10th Aniversary Witching Hour!

In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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Activate Yamato Damashii passive, then hit her from behind using Spirit Away!
[NPC] Naru rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 11, 6

[NPC] Naru
Naru's Yamato Damashii passive activates. Naru will get one free bonus action on her next turn.

Naru attempts to land a surprise attack on Black Naru by teleporting behind her. Black Naru anticipates this and blocks her attack.

[NPC] Black NaruHa ha! Nice try, but teleporting isn't going to help you this time!


Black Naru's spear is inches away from Naru's face. It's staring her directly in the eyes.

Naru tries to push herself away but is unable to. Naru is on the verge of crying.

Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:29 am


Grab her by her stupid little head and throw her against the wall!

Also, is Naru stepping on my shadow right now?
[NPC] Black Naru rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 8, 19

[NPC] Black Naru
Black Naru grabs Naru by the head, but she doesn't get a lot of grip. Naru is able to push herself away, pulling out a few loose bits of hair in the process.


Ha ha! Well said! I think it's about time I start using my special ability!

[NPC] NaruW-What special ability?!

Come on, me, you should know this! You have special powers you were born with, ergo I have special powers I was born with. Of course, because Gemini World, mine are a bit different.

[NPC] ZarathMischief Maker is considered magic though! You can't use it while in the city!

AH HAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaaa~ Aha! Aha! Aha!...

I wasn't talking about mischief maker!
Anyone can learn Mischief Maker, but it's only you two who have Astral Powers. Don't you think it would make more sense if my power was also exclusive to me? No, I've got my own form of "Astral powers." Course, I could have used it back when we fought earlier... but I mean, Mischief Maker is banned in my timeline, so of course I'd want to use it as much as possible while I can! Since I can't use it outside the park, I guess I got no choice but to use my natural-born talents.

Wanna guess what they do?

[NPC] ZarathI got a feeling they're a lot like Mischief Maker.

Eh, half a point. There's more to them than just limiting mobility, just like there's more to Naru's unlimited mobility.
I'll give you a hint. You're powers have to do with your spirits, right? What's the opposite of spirit?

Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:41 am


I'll answer with my blade! Spirit above Black Naru and cleave down on her!
[NPC] Zarath rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 10

[NPC] Zarath

Zarath teleports above Black Naru, ready to swing down at her for a cleave attack.

[NPC] Black NaruOh ho ho! You really shouldn't have-

[NPC] Black Naru-DONE THAT!

Black Naru's bare chest snaps open like a bear trap, dislodging and firing off her individual, irregularly sharp ribs as deadly projectiles. Zarath gets pierced by one of them, but that doesn't interrupt his attack. Zarath's cleave goes off successfully, injuring Black Naru in the process.

[NPC] Black NaruG-HUK!


[NPC] Black NaruHeh... you didn't answer my question, idiot! What's the opposite of the spirit?!

Not only was the answer staring right in front of you, it tried to kill your dumb ass! You may have full control over your spirits, but I've got full control over my body, right down to a cellular level! You can't tell from looking, but I just gave myself Cancer.

...and now it's gone!

[NPC] Black NaruI can also do this!

omg my back hurts just from watching you do that.

[NPC] Black NaruSurprise!!! I'm a living artillery of death!!!

Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:58 am


Charge at Black Naru while she's distracted, and throw my spear at her.

Then for my bonus action, I want to teleport my spear behind her while it's still in midair.
[NPC] Naru rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 6, 9

[NPC] Naru
Naru's charge fails. Naru is unable to move.

Naru's turn ends.


[NPC] Black NaruOh yeah, you know what else counts as my body?

My shadow.

Black Naru points down at Naru's feet.

Naru is standing on Black Naru's shadow, which has manifested as a terrifying 2D specter binding Naru in place. It's claws are clenched tightly around Naru's legs, keeping her from moving.

W-What the hell?!

[NPC] Black NaruYou like it? I call it Blacker Naru, an effigy of my beautiful self made from my own shadow! As long as you're touching Blacker Naru, I'm able to hold you down like a screaming woodland critter that's about to be my next meal! More importantly, now that I've got you I can do THIS!...

Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:12 am


Alright Blacker Naru, throw her against ganguro-boy over here!
[NPC] Black Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 2

[NPC] Black Naru
Blacker Naru tries to pull Naru across the room...

...but it fails. Blacker Naru is frozen in place as well.

Naru has driven her spear into Blacker Naru, freezing it in place and releasing Naru as well.


[NPC] NaruWe share the same spirit, don't we? So doesn't it make sense that I'd be able to control your spirit if I have full control over mine?

This spear isn't some fancy rare item I won from some long and arduous quest. It's literally a part of my spirit in physical form. By piercing your shadow, I'm directly manipulating Blacker Naru.


Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:22 am


Attempt to tackle Black Naru to the ground. I can't fail this time!
[NPC] Zarath rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 14

[NPC] Zarath
Zarath is finally successful in tackling Black Naru. Zarath is putting all of his weight on Black Naru's center of gravity, making it difficult for her to push him off.

Hold still!.... will you?!


Naru I could really use some help over here!

Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:36 am


I've got to get Risky down first. Then I can use the chain and handcuffs on Black Naru to tie her up.
[NPC] Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 4

[NPC] Naru
Naru tries to lower little Risky from the ceiling, but pulling on the chain doesn't do anything to get him down.

I think Risky is stuck. Is there anything else we can use to tie her up with?

[NPC] ZarathWe don't need to tie her up we just need to get her back to the park. Once I get her Gemini watch, we can warp back there and end this fight.

Oh, good point.

Post » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:32 pm


Roll to fire one of my rib projectiles at point-blank range at Zarath.
[NPC] Black Naru rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 7

[NPC] Black Naru
Black Naru fires a few more bone projectiles from her back, but Zarath is holding Black Naru down with his sword, blocking any of her projectiles from hitting him.



Post » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:43 pm


I'm rolling to try and remove Black Naru's Gemini Watch.
[NPC] Zarath rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 15

[NPC] Zarath
Zarath tries to remove Black Naru's Gemini Watch, but there's a problem...

Wh-What the hell?!

In an attempt to protect her Gemini Watch, Black Naru has fused the watch into her own flesh using her body manipulation powers. If this was anyone else Zarath would have easily removed it.

[NPC] Black NaruKyahahahaha! Thought It would be that easy, did you? Nah, you'll have to do better than that if you wanna take my Gemini Watch from me. Of course, if you're that interested in my world, I could always give you a personal tour.

[NPC] NaruZ-Zarath get off her! She's going to jump again!

Post » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:00 pm


Yamato Damashii, then try and pull Zarath away from Black Naru
[NPC] Naru rolled 2 20-sided dice. Results: 20, 15

[NPC] Naru
Naru's fighting spirit ignites after seeing her friend in danger. Naru will get two additional actions on her next turn.

Naru is able to pull Zarath away in time. Black Naru has vanished.

You okay?

[NPC] ZarathYeah. Thanks. She got away though.

She'll be back. She obviously wants to fight us or she wouldn't have lead us here. We should get ready for when she gets back, like set up a sneak attack or something. Any ideas?

[NPC] ZarathDo we even have time? She could be back any second.

No, I wouldn't do anything elaborate or sneaky if I was fighting just for fun. We should have enough time to prepare.

[NPC] ZarathPrepare what though?

We'll start by calling Ai to let her know where we are. We can hold off Black Naru until she gets here.

Post » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:17 pm



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