10th Aniversary Depredation!

In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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The content of this story is intended for mature audiences. Some themes and elements may not be suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.

One hour later, the meeting in the dining hall has started. The topic: the current state of affairs regarding the time-space continuum and the supernatural phenomenon surrounding Central Park.

[NPC] RyanEverybody here? Where's Naru?

[NPC] ZarathShe was tired and had to go to bed early.

[NPC] RyanRight. Well, doesn't matter. Everyone who needs to be here is here.

I'm sure you're all wondering what's going on with the park, specifically all the time traveling going on...

Yes, you, what is it?

[NPC] MilanUh, yeah, how do I put this?


[NPC] RyanYeah we'll see about that.

My superior here will clear up any and all doubt you might have about the current state of affairs. Let me introduce you all to my boss, The Grim Reaper.

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[NPC] Grim
Please, just call me Grim.


[NPC] North KoreaHOLY SHIT!



[NPC] Priscilla......

[NPC] North Korea......

[NPC] Milan......

Don't worry, nobody's getting their souls taken. Not today at least, am I right Priscilla?

[NPC] Priscilla...sensei I'm scared...

[NPC] MichiDon't worry Cilla, he's just a dicklord. Nothing to be afraid of. You've got me here. I won't let him take you away.

[NPC] Priscilla......

Now then, I believe I should clear some things up before I begin.

First of all, I'd like to discuss the subject of my title as "The Grim Reaper", as if I'm the end-all be-all authoritative figure over death. I can assure you that is not the case, as my assistant Ryan over here is a Reaper like myself. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of Reapers, each with a jurisdiction over different forms of death, different parts of the globe, and different time periods. So while I am indeed a messenger of death, I am not the messenger of death. I am simply Grim, the Reaper.

Grim takes a sip of his tea that's in front of him. The tea passes through his incorporeal body and makes a mess on the floor.

In fact, the use of my image as the very personification of death itself is a case of rampant westernism as I am only assigned to the western hemisphere, with my jurisdiction being between now and the last 500 years or so. And while I do travel abroad I most certainly haven't been to places like Saito or other eastern countries. My influence there is mainly because of shared myths between cultures. Saito itself has an entire bureaucracy's worth or Reapers specifically positioned there, and use very different methods for leading souls to the afterlife. I also hear they're more fond of white over the traditional black robes.
Also, I'm not even the one in charge, as I have many levels of superiors above me, the head honcho being the Reaper Captain herself.

[NPC] MichiGet on with it Grim, we don't have all night.

Right. Right. Onto my main point. The occupation of Reaper needs some clarification as well. Reapers like myself are, by nature, neutral parties in the affairs of the world. However, it is our job to lead wandering souls to pass on to the next life. So I have to stress that it is not in our occupation to actively hunt down the living for execution. We simply seek out those who are already dead for easy guidance into the world beyond. In fact, we Reapers are ultimately indifferent to who lives and who dies. It's just not as big a deal to us that are already dead, no offense to anyone who's had any loved ones pass on. I'm genuinely sympathetic to such heartbreaking situations.

We mean you no harm, is what I mean.

[NPC] MichiGrim. The park. Spill it.

Anyway, even though we are indifferent to what happens in this world, we very much care for the universe as a whole. As such, when an issue regarding four-dimensional matters comes up, well... it's a problem.

Currently time and space have been badly fractured, and are being pulled into a single moment in time, like sand in an hourglass. Luckily, I have been able to isolate it all to a ten year time period, beginning yesterday and ending ten years from yesterday. I've also quarantined any and all time-space anomalies to this very park, while the world outside is none the wiser.
That said, I'm afraid you're all stuck here until the rip in the fabric of space-time is fixed... or we find some other work-around. You all don't have anywhere important you need to be, do you?

Milan raises a hand.

Yes Milan?

[NPC] MilanYeah, I need to take a leak. Like, right now.

You are excused.

[NPC] DrosselDo you need to know where the bathroom is?

[NPC] MilanNah I'll just go outside.

[NPC] MichiThat's the spirit!

Milan leaves.

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[NPC] Ryan
Sorry about the inconvenience, but since this is an issue with time it shouldn't be a problem. Once the Waybackers arrive, we can send you all back to your respective time periods if you prefer, right down to the very second you left. Or we can send you back a few days later depending on how long you've been here, to match the time you were away for. We can also send you anywhere during that time period, so if you wanna visit your parents or just get to work on time we can manage that too. That said, we aren't able to do anything about the park pulling people in from across time. Please bear with us if you were in the middle of something and got sent here.

[NPC] GrimThink of it like a surprise vacation!

Fortunately you all have five-star accommodations in the form of this mansion, which can conveniently fit a guilds worth of people. So when more people from the future show up they'll have a place to stay, and that's a definite when and not if situation.

I hope you all can get along, because I can guarantee there will be some folks from the future that won't be as friendly.

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[NPC] Zarath

[NPC] RyanDon't worry, I'm sure they won't be much more than a minor annoyance.

No not that! I told my dad I'd be back before sundown! Grim, I gotta go. You guys can fill me in on the rest of the meeting tomorrow, right?

[NPC] RyanDon't sweat it. I've been recording this entire meeting so we can play it back for all future guests to our event. I'd rather not have to repeat everything said here for every newcomer that walks in.

Sweet. I'll catch you guys later! Good luck with the whole time thing!

