Hm, yes, small world isn't it? He's been my assistant for a good number of years now, but I believe this is the first time you two have officially met, isn't it?

Hey if it's easier for you we can just stick to a last-name basis. That's what they do in Saito, right?

Sure, that would be fine... You can still call me Naru if it's easier for you though...

[NPC] Bugsy IIShould we head to the hotel then?

I wanna ask about this event before we check in. Uncle, when you called earlier you said it was urgent that we come.

Hm, yes, I felt I needed to call on the two of you given your past experiences. I'm probably being paranoid about this, but... here let me explain...

Unmarked Envelope

A red, unmarked envelope. Writing on the back says it's addressed to Bugsy.

A few weeks ago I received an unmarked letter in the mail. Opening the letter I found 800,000 zenny in cash along with a note. Here, see for yourself.

Bugsy hands the envelope to Asami.

"I have a craving.

I can't focus on my job or my housework. I feel like if I don't run my fingers through that soft, pink fur of yours I'll go crazy. I'm sorry to drag you into this again. I know I shouldn't, but at this point what I've already done is unforgivable. If I finally do get caught so be it, I don't care anymore. You make me feel loved in ways no one in my entire life has ever shown me. You make me feel important, like I actually matter in this screwed up world. He's never cared about me the way you do. My husband's going to be out of the city for a week, and by the time he comes back I'll be gone. I've packed my bags and I've decided to move in with y-"

[NPC] BugsyThat's not what it says!

Ugh... Gimme that.

I want you to throw a huge event in Central Park next month. The details don't matter, just have an event in Central Park some time this coming August. If you accept I will donate up to 100 million zenny towards various charities. Enclosed is a down payment of 800,000 zenny that should get you started. I know you're friends with the Justice Core, so if you don't trust me you can use the money to hire some extra protection. You aren't obligated to comply with my request, but it would really mean a lot to me if you could.

All the best

That's really weird... but whoever wrote this doesn't seem like that bad of a person. But why would they want us to host an event in Central Park for no good reason?

It gets weirder...

Apparently whoever sent this didn't send it through the postal system. No stamp, no record of delivery, I even got some folks I know down at investigations to examine it and dust it for prints. Whoever sent this doesn't want us knowing who they are.

That's why we're suspicious about the whole thing. Sure, it says they'll be willing to donate to a bunch of charities, but what this letter is asking us is to gather a bunch of people to one place. I think your imagination can fill in the rest.

But why couldn't the Justice Core take care of this? Why call us?

Well, see, they might be expecting the Justice Core. They mention them by name in the letter. It's also no secret what they're capable of, being government sanctioned heroes. You two are different. You're both off the radar. Very few people know of you or what you're capable of. And to be blunt, you two... well, you know what I mean. You two can handle situations even the Justice Core would find difficult.

Also, we did kinda hire the Justice Core to come and keep the people safe from whatever comes up, but they're taking their sweet time to get here. We're still looking for other options for better security, but once you got the Justice Core on your side where do you go from there? The President? I mean... the guy wears a giant robot suit in his sleep so I'm sure he's up for a fight and all...

Hey, we should really continue this conversation back at the hotel. It's getting pretty late, and your stuff's still sitting out here.