Ah, Matsuri-san, perfect timing! I have a favor to ask you. Is your family renting Central park by any chance?

....Yeah, as a matter of fact we are. What of it?

Ah, well that works out perfectly! Nothing bad should happen with you guarding the park ground.

Alright, explain yourself Grim. What did you do this time?

Naru, I'm hurt! I don't screw up as much as you think I do. My job literally requires me to not screw up.

Ah, you're giving me that glare again. I can't hide anything from you, can I?

Yes, I might have made a teeny tiny, itty bitty mistake that I need help with. Just a small one though.
I've been experimenting with time travel, see? And through my experiments I kinda sorta accidentally broke the time-space continuum so now all of history is going to collapse into itself. That means the past, the future, and all other timelines will probably get sucked into a single point in history... and that could possibly end the universe as we know it...

So... if you could help me out, that would be great...
Oh, but no rush. If you're busy I can wait.

[NPC] NaruW-WHAT?!

Hold on! Hold on! Give me a chance to explain myself! Yes, I accidentally broke space-time, but I fixed it!... kinda... I was able to contain it to a ten year period and quarantine the anomaly to a very small area. That said, anything within... wait, what year is this?

[NPC] Naru2005

Right, anything and anyone between now and ten years from now can appear in the present, but only within the area I was able to isolate. The rest of the world (and universe) will go on like nothing ever happened. High five!

That's... still not good! And what does this have to do with...


Y-You didn't... quarantine the anomaly to central park, did you?!

It was the only place I could think of on such short notice. You don't mind, do you?

Of course I do! You put a time-space anomaly in the biggest park in Little City! What if someone wanders in there and gets sucked into the future?!

Hm. Good point. I guess you'll have to keep Passive World citizens from getting in. That's going to be difficult, but you should be fine.

That's not fair! I can't keep watch over the park twenty-four seven! I've got to sleep like every other living person does!