Zarath leaves.

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[NPC] Michi
Oh yeah, before I forget, what the hell is up with you and Naru knowing each other... and neither of you telling me?

[NPC] GrimWell, to make a long story short, Naru is sort of a hot button issue for us Reapers right now. I could get in serious trouble if the others knew I was fraternizing with her. Because of that I've only been able to visit her during very rare windows of time when they aren't watching her, such as right now inside this park. Naturally, she also has to keep our meetings a secret from mostly everyone if she wants me to keep helping her.

Please understand, we cannot afford this getting leaked.

Yeah okay, that's understandable.

...And about this temporal ****ery... Is there anything you want us to do to help?

[NPC] GrimI'm afraid all I can ask of you is to take care of any more time travelers that come here, and make sure they don't get past the barrier. It's built to be indestructible, but there are some very crafty people out there that might just find a mouse hole to crawl through. So be on guard if anyone is making any attempts to escape.

Yeah, sure, I guess we can do that much, but don't blame me if all we do is fool around and not accomplish anything. We're known to do that.

[NPC] GrimI wouldn't be your friend if that wasn't true!

We're not friends.

[NPC] GrimAh, right. I'm sorry.

So how about it? You all up for a surprise Christmas vacation?

[NPC] PriscillaI guess. Kinda wish it was snowing though...

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[NPC] Milan

[NPC] MichiOh hey, you're back.

You're not gonna believe this!!!

[NPC] MichiWith The Grim Reaper right in front of us? Just try me.

It's snowing!!!

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[NPC] JimHuh. Well, this is new.

[NPC] AmyWhatever it is I didn't do it.


Zarath Albaran

Age: 14
Race: Human
Occupation: Heavy Swordsman
Height: 165cm
Alignment: Neutral Good

Info: Friend of Naru's during her stay in the Battle Verge two years ago. Gained the power of an Astal Beast along with Naru during their battle against an Evil Overlord. Currently visiting Little City with his dad.

Chihiro Mizuki (瑞生 千尋)

Age: 38
Occupation: Guildmaster
Height: 175cm
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Info: Better known as Michi (未知), Leader of The Unknown, a guild in the Battle Verge known for their steep entry requirements and miracle potions that can allegedly bring people back from the dead. Before founding the guild, Michi was an active member of the Freedom Fighter's Syndicate along with Bugsy and The Amaterasu, as well as an active treasure hunter and rare item connoisseur. The only thing she cares more about that rare items is the guild she created and the large family of adventurers that it makes up.

Priscilla Landers

Age: 16
Occupation: Spellslinger, Alchemist
Height: 144cm
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Info: Michi's apprentice, and heir to The Unknown should anything ever happen to Michi. Extremely reckless and hardheaded, she embodies the spirit of the Battle Verge better than anyone else Michi has ever met. Cares a whole lot more for Michi than most people are aware of.

North Korea

Age: 16
Race: Human
Occupation: White Mage
Height: 171cm
Alignment: Neutral Good

Info: Team healer. Takes his profession seriously, and ultimately wants a career as a doctor, or at the very least a nurse. Has an interest in sampling music and creating his own genre which he calls "Vaporwave." Favorite colors include anything pastel, especially bright teals, blues, and magentas, as seen by his wardrobe. Has never been caught with his glasses off. Also has a very unfortunate name outside his universe.

Drossel Starwood

Age: 20
Race: Oni
Occupation: Heavy Axe, Architect Student
Height: 200cm
Alignment: Lawful Good

Info: Team Berserker, but is possibly the gentlest of the party members. Extremely patient, tranquil in spirit, and quick to dispel arguments, she's become more of a second mom to anyone she's in a party with. Is a moderator on the guild's message board, and also handles some paperwork from time to time. Recently she's taken a leave of absence to attend University studying architecture. Her goal is to design houses that can accommodate races larger than the human standard.

Milan Zeitoun

Age: 16
Race: Human
Occupation: Rogue
Height: 168cm
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Info: Childhood friend of Zarath and typical emo teenage edgelord. Thinks life is unfair despite being in one of the best guilds in the Battle Verge and never being around his own parents. Enjoys heavy metal and punk rock music. Also enjoys studded belts, spiked collars and armbands, black nail polish, black hair dye, and black. Just, lots and lots of black. He's mostly miserable because nobody understands him. In a fight he's... okay at best. Shares Zarath's interest in hygiene.

Naru Matsuri (祭 亡る)

Age: 18
Race: Human (Gemini)
Occupation: Teenage Rebel
Height: 170cm
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Info: Black Naru, a.k.a. Naru Matsuri from a parallel universe. Came to bother Naru after escaping her home world during the Shiranui incident two years ago. Loves fighting, and I mean LOOOOVES Fighting. Might have actually killed some people back in the Gemini World. Eager to experiment with her youthful life while she still has it.

Enemies Defeated: None
Loot Gained: 1x Immortal Katanas, 1x Paradox Bandit, 1x Barack Obama Manga, 1x Cat Costume, 1x Unorganized mess of healing items
Zenny won: 0 zenny
Exp Earned:

Naru gained 3000 exp!
Bugsy II gained 3000 exp!
Zarath gained 3000 exp!
Michi gained 500 exp!
Priscilla gained 500 exp!
North Korea gained 500 exp!
Black Naru gained 3000 exp!

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