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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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The content of this story is intended for mature audiences. Some themes and elements may not be suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.
[NPC] Blue Spirit
After a quick trip into the future to participate in Wayback-con's opening ceremonies, Alex is brought back to the night before to begin his investigation on the temporal anomaly surrounding the park. He's now finished setting up his office and can now begin exploring the park for clues.

Well, that should do it. Now that everything's set up we can begin the investigation.

[NPC] RyanLooks cozy. You plan on using that bed anytime soon?

I suppose it would be a good idea. I should strategically plan out the best times to sleep. That way I can get the most out of the investigation. Say, Ryan, as Grim's secretary you've had to deal with his inane scheduling before, correct? Mind giving me a hand? My schedule will be far more organized, I assure you.

[NPC] RyanDon't worry, I'm already planning out the next few hours in my head. Hope you don't mind, but I'm booking you for 30-minute breaks after every two hours.

I suppose a break would help with my mental health as well. I just wish I knew what to do with all that spare time.

[NPC] RyanHmmm, yeah, I wonder how you could pass the time?

Let's worry about that later. Something's bothering me right now. This letter... the one the "kid in the pink hood" gave you...

Unmarked Envelope

A red, unmarked envelope. The same letter that sparked the chain of events leading up to the event.

Who do you think sent it?

[NPC] RyanI bet it was Grim.

I thought so too, but was it really? It looks more like a ransom note with the way it was constructed, but would Grim go through the trouble?

[NPC] RyanMaybe he was covering his tracks? Like how you drove cross-country in case the other Reapers were watching where you'd cross over in the living world.

That's true... but reading the letter, it doesn't sound... Grim, you know? The vocabulary is just... different somehow. Could he have faked it? The evidence so far ties the letter to either Grim or Hanasaku-san, so I can't imagine it being made by someone else...

It's probably nothing. Maybe I'm being too suspicious of him?

[NPC] RyanSometimes Grim is suspicious for no damn reason. It's just a fake out. That way you don't know when he's actually hiding something.

Hearing you say that is giving me flashbacks to my Reaper game with him. He's an expert at the art of deception, that's for sure.

[NPC] RyanOh yeah, I totally forgot. There was this Onii woman who found a hidden doorway downstairs.

......I beg your pardon?

[NPC] RyanYeah she was saying some of the wallpaper was crooked and wanted to fix it, accidentally ripped it off, and found a door behind it. No doorknob, but there was definitely a lock and a handle that laid flush with the wall. Risky already went through it like an hour ago. Wanna go check it out?

...I've never been to the US very often while I was alive, but I did spend most of my time in Pantheria at the Freedom Fighter Syndicate headquarters. I heard rumors that they had a secret base of operations stationed here in Little City known as the "Green Door."

[NPC] RyanNever heard of it. Then again, I've only been fluent in english for the last seven years.

Yes, this was something I heard back in 1987 while I was working for them. The facility is most likely abandoned now that the Circle is gone.

[NPC] RyanEighty-seven? Dang I was, like, only six years old back then.

...I'd rather not think about that to be honest...

[NPC] RyanThere there. Just take deep breaths and recite the Half Plus Seven rule.

I-In any case, we should investigate this doorway. Even if it doesn't yield clues to the temporal anomaly, my curiosity is piqued. If the Green Door truly is beneath the park, this is a once in a lifetime opport- *ahem*...an excellent opportunity to explore it.

Ryan and Alex meet up at the door's location downstairs, where they meet another group eager to explore the area.

Post » Mon May 22, 2017 12:42 am


[NPC] Jim
Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! Company!

[NPC] Blue SpiritI never imagined anyone else would be up this late. Mind if I come along? Name's Alex. Alex Tatel.

[NPC] RyanRyan. Don't ask. My dad was weird.

Hello Alex! And hello miss Ryan! Lovely meeting you. James Fadbury, at your service.
This is my granddaughter Goldie, and my companions Amy Blair and Marvin Omann.

[NPC] AmyAre you coming to explore the lower floors with us too?

[NPC] Blue SpiritIndeed we are. I believe there to be an abandoned Freedom Fighter headquarters beneath this mansion.

You hear that Amy? Secret Underground Headquarters! Aren't you excited?!

