Roll to not die. Also roll to think of something I can do to help my Naru.
[NPC] Ai rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 19, 20

Despite looking like one of those lotus pod photoshops, Ai thinks she could hold out for a good half hour before her body gives out. Yeah, that should be plenty of time.

Ai notices the synapse magazines next to her. Using what energy she has left, she loads it into her remaining Rollback Magnum and fires it into her head. The memories lost from the fight ten minutes ago all come back to her.

Heh. Course I'd do something like that. Which means... any minute now...

Blackest Naru, hold my weaker self back while I take a look at that Time Machine she dropped.
[NPC] Black Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 2

Naru attempts to make a run for the Wayback Machine, but immediately trips over herself. Naru notices the tattoo that was on her hand has moved to her leg.

Oh by the way, let me introduce my second ability Blackest Naru. She's a bit smaller than Blacker Naru, but being a tattoo I keep hidden on my back, she doesn't need a light source to exist. Any body part she comes in contact with she can completely lock up, or even control if she wanted to! She's a bit clumsy though, sharing only one percent of our spirit to operate remotely, and sometimes my orders are too complicated for her to pull off. But I gotta say, nice one getting that Ai girl to trip face first into my blood bullets.

If you wanna make it to that fancy time watch, you better start crawling! As long as Blackest Naru has a hold of your legs you won't be using them.

WOOOOOOOoooow that was easier than I thought! Time traveler's down, ganguro boy fled, and you've been properly owned and humiliated. Damn this feels satisfying! Once I figure out how this thing works I might pay you a visit two years ago while you were in that pointless study program in the Battle Verge. Think of all the problems I could solve! By the time I'm done with you, we might even usurp that Michi person as leader of the Unknown! Go big or go home, amirite?

lol iamrite, and this is proof of that. To the victor go the spoils!

Ai appears in front of Black Naru, from the past or the future it's hard to say, and kicks Black Naru in the face.

Having been knocked off her feet, Ai lays into her with a storm of bullets from both her Rollback Magnums, chipping bits and pieces away from her with every volley. Now barely more than a torso, Ai roundhouse kicks her into the crashed delivery truck in the center of the room.


[NPC] NaruAi! Y-You're okay! You came from the future to help your past self out, right?

No I... went to take a look at what would happen in the future... and I saw myself a bloody mess on the floor. Then I saw Black Naru going after the Wayback Machine and had to intervene. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!

[NPC] AiYou'll find out.

Do not start quoting him! I jump no more than ten minutes and you're already incapacitated. I can't believe you would let this happen to you! Damnit, Ms. Scythe isn't going to be happy with us.

[NPC] NaruSo you're... not from the future...

Well, no, but it's a good thing I'm not! If I hadn't been curious enough to look ahead into the future we'd be f'd in the a, b, c, d, and e... No wait, I take that back, that's already happened to me in the future.

[NPC] AiDon't listen to her Naru, I'm all right, see?

Ai raises what's left of her left arm.

Y-You!- Other Ai! Hurry up and go help yourself before you die!


Since Black Naru's in pieces right now, is her Gemini Watch separated from her? If it is I wanna try and steal it from her. Otherwise I'm using my turn to take Ai to safety.
[NPC] Naru rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 16, 4

Good news! The arm that Black Naru's Gemini Watch was attached to was blown off her body in the attack. It's laying a few meters from Naru's feet. Naru runs over to pick it up, but when she does, Blackest Naru takes control of her arm, and pitches the severed limb over to where Black Naru's body is. The arm re-attaches to Black Naru on contact.


[NPC] Black Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 17

Black Naru pulls all available pieces of herself towards her to reassemble her body.

That was pretty dirty, catching me off guard like that. Maybe you're not so bad after all?
In fact, I feel reinvigorated, like I could go on fighting all night long! I feel...



Black Naru is noticeably shorter than both Ai and Naru.


[NPC] AiDon't look at me. I have no idea where all your extra mass went.


Wait... Mass! You said mass! Of course, some of my mass hasn't returned to me! That's why I'm shorter! My body can rebuild itself, but if it doesn't have all the pieces... I'll get smaller! They've got to be around here somewhere! But... but there's nothing left on the factory floor. I even absorbed all the bloodstains I left earlier... Where else could they have...

...Maybe some of it got trapped under the delivery truck? Or possibly inside it! If I dig around long enough, I should find my missing body parts!

Black Naru opens the back entrance to the delivery truck.



