstairs for breakfast. Checking the clock, it's a little past eight in the morning. Priscilla's entire party is downstairs in the dining hall, along with some people she's never met before.

[NPC] MichiHey there sleepy head. Feeling better?

Y-Yeah... A little bit. I might have caught a cold tho. *sniff* Someone left the window in my room open.

[NPC] Michi*stares*

[NPC] MilanWhat?! I didn't do it!

[NPC] MichiWell, maybe some breakfast will help? Grim made enough pancakes for everyone, so help yourself.

Post » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:52 am


Take coat?
[NPC] Andromeda rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 14

[NPC] Andromeda
Greetings. May I take your coat?

[NPC] PriscillaWh-Wha?

Andromeda is attempting to take Priscilla's coat.

Post » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:18 pm


[NPC] Priscilla flipped 1 coin. Results: Tails

[NPC] Priscilla

Priscilla grabs onto Michi's coat for dear life, but Andromeda is far too strong. All it takes is a gentle nudge and the coat is literally ripped from her hands. Michi's coat has been torn.

Priscilla, in an attempt to flee through the door she came in from, bumps into somebody behind her. She feels them drape something over her shoulders.

It's Naru.

Post » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:31 pm


[NPC] Naru
That won't be necessary. The heating's really bad in this room.

[NPC] AndromedaMy apologies. I am unable to detect heat in the same way you humans can.

I am a robot, you see.

holy shit really?

[NPC] AndromedaIt's true. If you still don't believe me, I can remove my chassis, but this will leave me vulnerable to internal damage. We will have to establish mutual trust before our relationship can reach that level of intimacy.

whoaaaa slow down there. I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment.

Naru opens the door behind her. Barely making a sound, Priscilla slips out of the dining hall and runs back upstairs.

[NPC] AndromedaYou are confused. I did not mean to imply any romantic context to my previous statement. I am a robot and am incapable of human copulation. Professor Anetic specifically rejected the idea that I be programmed with such capabilities as it goes against my primary function.

Anetic? Who's that?

Post » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:20 pm


[NPC] Perseus
That would be yours truly. Perseus Anetic, President and head of research at Anetic Labs.
I see you've already met Andromeda. She's my command unit for our new line of free-thinking androids: The x50i Model.
Say hello Andromeda.

[NPC] AndromedaGreetings.

[NPC] NaruYou two weren't by chance in the basement last night, were you?

[NPC] AndromedaNegative. We arrived at 5 AM this morning.

Naru glares at Andromeda. Michi is also giving her an evil look.

[NPC] Andromeda......Did I do something wrong?

[NPC] North KoreaYo doc what's with that robot of yours invading people's personal space?

Personal space? All she did was offer to take the girl's coat. If she doesn't want to accept my Andromeda's hospitality that's her beef.

Wow, these... *mmph* waffles are pgood tho!

Michi taps on the table while glaring at the man in the labcoat seated across from her. Perseus fails to notice, but to the rest of her team it was an all too familiar sign: that person had just earned themselves a spot on her shit list.

Andromeda, remind me later to program you with taste receptors so you can eat. This stuff is fan-freaking-tastic!

[NPC] AndromedaUnderstood.

Post » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:31 pm


[NPC] Michi
Hey Naru. You hear about the lower floors we discovered last night? I was thinking of taking my crew down there to explore. You wanna come with?

[NPC] NaruThanks, but I'm having one of Grim's time travelers take me back to my time period. I promised my uncle I'd let my hands heal, so I'm going back to my time to have the nurse at my University look over them.

Oh right, can't risk breaking them again. Very well, begone with you! Go on! Get lost!

I'm kidding. When you get back to your time, give us a call. The guild hasn't been the same without you.

[NPC] NaruOh, sure, that shouldn't be a problem.

Post » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:33 am


External Avatar
[NPC] Tequila
Whaaaaat? You're, like, leaving already? But we never even got to hang out!

[NPC] Naru......


Wh-Who is this?...


Where are my manners?!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Minne Meena Tequila, head executive of Body & Mind. We deal in beauty products, cosmetics, and prosthesis. My company is actually in a partnership with Anetic Labs currently. We're trying to develop a type of cybernetic prosthetic that looks and feels like the real thing. Here, my card.

Tequila's Business Card

A business card for the company Body & Mind. It has Tequila's contact info on it.

[NPC] NaruCybernetics and makeup. Who'd have thought?

Post » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:15 am


[NPC] Perseus
Not me, that's for sure. I can't even understand why anyone would want to camouflage their wicked awesome robot bits, but Ms. Tequila persuaded us otherwise... and by that I mean we got a naval carrier's worth of grant money.

[NPC] TequilaI'll, like, scratch your back if you scratch mine, you know?

Lady, I like you.

[NPC] North KoreaTch. Corporate shill.

[NPC] NaruSo you also make prosthetic limbs or something?

We make tons of stuff. Robot arms, robot men... Hell, the PDAs you all use are probably made by my company as well.

[NPC] NaruWhat, you mean this?

Naru shows Perseus her PDA.