[NPC] AmyI'm excited! Aren't you excited?!

I'm super excited! Are you super excited?!


[NPC] GoldieGoldie is SUPER omega excited! Are you super omega excited?!

[NPC] MarvinDoesn't this place belong to someone? What if we break something?

We'll just have to be on our best behavior then! Besides, I'm sure I've got a book somewhere on fixing whatever we break.

Post » Mon May 22, 2017 12:45 am


[NPC] Blue Spirit
Alex messes with the door handle, but the door is still locked tight.

I wonder, how do you suppose we'll get through this door?

[NPC] JimHa ha! I thought you'd never ask! See that ventilation shaft over there? That's where we'll get in!

Jim points to a ventilation shaft on the wall next to them.

That?... Strange. It can't be more than twenty centimeters wide. I'm to assume you know how to get us all through?

[NPC] JimBut of course! But of course!

Jim removes his overcoat and beckons his party inside. Amy, Marvin, and Goldie vanish into Jim's coat.

[NPC] JimHurry on then! Make sure you keep all personal belongings close at hand during departure.

[NPC] RyanWhat do you think?

Couldn't possibly hurt.

Alex and Ryan enter through Jim's coat.

Alex and Ryan have now entered Jim's Maison, a pocket dimension that's been enchanted into his overcoat.

With Jim now the last one left, he enters the coat halfway, while pushing the coat through the opened ventilation shaft. The coat easily folds into the vent, with enough room for one of Jim's arms to stick out and help with navigating the air ducts.

Well, I've heard of bags of holding, but this is going the extra kilometer. There's an entire room in here.

Post » Mon May 22, 2017 2:07 am


[NPC] Amy
It's even bigger than this too. Beyond these walls is nothing but empty space that goes on foreeeeeveeeerrrrr, so we can keep building on to this place for as long as we want! Jim, didn't we build another room last summer?

[NPC] JimDo you mean the miniature golf room?

Yeah tha-

What?! No! I didn't even know we had a miniature golf room!

[NPC] JimOh, right right right right right. Put that one in back in '74. My mistake. Do you mean the observatory?

No, that one was already here when we first met. I don't even know why we have it since there's nothing to look at.

[NPC] JimYet. There's nothing yet, Amy.

I'm talking about the bean bag room. You know? The one we built back in June?

[NPC] JimWhat? But that's been here forever! I distinctly remember there being a bean bag room back during the Great Depression.

Bean bags didn't even exist back then!

[NPC] Blue Spirit*ahem* So there's nothing but an infinite void beyond these walls then?

[NPC] MarvinDon't worry, you won't fall endlessly if you get thrown out. You kinda just float in place.

Jim's coat doubles as his home. That way he can live anywhere in the world. We try to take good care of the coat, but if it ever gets destroyed we can always enchant another one.

[NPC] Blue SpiritBut wouldn't you lose everything if the coat was destroyed?

If you were using a normal pocket enchantment, yeah. But this uses a cloud enchantment. As long as you can recall the space you can access it from any new enchantment as long as that enchantment doesn't already have a space registered with it. It's called a "cloud" enchantment because it was first used on clouds hundreds of years ago. Because atmospheric vapor dissipates over time, the entrance would be destroyed as the cloud breaks apart, but this only acted as a security system to keep intruders out. Of course, you had to make a new enchantment every time you wanted to get in. You had to be a fairly powerful wizard for it to be economically viable.

...Ah, sorry, I went on a tangent there.

[NPC] Blue SpiritNo worries there. I'm familiar with pocket enchantments, but I don't think this "cloud" enchantment is even documented.

No, it's not. Only a few magicians even know about it. Jim's the one who rediscovered it, actually. There was also this guy calling himself the "Sky Pharaoh" who stored a bunch of his prized weapons in a cloud, but the enchantment malfunctioned when it got caught in a storm and it started raining swords and axes all over Zymalia.

[NPC] Blue SpiritRaining swords... I think a senior of mine at University wrote to me about that. She was studying abroad in Zymalia at the time.

This place looks like it has everything. Even a Telly...

...how do you get electricity to run in here?

~+~MAGIC~+~ :pester:

[NPC] Blue SpiritI see... So you're some kind of Magician then?