Naru and Zarath are both waiting inside. The back of the delivery truck, at some point, was converted into a private lounge. The back end has been covered in a shagged carpet. There are bean bags, a television, some posters, even an air conditioner and an ice box. Naru is reading Zarath's Barack Obama Vol. 1 while Zarath is opening a canned drink. Risky is there too with some kind of portable video game device.

Looking for the rest of your body? They're not here. Zarath and I made sure to hide them somewhere where they'd never return to you.

Don't worry, we didn't do anything cruel like throw them in the river. But if you want to get them back hand over your Gemini Watch.

[NPC] Black NaruL-Like hell! Tell me where you hid the rest of me, damnit!!!

Why? So you can go fetch them and run away from us as well?

[NPC] ZarathEven though we've been in this delivery truck, we're not deaf to what's been going on outside. What was that you said about visiting Naru in the past to change her history?

If you don't mind, I like my history just the way it is... or at the very least I'm smart enough to not risk doing anything irreversible.


Perform a combo skill with Naru to finish Black Naru off! Try and remove her Gemini Watch while we're at it. Hell, I'll take her whole arm if I have to!
[NPC] Zarath rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 16, 18

As if we'd let you do that!

Naru and Zarath close the back door of the delivery van to avoid being hit.

Before warping outside in mid-air to deliver a flurry of punches and kicks.

Try and catch Black Naru's Gemini Watch, then Spirit Away somewhere where she can't get to it.
[NPC] Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 9

Naru attempts to grab Black Naru's severed arm, but the arm begins to attack Naru when she gets close. She's able to teleport herself and the arm away from the warehouse.

Naru returns almost a minute later.

Okay, it's taken care of. We can take Black Naru back to Central Park now. She won't be able to escape this time.

[NPC] NaruWait wait wait! What about Ai?! We need to take her there first! We can get a D-lixir from sensei. That should keep her from dying!

[NPC] AiBut if we don't deal with Black Naru now she'll try to escape again!

[NPC] AiDon't worry about me I'm fi- I'm fine. I said I wouldn't die that easily.

[NPC] NaruWell SOMEONE has to help Ai. There are two of me right now, so I'll help Ai. You and Zarath can deal with Black Naru.

Alright, I'll leave it to you... Wow this is weird... Even weirder than yesterday...

Grab Ai and Spirit us both away to the mansion. Sensei might still be awake and know where a spare D-lixir is.
[NPC] Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 1

Present!Naru picks up Ai's barely held together body. Blood soaks into Naru's clothes.

[NPC] AiNaru I... I need to tell you something...

Quiet! Focus on staying alive! I'll get you a D-lixir so your wounds will heal. Then you can tell me whatever it is you need to say.

[NPC] AiNo I- This is- important...

I'm taking Ai back to the mansion.

Naru Spirits both her and Ai back to the mansion in Central Park.


Naru tries to cry for help, but nobody's around. She drags Ai towards the dining room, but it's also empty.


Wh-where is everybody? Why is this place deserted?
D-Don't worry! Sensei's probably in bed right now. I think I can take us up the stairs if I spirit us both up there...

......Ai?.... Hey, Ai... Ai!

Ai is dead.

[NPC] NaruNo. Ai no you can't-! You were alive in the future!

No there... there was another Ai... you from the past. You went to the future and stopped Black Naru from getting your Waybacker. Then that means the Ai I saw... the one that was still alive... that was her.

Naru notices Ai is carrying her Rollback Magnum. In her pocket is one of the synapse magazines found on the warehouse floor.

Naru loads the magazine in the gun, points, and fires. The memories that were stored in the magazine return to her.

[NPC] NaruN-No way... Blackest Naru wasn't the one that fired Ai's Rollback Magnum at me... the one that removed my memories was...

Naru I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't want things to turn out like this.

[NPC] Naru...Ai you're...
W-Wait! It's not over yet! Even if you're dead, Sensei's D-lixir can still revive you!

Naru, just listen for a sec. There's no point bringing me back because...

[NPC] NaruI'll just sit your body down here. We can come back to it when we-

[NPC] AiNaru please! Calm down and listen to me!

[NPC] Naru...Ai? Is that you? Why are you...

W-What the hell is going on?!

Naru notices a fissure across Ai's face. Slowly, more fissures cover her body.

The building shakes. An explosion can be heard echoing deep beneath the mansion. The tremor causes Ai's body to snap in two and fall out of Naru's arms.

[NPC] NaruWh-wh-wh...

Naru, I'm one of the spirits working for Grim.

I'm already dead. I've been dead this entire time.