Later at the hotel, Asami is talking with the hotel concierge.


ConciergeI'm sorry Ma'am, do you know any english? I can try and find a translator for you, but it will take at least 15 minutes.


ConciergeWait hold on... Here. This is a list of common questions in both Saitonese and English. Just read the third line down out loud.


ConciergeMa'am please just read the pamphlet so I can know what it is you want.

アハ!本当にかわいいです!あなたは私の娘を満たしている必要があります!私は彼女がいつかあなたのようにきれいになりたいです!なる!なるねえ!こっち! 見て、見て!


Mom please don't antagonize the Concierge. And if you're gonna speak Saitonese the least you can do is not butcher it to pieces.



Good afternoon, we're here to check in. We rented a private suite online just the other day. What room do you have "Matsuri" registered under?

ConciergeOmg thank you you make my job some much easier. Yes we have Matsuri registered and can take your bags up for you if you want. I'm guessing she's Naru Matsuri then?

N-No, I'm Naru Matsuri.

ConciergeO...Oh... yeah that makes sense... Here's your room key.

Hotel Room Key

This is the room key to your hotel room. Don't lose it!

ConciergeDo you want us to send someone to handle your bags for you?

I'd appreciate it. Thanks for putting up with us.

ConciergeIt's fine. I've had worse.

Hey Naru! We're gonna check out the room! Can we get the key?

Huh? Yeah, sure. Here catch!

Naru throws the hotel key to the other Bugsy.

Attempt to catch the room key Naru threw.
[NPC] Bugsy II rolled 1 20-sided dice. Results: 7

Bugsy attempts to grab the key in mid air, but it's too quick and slips through his fingers before he can grab it. Bugsy bends down and picks up the key that fell on the floor.

Alrighty, we'll meet you at the hotel room. Come on Mrs. Matsuri, we need your help to unpack everything.

[NPC] AsamiKaaaaay~!

Catch ya later!

Don't worry, I'll be right there in a second!

Naru returns to talking to the concierge.

Is it okay if I pay with cash? I thought it would be the easiest thing since I got so much on me right now.

I'm sorry, the lady who was here earlier is on break. Can I help you with something ma'am?