Uh huh! Wanna see me do a trick?

[NPC] Blue SpiritNo, no that's fine. I can see you're very passionate about your profession. Very admirable.

Oh yeah, you two can make yourselves at home if you want.

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[NPC] Jim
Sophie no.

[NPC] Blue Spirit......?


[NPC] Blue SpiritI'm sorry... who are you talking to?

Sophie, of course!

WAIT! Wait stop right there! Not another step! I'm so sorry, but I have to ask you to step away from Sophie. If you get any closer she's going to bite your hand off.

[NPC] Blue SpiritSophie?... Is there someone else here?

......Behind you?

[NPC] Blue SpiritWhat, you mean the Sofa?

No, I mean the light fixture... of course i mean the sofa! Don't see anyone else in here, now do you?

And as for you, young lady, I don't want to hear of any more misbehavior while I have guests over, understand?

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External Avatar
[NPC] Sophie

[NPC] JimOh no, I don't want to hear it. You know I don't just invite any old riff-raff in here unless I trust them! Am I really that careless to you?

And another thing! If you're that bothered by it, just hide in your room. It's not that hard to get to. Literally right up the stairs.

[NPC] JimNow that's uncalled for! A werecat isn't going to scratch you up if I let them in. When did you get to be so prejudice?!

[NPC] JimWell fine then. It was Amy's idea anyway.

[NPC] AmyOur sofa is actually alive... according to Jim.

[NPC] Blue SpiritAlive?!

[NPC] AmyJust... don't question it. You'll be better off.

[NPC] JimSofus Canapus, more commonly known as The World's Most Comfortable Couch. Last of her kind too. Nearly went extinct til we rescued her. Of course, I was content with letting her roam free, but she doesn't trust anybody else. Won't let just anybody sit on her either.

And don't even think you can get away with a pat on the head! That's a good way to lose a hand!

Jim trips and his hand goes in between the cushions.


[NPC] AmyAh. Right.

[NPC] Blue SpiritThis is utter madness...

[NPC] MarvinWell, this is what we put up with.

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Roll to pull Jim out of the damn sofa.
[NPC] Amy rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 7

[NPC] Amy
Amy grabs Jim by the waist and pulls as hard as she can to free him from the sofa. She pulls him out, but the two of them fall backwards with Jim landing over Amy.

[NPC] Blue SpiritYou two alright?

[NPC] JimYeah, I'm fine. Someone's going to be sent to their room if they're going to misbehave while guests are over though.

[NPC] JimUh huh. That's what I thought.

[NPC] JimI'm not saying they HAVE to sit on you, sweetie! You don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, but please don't resort to biting people's hands off.

[NPC] JimNo that doesn't mean you're allowed to use the shotgun. We don't use guns. Guns are bad.

I am so, so sorry. Sophie's had a terrible, terrible history with humans. You wouldn't believe the atrocious, despicable lengths humans will go to just to have the world's most comfortable couch all to themselves.

[NPC] Blue SpiritNo it's fine. Isn't that right, Ryan?

[NPC] RyanOf course. Very entertaining.

[NPC] Blue SpiritYes, well, I'm sure it was.
How about you Miss Blair? You alright?

Yeah I'm cool.

At this point, Alex gets a closer look at the cape Amy has been wearing and realizes... that is not a cape.

Amy has an enormous pair of bat wings sprouting from her back. Her goofish, child-like grin betrays a pair of noticeable fangs.

[NPC] Blue Spirit......


[NPC] Blue SpiritYour uh... Your "cape" seems to have come undone.

Huh? Oh, this isn't a cape.

[NPC] Blue SpiritYes, I've noticed.

It's a long story. I'll tell you about it while we're out exploring.

[NPC] JimBut first we need to navigate the ventilation system. Anybody feel like pulling us through the vents?

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Goldie canz do it! Goldie wanna crawl all up in that vent!
[NPC] Goldie rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 4

[NPC] Goldie
Goldie bends down halfway out the doorway and pulls herself and Jim's coat through the mansion's ventilation. After a while, she yelps and jumps away from the door.

[NPC] AmyIs there something wrong Goldie?

der's something bad down der. goldie canz smell it. somthin rilly rilly bad.

[NPC] MarvinI don't smell anything.