That's the one! Those little guys are our pride and joy! Our greatest accomplishment! Built to last a full decade, and stuffed with enough processing power to run four operating systems at once! And because we stripped the GUI down to its bare necessities these things don't fall prey to memory clogging like other devices. It'll work no matter what you're using it for! Beefy too! You could bludgeon a mountain lion to death with one if you wanted to! Did you know one of 'em survived a war? It's in a museum now, and it still works!

Sorry, I'm gushing. That's not what you want to hear about, is it? You want to know more about our cybernetic augmentation, don't you?

[NPC] NaruI guess so.

Awesome!!! Anyone got a DVD player?

[NPC] North KoreaWe can use the projector that played Grim's welcoming message, but I dunno if we have permission to-

It's fiiiiiine, I'm not gonna break it! Gimme oooooooooooooooone sec....

There we go! Ladies and Germs, may I present to you... the greatest thing you'll ever see in your entire lives!

After playing around with the projector, Perseus loads a CD into the player. A recording from some kind of promotional ad begins to play.

[NPC] PerseusHi, I'm Perseus Anetic, and I like it when things are awesome. Know what's awesome? ROBOTS. Here at Anetic labs, we design robots and mecha for all purposes: commercial, industrial, soft combat, hard combat, and extreme combat! The kind they make movies about! As of now, one of our robots is entering a giant robot fighting competition! It's gonna be great! Our robot has rocket feet and missile racks! The other one is some kind of dinosaur! I don't even care who wins! Sparks are gonna fly as they dismantle the shit out of each other, and it's going to be, like, a hundred times cooler than Armageddon!

[NPC] PerseusBut you know what's really awesome? Cybernetic augmentation! You know what's even more awesome? The plug and play kind, like Anetic Labs' T200 model. Fully customize-able! Ankle deep, or.... absolute territory! Get that special someone a ring for that finger, or a finger for that ring! See colors no human was ever meant to see! Take back what fate stole from you with seamless, pristine marvels of human ingenuity!

Our models are not only light weight, but they're comfortable enough to live in!... but don't take my word for it. Hear from one of our many satisfied customers!

[NPC] SuzumeHi, I'm Suzume Kuroko. When I was five my village was terrorized by bandits. I lost all of my limbs and was left to die, disemboweled and barely clinging to life.

[NPC] Perseus......That sounds terrible! How did that make you feel?

[NPC] SuzumeHmmmm...



[NPC] SuzumeNo sir, I didn't like it.

[NPC] Perseus...And how do you feel now?

[NPC] SuzumePretty good I guess considering if I didn't get cybernetic augmentation I'd be dead.

[NPC] PerseusAnd isn't that the same cybernetics Anetic Labs has developed? What do you think of them?

[NPC] SuzumeYour tie is stupid.

[NPC] PerseusHere at Anetic Labs, we don't reimburse, we overcompensate! There's a better you waiting over the horizon, and you can meet them here at Anetic Labs!

Anetic labs is not responsible for any malpractice from doctors installing our cybernetic augmentations. Talk to your doctor before receiving augmentation. Women who are pregnant or suspected of pregnancy may want to postpone any and all cybernetic enhancements. Under US law Anetic Cybernetics cannot include any built in accessories that can be classified as a weapon. Anetic labs is not responsible for any injury resulting from cybernetics that have been modified by any and all 3rd parties to be substituted as a weapon. For more information visit lab.anetic.com

Post » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:34 am


[NPC] Priscilla
A-Alright!!! I'm back!!! Where is it?! Where's the killer robot?!

[NPC] MichiYou can relax Cilla. Andromeda's friendly.

[NPC] AndromedaMy apologies. My thermal detection appears to be malfunctioning.


G-good grief... don't scare me like that.

Michi gives Naru a thumbs up. Naru responds with another thumbs up.

[NPC] PerseusScary?! There's nothing scary about my Andromeda! Why, she's practically human!

She's naked and has no skin!

[NPC] PerseusShe's clothed in beautiful light-weight titanium alloy and a scratch-proof overcoat. If she were missing most of her external armor with only her internal structures exposed to the elements, then yes she would be naked.

[NPC] NaruIt does look like she isn't wearing anything though.

[NPC] GoldieYou can has Goldie's clothes!

[NPC] MichiGoldie, no, you don't-

Goldie is already halfway undressed.

[NPC] MichiAH-AH-AH-AH-AH! NO! NO! Put those back on!

[NPC] Goldie*wimper*

[NPC] PerseusShe doesn't need any clothes. She's perfect just the way she is!

She's perfect just the way she is!

...just the way she is!

...just the way she is!

...just the way she is!

Priscilla feels sick. She places a hand over her face as a spell of dizziness comes over her.

[NPC] PerseusWhen we made Andromeda here, she actually broke the mold!

I'm serious. She tore it apart it with her bare hands. Justly so, as you don't just mass produce perfection.

I... I think we would all be more comfortable if the robot had clothes... and maybe skin...

[NPC] TequilaOh, you don't say? He he he. Good thing I gave you all that research money, huh Percy?

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