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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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AniOnline is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Any names or identities that may reference real people are purely fictional or exaggerated.

The content of this story is intended for mature audiences. Some themes and elements may not be suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.
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The 10th Aniversary story is a broad strokes compilation of past stories in the AniOnline universe as well as stories that I want to make but haven't been made yet, all woven into the narrative of a time traveler's convention. Expect there to be lots of characters, most of whom you don't know, and use of time travel as a way for these characters to meet each other who otherwise never would. Also expect vaguely understood rules about time travel that may or may not be contradicted on a consistent basis. The rules themselves are not important anyway.

For the past year and a half this date has been looming over my head ominously. AniOnline's big 10th anniversary. What am I gonna do for it?

The answer?... "Something, I guess?"

I'm not that good of a writer. My writing style and a lot of Ani's tone and other storytelling devices are unknown to me and I desperately need a big scratch sheet of paper to make inconsequential strokes on. That's what this event is for, something where I can just write and go without worrying how bad or clumsy it is. I've got an idea for this event, a few actually, but where it'll go in the end is anyone's guess.
It's going to be highly experimental. How experimental? We got this new dice rolling feature on the boards down in poll options. What I'll be doing is using standard D&D style role-playing dice rules to determine what happens next. Every once in a while when a character or story progression is unknown to me I'll have one NPC roll a D20, and whatever number comes up will give me an idea what happens. Get a 1 and something terrible happens. Get a 20 and something amazing happens. And this will go on until I feel like a story has reached a good ending point.

...A story?! Whoa, spoilers!

So there's going to be multiple tiny stories in this event, each focusing on major events Ani's had in the past, and we've got a lot. Zombies, Androids, Super Heroes, Werewolves, Vampires, Birthday Parties, Resentful ghosts (kinda), New Year Spirits (kinda), Weird Statues, Amnesia, Reapers, Aliens, More Resentful ghosts, more Vampires, Cloning, Post-Apocalyptic Time-Space Ghost-Robots, and lots of Anime. We might not do all of these but I'm damn well willing to try. I've got an asset library for Ani I've been working on for over five years now, and now's the perfect time to put it to use.
I don't want to say all this isn't canon, but just in case information in this story conflicts with later stories, the latter will take precedence. So at the very least this will be selectively canon. Malleable, like clay. Most importantly, I just want some fun scenarios to throw all these characters you know into, and introduce some new ones you might not be familiar with. Also an excuse to use a bunch of assets I don't have a use for. That doesn't mean "throw everything out because he thinks none of it is canon." No, if there's a good idea in here, freaking keep it!


When does the event begin?: Right now, or tomorrow morning when I start posting with NPCs.

When will this event end?: I dunno. Never probably.

How often will event updates come?: Whenever I get the chance. I'll be graduating by the end of the year, so updates may be sparse, but I want this to just be a fun exercise so I'll try to keep things as frequent as possible. Just treat it like you treat every webcomic and sit at your desk frantically pressing F5.
Don't actually do that. In fact, just stop by once a week to see if there's something new. It's good for the sites bandwidth consumption.

Can I post in the forums?: Duh!

Can I post in one of the NPC threads?: If it's unlocked, sure. I know you won't actually do it, but sure go ahead. If I forget to lock it it's my own fault and I'll just have to deal.

What NPCs will be participating?: ALL OF THEM.

All of them?: ALL OF THEM.

That's a lot of NPCS!: There's going to be even more too, they just don't have accounts yet... or avatars... Also, that's not a question.

Can I use the dice feature?: Yeah lemme just explain how it works...

As you can see here the directions in the box are pretty straightforward. There are 9 types of dice, ranging from 1 to 100. You can pick any one and roll up to twelve of them at a time. If you enter a number higher than 12 it'll just get changed to the current maximum. The action box lets you put text in the dice roll box. This can be used to say what you want your dice roll to do. If you want to "beat someone's stupid ugly face in" then you can type that in the action box and it'll display the text above the dice roll.

Yeah, see? I didn't do too well. Instead of breaking his face in, my hand just slams against it really hard like it's concrete. I don't break any bones because it's a 3, but my hand is really red and some bits of skin look torn. The guy I tried to punch doesn't even flinch. He didn't even feel it.

The action box can't accept bbcode just yet, so I wouldn't try. Also, once you click "submit" you can't go back and edit your dice message. It needs to be that way to prevent cheating. I mean... you could probably just delete your post and re-roll the dice, but you know what I mean. BE CAREFUL. USE SPELLCHECK. Firefox has one built in, but it's kinda bad. If you want to use the dice, but you forget to put in the numbers you CAN edit your post to add in dice rolls. You just can't take them out without deleting your post. Also, the dice mod doesn't work on mobile yet. Gotta fix that.

I wanna talk to an NPC. How do I do?: I'll make an NPC questions thread in a bit. You can submit your questions there, so long as they aren't too personaaaall... nnnngh...

I wanna roleplay fight a monster or something! Yeah we can probably do that.

Hey if I forgot a really obvious question tell me so I can fix this post.
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