[NPC] JimA Lycan's sense of smell is much stronger than a humans. Goldie must be picking something up below the mansion. Can you take us closer, Goldie?

UH UH! Goldie dun like the smell!!!!!!! i smells like somethin died down der!...

*sniff sniff*

...no, a lots a somethings died down there...

*sniff sniff*

four. goldie can smell four. dey all smells loik dead.

[NPC] Amy......Did we at least make it to the other side of the door?


Does not know. Goldie wi go check.

The vent outside the coat only leads in one direction, the direction of the terrible smell Goldie noticed. Goldie has no choice but to move closer to the smell. A moment later, Goldie reaches a dead end.


[NPC] AmyA vent? You mean like to a room? Are we finally on the other side?

Uh huh!...

Goldie dun wanna go no furtha. :sad:

[NPC] JimGoldie, I need you to wait in the coat. Amy and I can investigate the room.

[NPC] Blue SpiritRyan and I will come too. We work for Grim, so we're both technically dead already.

Da skeleton man?!?!?!?!?

[NPC] Blue SpiritYes, yes, the skeleton man. If anything happens to us we can always get new bodies.

[NPC] AmyMarvin, can you look after Goldie for us?

[NPC] MarvinDon't have to tell me twice.

Jim breaks through the air vent and pushes the coat through. The room they land in is pitch black, but from what they can see there's a crack of light close to the floor, most likely a door leading outside.

Jim is the first one out, followed by Amy, Ryan, and Alex. Jim finds the door where the crack of light is, but it's locked.

[NPC] Blue SpiritFadbury, did you find the door? There should be a light switch close by.

[NPC] JimFound it, but it's not working. Mmmm, I don't like this.

[NPC] AmyOW!

[NPC] JimYou alright Amy?

[NPC] AmyI'm fine. I cut my hand is all. There's glass on the floor, Jim. Someone must've broken the lights.

OMG THAT SMELL! Goldie wasn't kidding! It smells like...

...smells like...

[NPC] Amyblood

[NPC] JimAmy, no. We need to investigate.

[NPC] RyanI found a dresser. It's been pushed over.

[NPC] AmyHold on everybody. I'm going to try and cast some light magic.


The party finds a dead body in the room.

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[NPC] LewisSeven. Corner pocket.

[NPC] DianaUgh, you ass.

[NPC] LewisHey, all is fair in love and war. And pool apparently. Your move, babe.

[NPC] DianaIs it night time already? I'm already sick of this place.

[NPC] LewisWe can't leave yet! We're in the middle of a game!

[NPC] DianaScrew you.

[NPC] LewisWant to?

[NPC] DianaDon't piss me off more than you already have.

There. Eleven. Side pocket. Your move.

[NPC] LewisHehe. And with that, the game is mine.


[NPC] LewisHow many time do I gotta tell you to QUIT BOTHERING ME, BRAT?! YOU'RE GONNA MESS ME UP!


[NPC] DianaDon't pick on her, Lewis. She's just a kid.


[NPC] LewisCan you even feel pain? You're suppose to be dead like us, aren't you? What the hell are you, anyway?!

[NPC] DianaI think someone else is down here, Lewis. Is that what you're trying to say, Sam?

[NPC] SamanthaYES!!! I SAW THEM!

I saw them through my mirror! They're in the room where that man died!

[NPC] LewisWell in that case, why don't you show us where our guests are? Grab your things Diana. We're leaving.


[NPC] LewisUh, duh? We claimed this place, so now we gotta make sure no intruders take it from us.

[NPC] DianaHow we gonna do that?

[NPC] LewisWe send 'em to hell.

Zombie Gang style.

Amy Blair

Age: 19
Race: Dhampir
Occupation: Magician, Student
Height: 159cm
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Info: An aspiring magician and traveling companion of Jim. Was attacked and turned into a vampire by the Vampire Queen in June of 2006. With her help, the Vampire Queen ultimately met her end. However, she was unable to become fully human. Jim hopes to eventually reverse her vampirism, but to Amy barely anything has changed aside from the occasional bloodlust.

