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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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Ah. Hello.

I bet you'd like a more in-depth breakdown on how the Paradox Bandit works? Remember those?

[itemlocal=Paradox Bandit,images/shop/paradox_bandit.gif]Yeah, you remember those. How the hell do they work?[/itemlocal]

Well, to put it simply: It just works.
But to go into more detail for the Time Travel nerds, I first have to go through information about time travel that you already know. I'll use Naru here as an example for the sake of familiarity.

Here's an example of a timeline that operates on Multiverse Theory. A separate, alternate past is changed without changing the timeline of the traveler. Unfortunately for us the time travel we'll be using does not operate on this principle. If it did, things would be a lot easier, wouldn't they?

Here's an example of a Stable Time Loop. The past is altered, but the future of the Time Traveler stays the same because of the changes the Time Traveler made. This causes a lot of debate over the concept of fate and destiny that I find to be a bit pessimistic.

And here's an example of a Paradox. The past is altered in a way that contradicts the future of the Time Traveler that altered it. As a result, the Time Traveler has re-written their own history, and by extension, themselves out of it. This will cause the Time Traveler to either fade from existence and/or be overwritten by a version of them from the altered timeline. This is the reason Time Travel is such an ethical concern in the Reaper world. As far as we know spirits cannot be completely destroyed, but if your own history was re-written some argue that that version of you would cease to exist. A version of you would die for good and be replaced by a... slightly different you.

Of course, this is all speculation and navel gazing. For all we know, there may be layers upon layers of afterlives. And given how ludicrous our universe happens to be that sounds like the most likely scenario.
But if you wanted to avoid all this you could use a Paradox Bandit or some other paradox-cancelling device to record your history and become independent from the timeline. However, this itself is not without problems as there are now two of you running around time and space: the you who altered time, and the you who was created from that alteration. The alteration becomes the new you, and the old you is left without a home to go to. You both can't live the same life. Sure, you could probably co-exist with your other self, but over time the two of you might become two separate people. This is referred to as the "Desperate Virgins" principle... or not. I'm not sure if it actually has a name. That's just what Ryan calls it.

But if you want to avoid all that, there is a way to preserve yourself and your alternate history self, and live the exact same life together using the power of Assymilation. This involves using two Paradox Bandits: one for your future self, and one for your past self.
If you look at the diagram, you can see that Red Naru has altered her own timeline, creating Teal Naru. Red Naru has preserved herself with a Paradox Bandit, but no longer has a future of her own as that has been overwritten by Teal Naru's future, but this does not mean they both can't pick back up where Red Naru left off.
Using Time Shenaniganz, Teal Naru also gets a Paradox Bandit. This is where "shit gets real." Paradox Bandits themselves are immune to the effects of other Paradox Bandits, otherwise they wouldn't be able to work right. This means a Paradox Bandit can't change the history of another Paradox Bandit. Remember when I said Red Naru's Paradox Bandit separated her from the timeline? Well, that doesn't work for Teal Naru's Paradox Bandit. It's going straight into both her and Red Naru's inventories. Now Red Naru has a copy of Teal Naru's Paradox Bandit, and both of them have a recording of each respective Naru's history. Teal Naru will later receive a copy of Red Naru's Paradox Bandit once she travels back in time and recieves it the same way Red Naru did.
Once they come into contact with each other, the similarities in both histories stay the same but the differences are added together. A third, Magenta Naru is created by combining Red Naru and Teal Naru with the memories of both. Or if you prefer, Red Naru gets Teal Naru's memories, and Teal Naru gets Red Naru's memories once their copies of each other's Paradox Bandits meet up with their original contrasting partner.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Doesn't that mean both Red Naru and Teal Naru are destroyed and replaced by the new Magenta Naru? Not necessarily, as Magenta Naru has the exact same experiences as both Red Naru and Teal Naru. They exist simultaneously within the new Naru. Imagine you're sharing your noggin with an exact duplicate of yourself, sending signals from the brain to the body commanding it to do stuff. Because your double is exactly the same as you and has the exact same experience pool to draw from, they will make the exact same decisions as you 100% of the time. Also, they're viewing the exact same world as you, so both of you will continue to have the same experience thereby ensuring you both continue making the same decisions.

This way, both parties live a single life simultaneously without compromising the existence of the other. It's almost as if they're the same person again. In fact, they might as well be! This can be repeated as many times as possible, giving Naru the memories of several alternate versions of herself as they join the the great Naru hive mind, operating Naru with possibly far more input than is necessary. This extra input does have some benefits though. Repeated paradox assimilations have been known to unlock unique spells and abilities that are the utility belt of any Time Traveler worth their salt. The Paradox Bandit also changes in shape for every recorded history it has in its database, growing one new face for each timeline. Eventually it starts to look like a lotus pod or beehive, or one of those bedazzled cell phones teenage girls have. What would one look like if there were even more faces? I'm not sure, no one's ever attempted to generate that many, so it could look like anything.
Unfortunately, this has only been tested on minor differences in timelines. Attempting to assimilate two vastly different versions of the same person could create some rather... interesting existences... with that said, it's entirely possible for one of the merged consciousnesses to "opt-out" and recede deep into ones subconscious, acting as a spectator and looking through the lens of their other selves life. I can't really prove that's actually what happens, but there isn't any proof that that can't happen either. If history happened to, oh I don't know, reset itself... then it would be a happy thought to think all those people that got erased as well are safe and sound in the back of someone's head.

Well I hope that explains how a Paradox Bandit works. If not, all this can be summed up with it just works.

...Oh, and if that 100% similar decision situation doesn't work come see either me or Risky. We're still working out the bugs in all this.

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