James Fadbury

Age: 383
Race: ??????
Occupation: Vampire Hunter, Cryptozoologist, Paranormal Investigator, Lycan Queen
Height: 189cm
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Info: A cryptozoologist shrouded in mystery. Some say he's an urban legend, a vagabond traveling the globe uncovering the hidden wonders of the world. His journey is always dangerous, but equally as rewarding. Some have dedicated their entire lives in search of him, but rarely does he show himself to all but a select few. If you happen to be one of those few given the chance to meet him, and if you're very very lucky, he might just bring you along. Just remember one thing: Everyone who has ever ventured with him has never come back the same.

Marvin Omann

Age: 19
Race: Human
Occupation: Magician, Entertainer
Height: 166cm
Alignment: Neutral Good

Info: A student studying magical arts who has been cursed with terrible luck. No matter what he tries, Marvin is doomed to have only half the success rate as those around him. He tries to not let this get him down, but like his bad luck, he is successful only half the time.

Goldie Guisachan

Age: 19
Race: Lycan
Occupation: Woof Woof!
Height: 155cm
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Info: A werewolf girl Jim adopted when she was a wee pup. Now fully grown, she manages a werewolf pack in the northern Pantheria. Has a very feral spirit despite her upbringing.


Age: ???
Race: Android
Occupation: Command Unit
Height: 162cm
Alignment: Neutral

Info: Anetic Labs' Commanding Unit for their x50i Model. She is in charge of educating and instructing the rest of the androids through wireless communication.

Perseus Anetic

Age: 32
Race: Human
Occupation: Robotics Engineer
Height: 173cm
Alignment: Neutral

Info: Head robotics engineering at Anetic Labs. Claims to have built Andromeda and the x50i model androids and somehow programmed their artificial intelligence. Has the worst taste in just about everything. Would rather watch an overrated popcorn flick while drinking the shittiest beer on the market than sit through a critically acclaimed masterpiece of filmography. Likes watching things blow up.

Minne Meena Tequila

Age: 35
Race: Human!!!
Occupation: Body & Mind Executive, Cutie Patootie!
Height: 166cm
Alignment: LOL

Info: Tequila is, like, the super cute public face at Body & Mind! Body & Mind is this totally rad beauty care company that makes nail polish and hair dye and skin toner and other cute stuff! Our team of biologists and chemists are hard at work to find safe and affordable means to bring out everyone's inner beauty, so your outer self can look like your inner self! You should, like, definitely check it out! ;)


Age: 339
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Vampire Queen
Height: 166cm
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Info: Queen of the Vampires and arch nemesis of James Fadbury. Cultured, liberated, and extremely charismatic, Lamentine has won the hearts of thousands, and broken just as many. She also has a habit of eliciting chaos for her own amusement and the amusement of those like-minded as her.

Alex Tatel

Age: 38
Race: Human (deceased)
Occupation: Police Detective, Reaper Assistant, Ryan's boyfriend
Height: 172cm
Alignment: Neutral

Info: A detective from Lundine, Pantheria who worked with the Freedom Fighter Syndicate before dying in a freak Bend Gate accident. Now he works for the Grim Reaper to solve cases involving the Reapers and other supernatural crimes. He recently recovered a stolen Reaper scythe and found a missing Elemental Spirit.

Risky Scythe

Age: varies
Race: Human (deceased)
Occupation: Waybacker, Reaper Assistant
Height: varies
Alignment: Neutral Good

Info: The youngest of Grim's spirits. Is constantly teased by both his parents and his future self. Best friends with Ai, whom he shares an interest in video games with.

Ai Hanasaku (花咲く 藍)

Age: varies
Race: Human (deceased)
Occupation: Waybacker, Reaper Assistant
Height: varies
Alignment: Neutral Good

Info: One of the Grim Reaper's assistant spirits, and organizer of Wayback Con. Ai came all the way from the future to hang out with Naru and create an event she could escape to when life became too much to handle.

Enemies Defeated: 1
Loot Gained: 1x Lunar Pendant, 1x Silk of Sunny Skies, 1x Ice Crown
Zenny won: 5000 zenny
Exp Earned:

Jim gained 500 exp
Michi gained 500 exp
Milan gained 500 exp
Goldie gained 2000 exp!
Naru gained 10000 exp!
Naru has leveled up!
Zarath gained 10000 exp!
Zarath has leveled up!

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